Banmaw Airport

Bhamo Myanmar

Banmaw Airport General information

Latitude: 24.268355
Longitude 97.249057
Elevation: 377 ft
Local Code: VYBM

Last updated flights departing from BMO

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
UB 535 Myanmar National Airlines (MYT) Myitkyina 09:50 10:15
YJ 256 Asian Wings Airways (MDL) Mandalay 12:50 13:45
YJ 414 Asian Wings Airways (MDL) Mandalay 14:30 15:25
W9 421 Wizz Air UK (MYT) Myitkyina 14:40 15:10
YH 832 Sunsplash Aviation (MDL) Mandalay 10:50 11:35

Last added routes from Banmaw Airport

Route Origin Destination
BMO-MYT (BMO) Banmaw Airport (MYT) Myitkyina Airport Bhamo, MM (BMO) to Myitkyina, MM (MYT)
BMO-MDL (BMO) Banmaw Airport (MDL) Mandalay International Airport Bhamo, MM (BMO) to Mandalay, MM (MDL)