Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris France

Charles de Gaulle Airport General information

Latitude: 49.003196
Longitude 2.567023
Elevation: 387 ft
Local Code: LFPG

Last updated flights departing from CDG

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
DL 7520 Delta Airlines (MAA) Chennai 10:10:0 23:40:0
AF 1560 Air France (ZAG) Zagreb 15:15:0 17:10:0
OU 471 Croatia Airlines (ZAG) Zagreb 18:30 20:20
AF 5074 Air France (ZAG) Zagreb 18:30:0 20:20:0
OU 4001 Croatia Airlines (ZAG) Zagreb 15:15 17:10
KL 2204 KLM (ZAG) Zagreb 15:15:0 17:10:0
DL 8488 Delta Airlines (ZAG) Zagreb 15:15:0 17:10:0
AI 7515 Air India (ZAG) Zagreb 18:30 20:20
OZ 9381 Asiana Airlines (ZAG) Zagreb 18:30 20:20
UA 7266 United Airlines (ZAG) Zagreb 18:30 20:20
BE 4190 Flybe (ZAG) Zagreb 15:15 17:10
KC 224 Air Astana (TSE) Astana 19:20 05:35
AF 4130 Air France (TSE) Astana 19:20:0 05:35:0
AF 178 Air France (MEX) Mexico City 12:00:0 15:55:0
AF 8098 Air France (MEX) Mexico City 23:00:0 04:15:0
OK 3124 CSA (MEX) Mexico City 22:45:0 03:30:0
SU 4404 Aeroflot (MEX) Mexico City 23:00:0 04:15:0
AM 6104 Aeromexico (MEX) Mexico City 12:00:0 16:55:0
AZ 3692 Alitalia (MEX) Mexico City 12:00:0 15:55:0
KL 2229 KLM (MEX) Mexico City 12:00:0 15:55:0
AM 4 Aeromexico (MEX) Mexico City 23:00:0 04:15:0
AM 6 Aeromexico (MEX) Mexico City 14:10:0 18:55:0
AF 6726 Air France (MEX) Mexico City 13:00:0 17:55:0
9W 6997 Jet Airways (India) (MEX) Mexico City 11:00 16:20
LY 8207 El Al (MEX) Mexico City 23:00 04:15
OK 3130 CSA (MEX) Mexico City 14:10:0 18:55:0
AF 1680 Air France (LHR) London 07:30:0 07:55:0
BA 303 British Airways (LHR) London 07:25 07:45
UU 8680 Air Austral (LHR) London 07:30 07:55
CZ 7179 China Southern Airlines (LHR) London 07:30 07:55
MK 9412 Air Mauritius (LHR) London 07:30 07:55
MU 4977 China Eastern Airlines (LHR) London 07:30:0 07:55:0
DL 8718 Delta Airlines (LHR) London 07:30:0 07:55:0
AA 6557 American Airlines (LHR) London 07:25 07:45
9W 4929 Jet Airways (India) (LHR) London 07:20 07:45
KQ 3218 Kenya Airways (LHR) London 07:20:0 07:45:0
AF 218 Air France (BOM) Mumbai 11:05:0 00:05:0
KL 2164 KLM (BOM) Mumbai 11:05:0 00:05:0
DL 8705 Delta Airlines (BOM) Mumbai 11:05:0 00:05:0
CX 8 Cathay Pacific (BOM) Mumbai 18:50 21:10
KL 3655 KLM (BOM) Mumbai 11:35:0 00:10:0
DL 7575 Delta Airlines (BOM) Mumbai 11:35:0 00:10:0
9W 4948 Jet Airways (India) (BOM) Mumbai 11:05 00:05
AF 4142 Air France (BOM) Mumbai 22:45
AF 1114 Air France (ZRH) Zurich 07:35:0 08:50:0
AF 1614 Air France (ZRH) Zurich 12:55:0 14:10:0
AF 1814 Air France (ZRH) Zurich 16:30:0 17:45:0
LX 657 SWISS (ZRH) Zurich 18:45 19:55
LX 647 SWISS (ZRH) Zurich 07:25 08:40
LX 633 SWISS (ZRH) Zurich 09:50 11:10

Last added routes from Charles de Gaulle Airport

Route Origin Destination
CDG-ZAG (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (ZAG) Franjo Tudman Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Zagreb, HR (ZAG)
CDG-TSE (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (TSE) Astana Nursultan Nazarbayev Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Astana, KZ (TSE)
CDG-KBP (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (KBP) Boryspil International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Kiev/Kyiv, UA (KBP)
CDG-MAA (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (MAA) Chennai Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Chennai, IN (MAA)
CDG-SXM (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (SXM) Princess Juliana International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Sint Maarten, SX (SXM)
CDG-LIN (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (LIN) Milano Linate Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Milan, IT (LIN)
CDG-BLR (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (BLR) Kempegowda International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Bengaluru, IN (BLR)
CDG-HAJ (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (HAJ) Hannover Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Hanover, DE (HAJ)
CDG-BOM (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (BOM) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Mumbai, IN (BOM)
CDG-OAK (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (OAK) Metropolitan Oakland International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Oakland, US (OAK)
CDG-ZRH (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (ZRH) Zurich Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Zurich, CH (ZRH)
CDG-LHR (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (LHR) London Heathrow Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to London, GB (LHR)
CDG-BRU (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (BRU) Brussels Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Brussels, BE (BRU)
CDG-BKK (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (BKK) Suvarnabhumi Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Bangkok, TH (BKK)
CDG-JFK (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to New York, US (JFK)
CDG-LAX (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
CDG-PVG (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (PVG) Shanghai Pudong International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)
CDG-MEX (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport (MEX) Benito Juarez International Airport Paris, FR (CDG) to Mexico City, MX (MEX)