Chapeco Airport

Chapeco Brazil

Chapeco Airport General information

Latitude: -27.132448
Longitude -52.660374
Elevation: 2134 ft
Local Code: SBC

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Last added routes from Chapeco Airport

Route Origin Destination
XAP-FLN (XAP) Chapeco Airport (FLN) Hercilio Luz International Airport Chapeco, BR (XAP) to Florianopolis, BR (FLN)
XAP-VCP (XAP) Chapeco Airport (VCP) Viracopos Airport Chapeco, BR (XAP) to Campinas, BR (VCP)
XAP-GRU (XAP) Chapeco Airport (GRU) Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport Chapeco, BR (XAP) to Sao Paulo, BR (GRU)