Visby Airport

Visby Sweden

Visby Airport General information

Latitude: 57.660447
Longitude 18.338154
Elevation: 167 ft
Local Code: ESS

Last updated flights departing from VBY

Last added routes from Visby Airport

Route Origin Destination
VBY-MMX (VBY) Visby Airport (MMX) Malmo Airport Visby, SE (VBY) to Malmo, SE (MMX)
VBY-BMA (VBY) Visby Airport (BMA) Bromma Airport Visby, SE (VBY) to Stockholm, SE (BMA)
VBY-GOT (VBY) Visby Airport (GOT) Goteborg Landvetter Airport Visby, SE (VBY) to Gothenburg, SE (GOT)