Comiso Airport

Comiso Italy

Comiso Airport General information

Latitude: 36.996209
Longitude 14.609152
Elevation: 719 ft
Local Code: LICB

Last updated flights departing from CIY

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
FR 4443 Ryanair (CRL) Brussels 20:05 22:55
FR 8731 Ryanair (MXP) Milan 20:40 22:35
FR 1412 Ryanair (PSA) Pisa 18:05 19:40
FR 1721 Ryanair (CIA) Rome 13:15 14:35
FR 4074 Ryanair (HHN) Hahn 20:45 23:20
FR 43 Ryanair (PSA) Pisa 09:25 10:05
CT 1740 Alitalia CityLiner (LIN) Milan 09:55 11:45
KM 4768 Air Malta (CDG) Paris 07:35 10:30

Last added routes from Comiso Airport

Route Origin Destination
CIY-HHN (CIY) Comiso Airport (HHN) Frankfurt - Hahn Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Hahn, DE (HHN)
CIY-CIA (CIY) Comiso Airport (CIA) Ciampino-G. B. Pastine International Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Rome, IT (CIA)
CIY-PSA (CIY) Comiso Airport (PSA) Pisa International Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Pisa, IT (PSA)
CIY-MXP (CIY) Comiso Airport (MXP) Milano Malpensa Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Milan, IT (MXP)
CIY-CRL (CIY) Comiso Airport (CRL) Brussels S. Charleroi Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Brussels, BE (CRL)
CIY-LIN (CIY) Comiso Airport (LIN) Milano Linate Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Milan, IT (LIN)
CIY-CDG (CIY) Comiso Airport (CDG) Charles de Gaulle Airport Comiso, IT (CIY) to Paris, FR (CDG)