North Front Airport

Gibraltar Gibraltar

North Front Airport General information

Latitude: 36.153763
Longitude -5.349271
Elevation: 15 ft
Local Code: LXGB

Last updated flights departing from GIB

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
AT 991 Royal Air Maroc (TNG) Tangier 19:45 20:25
AA 6631 American Airlines (LHR) London 12:05 13:55
U2 1964 easyJet (MAN) Manchester 12:00 14:05
AA 6302 American Airlines (LHR) London 16:35 18:25
U2 6300 easyJet (BRS) Bristol 20:00 21:55
U2 8902 easyJet (LGW) London 11:30 13:30
BA 493 British Airways (LHR) London 11:55 13:50
BA 491 British Airways (LHR) London 17:30 19:20
U2 2246 easyJet (LTN) London 16:30 18:25
ZB 447 Monarch Airlines (BHX) Birmingham 20:00 21:55
ZB 575 Monarch Airlines (MAN) Manchester 20:55 23:00
ZB 069 Monarch Airlines (LTN) London 19:45 21:45
ZB 065 Monarch Airlines (LTN) London 19:45 21:45
ZB 65 Monarch Airlines (LTN) London 19:55 21:45
ZB 7241 Monarch Airlines (LGW) London 11:40 13:30
ZB 7245 Monarch Airlines (LGW) London 21:15 23:10
ZB 63 Monarch Airlines (LTN) London 12:20 14:15

Last added routes from North Front Airport

Route Origin Destination
GIB-TNG (GIB) North Front Airport (TNG) Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to Tangier, MA (TNG)
GIB-BHX (GIB) North Front Airport (BHX) Birmingham International Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to Birmingham, GB (BHX)
GIB-BRS (GIB) North Front Airport (BRS) Bristol Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to Bristol, GB (BRS)
GIB-LTN (GIB) North Front Airport (LTN) London Luton Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to London, GB (LTN)
GIB-LGW (GIB) North Front Airport (LGW) London Gatwick Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to London, GB (LGW)
GIB-MAN (GIB) North Front Airport (MAN) Manchester Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to Manchester, GB (MAN)
GIB-LHR (GIB) North Front Airport (LHR) London Heathrow Airport Gibraltar, GI (GIB) to London, GB (LHR)