Shizuoka Airport

Shizuoka Japan

Shizuoka Airport General information

Latitude: 34.796111
Longitude 138.189444
Elevation: 433 ft
Local Code: RJNS

Last updated flights departing from FSZ

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
JL 5647 Japan Airlines (PVG) Shanghai 15:40 18:00
MU 2020 China Eastern Airlines (PVG) Shanghai 15:40:0 18:00:0
KN 5972 China United Airlines (YNT) Yantai 17:15 19:30
JH 147 Fuji Dream Airlines (FUK) Fukuoka 4:45 PM 6:25 PM
NH 1261 ANA (CTS) Sapporo 16:10 17:55
JH 141 Fuji Dream Airlines (FUK) Fukuoka 7:35 AM 9:30 AM
JH 149 Fuji Dream Airlines (FUK) Fukuoka 5:45 PM 7:25 PM
JH 143 Fuji Dream Airlines (FUK) Fukuoka 9:00 AM 10:40 A
NH 1263 ANA (OKA) Okinawa 13:20 15:55
JH 173 Fuji Dream Airlines (OKD) Sapporo 11:55 A 1:45 PM
RS 752 Air Seoul (ICN) Seoul 12:30 P 2:45 PM
CI 169 China Airlines (TPE) Taipei 19:25:0 22:20:0
MU 2090 China Eastern Airlines (NGB) Ningbo 13:40 16:00
JH 133 Fuji Dream Airlines (KOJ) Kagoshima 11:55 A 1:40 PM
KL 4982 KLM (TPE) Taipei 19:25:0 22:20:0
JL 5115 Japan Airlines (TPE) Taipei 19:25 22:20
JD 370 Beijing Capital Airlines (HGH) Hangzhou 20:30 22:35
MU 2026 China Eastern Airlines (HGH) Hangzhou 13:40:0 15:55:0
JH 185 Fuji Dream Airlines (IZO) Izumo 4:35 PM 5:50 PM
OZ 125 Asiana Airlines (ICN) Seoul 12:40 14:45
JH 153 Fuji Dream Airlines (CTS) Sapporo 11:30 13:15
JD 440 Beijing Capital Airlines (SHE) Shenyang 18:30 20:55
EH 1261 ANA Wings (CTS) Sapporo 16:10 17:55
KE 780 Korean Air (ICN) Seoul 11:45 14:15
GS 7424 Tianjin Airlines (TSN) Tianjin 13:40 16:25
CI 2169 China Airlines (TPE) Taipei 09:00 11:55
JD 430 Beijing Capital Airlines (TNA) Jinan 16:55 20:00

Last added routes from Shizuoka Airport

Route Origin Destination
FSZ-OKD (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (OKD) Okadama Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Sapporo, JP (OKD)
FSZ-IZO (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (IZO) Izumo Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Izumo, JP (IZO)
FSZ-YNT (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (YNT) Yantai Laishan International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Yantai, CN (YNT)
FSZ-NGB (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (NGB) Ningbo Lishe International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Ningbo, CN (NGB)
FSZ-KOJ (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (KOJ) Kagoshima Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Kagoshima, JP (KOJ)
FSZ-OKA (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (OKA) Naha Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Okinawa, JP (OKA)
FSZ-CTS (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (CTS) New Chitose Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Sapporo, JP (CTS)
FSZ-SHE (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (SHE) Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Shenyang, CN (SHE)
FSZ-HGH (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (HGH) Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Hangzhou, CN (HGH)
FSZ-FUK (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (FUK) Fukuoka Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Fukuoka, JP (FUK)
FSZ-TPE (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (TPE) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Taipei, TW (TPE)
FSZ-ICN (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (ICN) Incheon International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Seoul, KR (ICN)
FSZ-PVG (FSZ) Shizuoka Airport (PVG) Shanghai Pudong International Airport Shizuoka, JP (FSZ) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)