Arcata-Eureka Airport

Arcata United States

Arcata-Eureka Airport General information

Latitude: 40.970912
Longitude -124.106929
Elevation: 218 ft
Local Code: KACV

Last updated flights departing from ACV

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
UA 5349 United Airlines (SFO) San Francisco 11:00 12:18
NZ 2784 Air New Zealand (LAX) Los Angeles 07:00 08:54
NZ 9338 Air New Zealand (SFO) San Francisco 11:00 12:18
CM 1049 Copa Airlines (SFO) San Francisco 18:00 19:10
AV 2046 AVIANCA (SFO) San Francisco 18:00 19:10
UA 5471 United Airlines (LAX) Los Angeles 07:00 08:54
UA 5276 United Airlines (SFO) San Francisco 06:00 07:18
NZ 9318 Air New Zealand (SFO) San Francisco 06:00 07:18
OO 5700 SkyWest Airlines (SFO) San Francisco 19:15 20:28
KS 182 PenAir (PDX) Portland 11:15 12:45
KS 188 PenAir (PDX) Portland 10:00 11:30
KS 180 PenAir (PDX) Portland 05:50 07:20

Last added routes from Arcata-Eureka Airport

Route Origin Destination
ACV-SFO (ACV) Arcata-Eureka Airport (SFO) San Francisco International Airport Arcata, US (ACV) to San Francisco, US (SFO)
ACV-LAX (ACV) Arcata-Eureka Airport (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport Arcata, US (ACV) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
ACV-PDX (ACV) Arcata-Eureka Airport (PDX) Portland International Airport Arcata, US (ACV) to Portland, US (PDX)