Caumont Airport

Avignon France

Caumont Airport General information

Latitude: 43.906542
Longitude 4.902082
Elevation: 116 ft
Local Code: LFMV

Last updated flights departing from AVN

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
WX 142 Cityjet (LCY) London 13:05 13:55
BE 3912 Flybe (BHX) Birmingham 15:20 16:25
BE 3778 Flybe (SOU) Southampton 12:55 14:00
WX 144 Cityjet (BIA) Bastia 15:50 16:55

Last added routes from Caumont Airport

Route Origin Destination
AVN-BIA (AVN) Caumont Airport (BIA) Bastia Poretta Airport Avignon, FR (AVN) to Bastia, FR (BIA)
AVN-SOU (AVN) Caumont Airport (SOU) Southampton Airport Avignon, FR (AVN) to Southampton, GB (SOU)
AVN-BHX (AVN) Caumont Airport (BHX) Birmingham International Airport Avignon, FR (AVN) to Birmingham, GB (BHX)
AVN-LCY (AVN) Caumont Airport (LCY) London City Airport Avignon, FR (AVN) to London, GB (LCY)