Ganzhou Airport

Ganzhou China

Ganzhou Airport General information

Latitude: 25.849628
Longitude 114.777786
Elevation: 397 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from KOW

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
GS 7676 Tianjin Airlines (XIY) Xian 14:35 15:45
CZ 3255 China Southern Airlines (PEK) Beijing 16:25 19:20
CA 1490 Air China (PEK) Beijing 19:50 22:30
FU 6762 BudgetAir (HRB) Harbin 16:20 18:15
3U 8938 Sichuan Airlines (CTU) Chengdu 19:55 21:20
MU 2993 China Eastern Airlines (SHA) Shanghai 20:50:0 22:40:0
FU 6761 BudgetAir (SYX) Sanya 13:15 15:15
ZH 1490 Shenzhen Airlines (PEK) Beijing 19:50 22:30
8L 9844 Redhill Aviation (HAK) Haikou 15:10 16:55
CZ 3638 China Southern Airlines (CAN) Guangzhou 18:25 20:15
8L 9846 Redhill Aviation (KMG) Kunming 08:35 09:40
CZ 3637 China Southern Airlines (CZX) Changzhou 13:55 15:20
CZ 3256 China Southern Airlines (SZX) Shenzhen 11:35 12:55
8L 9587 Redhill Aviation (ZHA) Zhanjiang 08:25 10:10
8L 9578 Redhill Aviation (CGO) Zhengzhou 22:35 01:15
8L 9588 Redhill Aviation (CGO) Zhengzhou 13:20 14:50
8L 9874 Redhill Aviation (KMG) Kunming 15:30 17:50
RY 8926 Jiangxi Airlines (KHN) Nanchang 9:15 PM 10:10 P
8L 9845 Redhill Aviation (HGH) Hangzhou 06:45 07:50
3U 8937 Sichuan Airlines (XMN) Xiamen 16:05 18:10
GS 7675 Tianjin Airlines (ZUH) Zhuhai 08:45 11:05
QW 9841 Qingdao Airlines (KWL) Guilin 11:10 14:10
8L 9843 Redhill Aviation (KHN) Nanchang 09:25 11:00
QW 9851 Qingdao Airlines (CKG) Chongqing 08:45 11:45
CZ 9182 China Southern Airlines (SHA) Shanghai 20:50 22:40
8L 9969 Redhill Aviation (NKG) Nanjing 17:35 19:20
MU 5574 China Eastern Airlines (PVG) Shanghai 12:55:0 14:45:0
8L 9750 Redhill Aviation (CTU) Chengdu 13:25 16:05
CZ 5321 China Southern Airlines (CKG) Chongqing 18:15 19:40
CZ 9484 China Southern Airlines (SHA) Shanghai 19:50 21:30
MF 2028 Xiamen Airlines (KHN) Nanchang 21:15 22:10
SC 7046 Shandong Airlines (CTU) Chengdu 21:25 22:25
NS 8420 Hebei Airlines (FOC) Fuzhou 07:55 09:50
HU 1805 Hainan Airlines (KHN) Nanchang 07:25 09:10

Last added routes from Ganzhou Airport

Route Origin Destination
KOW-ZHA (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (ZHA) Zhanjiang Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Zhanjiang, CN (ZHA)
KOW-CZX (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (CZX) Changzhou Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Changzhou, CN (CZX)
KOW-CGO (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (CGO) Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Zhengzhou, CN (CGO)
KOW-SYX (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (SYX) Sanya Phoenix International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Sanya, CN (SYX)
KOW-HAK (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (HAK) Haikou Meilan International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Haikou, CN (HAK)
KOW-HRB (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (HRB) Harbin Taiping International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Harbin, CN (HRB)
KOW-PEK (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (PEK) Beijing Capital International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Beijing, CN (PEK)
KOW-HGH (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (HGH) Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Hangzhou, CN (HGH)
KOW-KMG (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (KMG) Kunming Changshui International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Kunming, CN (KMG)
KOW-CAN (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
KOW-CKG (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (CKG) Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Chongqing, CN (CKG)
KOW-CTU (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (CTU) Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Chengdu, CN (CTU)
KOW-SHA (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Shanghai, CN (SHA)
KOW-SZX (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Shenzhen, CN (SZX)
KOW-XIY (KOW) Ganzhou Airport (XIY) Xianyang International Airport Ganzhou, CN (KOW) to Xian, CN (XIY)