Dunhuang Airport

Dunhuang China

Dunhuang Airport General information

Latitude: 40.2
Longitude 94.683333
Elevation: 3664 ft
Local Code: ZLDH

Last updated flights departing from DNH

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
GS 7588 Tianjin Airlines (IQN) Qingyang 18:30 19:30
CZ 6568 China Southern Airlines (XNN) Xining 10:00 11:45
MU 2305 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 15:45:0 18:40:0
MU 9682 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 12:20:0 14:10:0
3U 8570 Sichuan Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 12:55 14:30
HU 7316 Hainan Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 19:05 22:10
MU 2750 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 13:25 15:00
CA 1288 Air China (PEK) Beijing 11:10 14:05
MU 9642 China Eastern Airlines (XIY) Xian 23:25:0 01:45:0
MU 2378 China Eastern Airlines (HTT) Huatugou 15:50:0 16:45:0
EU 2298 Chengdu Airlines (XIY) Xian 15:00 16:55
MU 9946 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 13:00:0 14:35:0
MU 7112 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 17:25 20:05
MU 1047 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 20:10 21:45
MU 2424 China Eastern Airlines (LHW) Lanzhou 17:40 19:40
MU 2274 China Eastern Airlines (XIY) Xian 11:05 12:40
CA 1280 Air China (PEK) Beijing 22:00 00:45

Last added routes from Dunhuang Airport

Route Origin Destination
DNH-HTT (DNH) Dunhuang Airport (HTT) Huatugou Airport Dunhuang, CN (DNH) to Huatugou, CN (HTT)
DNH-IQN (DNH) Dunhuang Airport (IQN) Qingyang Airport Dunhuang, CN (DNH) to Qingyang, CN (IQN)
DNH-XNN (DNH) Dunhuang Airport (XNN) Xining Caojiabao Airport Dunhuang, CN (DNH) to Xining, CN (XNN)
DNH-LHW (DNH) Dunhuang Airport (LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport Dunhuang, CN (DNH) to Lanzhou, CN (LHW)
DNH-PEK (DNH) Dunhuang Airport (PEK) Beijing Capital International Airport Dunhuang, CN (DNH) to Beijing, CN (PEK)
DNH-XIY (DNH) Dunhuang Airport (XIY) Xianyang International Airport Dunhuang, CN (DNH) to Xian, CN (XIY)