Tivat Airport

Tivat Montenegro

Tivat Airport General information

Latitude: 42.403611
Longitude 18.725556
Elevation: 20 ft
Local Code: LYT

Last updated flights departing from TIV

Last added routes from Tivat Airport

Route Origin Destination
TIV-BEG (TIV) Tivat Airport (BEG) Belgrad Nikola Tesla Airport Tivat, ME (TIV) to Belgrade, RS (BEG)
TIV-LED (TIV) Tivat Airport (LED) Pulkovo Airport Tivat, ME (TIV) to Saint Petersburg, RU (LED)
TIV-DME (TIV) Tivat Airport (DME) Moscow Domodedovo Airport Tivat, ME (TIV) to Moscow, RU (DME)
TIV-LGW (TIV) Tivat Airport (LGW) London Gatwick Airport Tivat, ME (TIV) to London, GB (LGW)
TIV-OSL (TIV) Tivat Airport (OSL) Oslo Airport Gardermoen Tivat, ME (TIV) to Oslo, NO (OSL)
TIV-SVO (TIV) Tivat Airport (SVO) Sheremetyevo International Airport Tivat, ME (TIV) to Moscow, RU (SVO)