Mudhole Smith Airport

Cordova United States

Mudhole Smith Airport General information

Latitude: 60.493056
Longitude -145.47
Elevation: 42 ft
Local Code: PACV

Last updated flights departing from CDV

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
AS 66 Alaska (YAK) Yakutat 15:25 16:10
KO 42 ACE Air Cargo (ANC) Anchorage 04:10 04:50
AS 9623 Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 06:00 06:45
7H 811 Ravn Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 09:10 10:00
7H 813 Ravn Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 20:00 20:55

Last added routes from Mudhole Smith Airport

Route Origin Destination
CDV-YAK (CDV) Mudhole Smith Airport (YAK) Yakutat Airport Cordova, US (CDV) to Yakutat, US (YAK)
CDV-ANC (CDV) Mudhole Smith Airport (ANC) Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Cordova, US (CDV) to Anchorage, US (ANC)