Altay Airport

Altay China

Altay Airport General information

Latitude: 47.750361
Longitude 88.084444
Elevation: 1750 ft
Local Code: ZWA

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Last added routes from Altay Airport

Route Origin Destination
AAT-CGO (AAT) Altay Airport (CGO) Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport Altay, CN (AAT) to Zhengzhou, CN (CGO)
AAT-URC (AAT) Altay Airport (URC) Urumqi Diwopu International Airport Altay, CN (AAT) to Urumqi, CN (URC)
AAT-XIY (AAT) Altay Airport (XIY) Xianyang Airport Altay, CN (AAT) to Xian, CN (XIY)