Lord Howe Island Airport

Lord Howe Island Australia

Lord Howe Island Airport General information

Latitude: -31.540807
Longitude 159.078148
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code: YLHI

Last updated flights departing from LDH

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
NZ 7127 Air New Zealand (BNE) Brisbane 10:20 11:15
QF 2259 Qantas (BNE) Brisbane 10:20 11:15
NZ 7131 Air New Zealand (SYD) Sydney 12:20 14:35
NZ 7129 Air New Zealand (SYD) Sydney 14:25 16:40
MU 8406 China Eastern Airlines (SYD) Sydney 14:30:0 16:45:0
QF 2263 Qantas (SYD) Sydney 13:20 15:35
QF 2261 Qantas (SYD) Sydney 14:30 16:15
QF 2255 Qantas (SYD) Sydney 10:55 12:40
NZ 7125 Air New Zealand (SYD) Sydney 10:25 12:40
NZ 7133 Air New Zealand (SYD) Sydney 15:30 17:45
QF 2265 Qantas (SYD) Sydney 14:45 17:00
QF 2249 Qantas (SYD) Sydney 15:05 17:10
QF 2252 Qantas (PQQ) Port Macquarie 09:30 11:05

Last added routes from Lord Howe Island Airport

Route Origin Destination
LDH-PQQ (LDH) Lord Howe Island Airport (PQQ) Port Macquarie Airport Lord Howe Island, AU (LDH) to Port Macquarie, AU (PQQ)
LDH-SYD (LDH) Lord Howe Island Airport (SYD) Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport Lord Howe Island, AU (LDH) to Sydney, AU (SYD)
LDH-BNE (LDH) Lord Howe Island Airport (BNE) Brisbane Airport Lord Howe Island, AU (LDH) to Brisbane, AU (BNE)