Xingyi Airport

Xingyi China

Xingyi Airport General information

Latitude: 25.085556
Longitude 104.959444
Elevation: 4072 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from ACX

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
KN 5202 China United Airlines (NAY) Beijing 13:30 16:25
MU 3750 China Eastern Airlines (NAY) Beijing 13:30:0 16:25:0
G5 2628 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 22:00 22:50
GY 7132 Colorful Guizhou Airlines (KWE) Guiyang 10:50 P 11:50 P
G5 2616 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 08:55 09:45
G5 2614 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 20:50 21:40
G5 2612 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 10:40 11:30
G5 2602 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 14:00 14:55
G5 2610 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 17:30 18:20
G5 2608 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 07:10 07:55
G5 2618 Gestair (CKG) Chongqing 07:05 08:25
EU 2720 Chengdu Airlines (CTU) Chengdu 22:20 00:05
CZ 3924 China Southern Airlines (CAN) Guangzhou 20:35 22:10
GJ 8964 Loong Air (KMG) Kunming 23:10 00:15
G5 4333 Gestair (BHY) Beihai 19:45 20:55
MU 5566 China Eastern Airlines (NGB) Ningbo 12:25:0 15:05:0
MU 3026 China Eastern Airlines (CAN) Guangzhou 22:10
G5 2714 Gestair (KWE) Guiyang 19:55 20:35
8L 9826 Redhill Aviation (LJG) Lijiang 18:00 19:25
8L 9825 Redhill Aviation (NGB) Ningbo 11:10 13:45
8L 9703 Redhill Aviation (HAK) Haikou 10:20 11:50
3U 2004 Sichuan Airlines (KWE) Guiyang 20:50 21:40
CA 5812 Air China (KWE) Guiyang 20:50 21:40
3U 2002 Sichuan Airlines (KWE) Guiyang 14:00 14:55
CA 5802 Air China (KWE) Guiyang 14:00 14:55
CA 5808 Air China (KWE) Guiyang 17:30 18:20

Last added routes from Xingyi Airport

Route Origin Destination
ACX-BHY (ACX) Xingyi Airport (BHY) Beihai Fucheng Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Beihai, CN (BHY)
ACX-NGB (ACX) Xingyi Airport (NGB) Ningbo Lishe International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Ningbo, CN (NGB)
ACX-LJG (ACX) Xingyi Airport (LJG) Lijiang Sanyi Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Lijiang, CN (LJG)
ACX-NAY (ACX) Xingyi Airport (NAY) Beijing Nanyuan Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Beijing, CN (NAY)
ACX-KWE (ACX) Xingyi Airport (KWE) Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Guiyang, CN (KWE)
ACX-HAK (ACX) Xingyi Airport (HAK) Haikou Meilan International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Haikou, CN (HAK)
ACX-KMG (ACX) Xingyi Airport (KMG) Kunming Changshui International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Kunming, CN (KMG)
ACX-CAN (ACX) Xingyi Airport (CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
ACX-CKG (ACX) Xingyi Airport (CKG) Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Chongqing, CN (CKG)
ACX-CTU (ACX) Xingyi Airport (CTU) Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Xingyi, CN (ACX) to Chengdu, CN (CTU)