Palmas Airport

Palmas Brazil

Palmas Airport General information

Latitude: -10.294687
Longitude -48.357668
Elevation: 742 ft
Local Code: SBP

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Last added routes from Palmas Airport

Route Origin Destination
PMW-GYN (PMW) Palmas Airport (GYN) Santa Genoveva Airport Palmas, BR (PMW) to Goiania, BR (GYN)
PMW-BSB (PMW) Palmas Airport (BSB) Brasilia International Airport Palmas, BR (PMW) to Brasilia, BR (BSB)
PMW-CGH (PMW) Palmas Airport (CGH) Sao Paulo/Congonhas Airport Palmas, BR (PMW) to Sao Paulo, BR (CGH)