Kawthaung Airport

Kawthaung Myanmar

Kawthaung Airport General information

Latitude: 10.05
Longitude 98.516667
Elevation: 180 ft
Local Code: VYKT

Last updated flights departing from KAW

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
UB 306 Myanmar National Airlines (RGN) Yangon 13:45 15:15
K7 320 Air KBZ (MGZ) Myeik 10:25 11:15

Last added routes from Kawthaung Airport

Route Origin Destination
KAW-MGZ (KAW) Kawthaung Airport (MGZ) Myeik Airport Kawthaung, MM (KAW) to Myeik, MM (MGZ)
KAW-RGN (KAW) Kawthaung Airport (RGN) Yangon International Airport Kawthaung, MM (KAW) to Yangon, MM (RGN)