Mammoth Lakes Airport

Mammoth Lakes United States

Mammoth Lakes Airport General information

Latitude: 37.631111
Longitude -118.851389
Elevation: 7128 ft
Local Code: KMMH

Last updated flights departing from MMH

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
OO 5949 SkyWest Airlines (LAX) Los Angeles 16:51 18:20
OO 5798 SkyWest Airlines (DEN) Denver 13:45 16:57
UA 5949 United Airlines (LAX) Los Angeles 16:22 17:43
B6 5346 JetBlue Airways (SNA) Santa Ana 3:40 PM 4:50 PM
XE 324 JetSuiteX (SNA) Santa Ana 15:30
B6 5344 JetBlue Airways (BUR) Burbank 12:20 P 1:35 PM
XE 322 JetSuiteX (BUR) Burbank 13:50

Last added routes from Mammoth Lakes Airport

Route Origin Destination
MMH-SNA (MMH) Mammoth Lakes Airport (SNA) John Wayne Airport Mammoth Lakes, US (MMH) to Santa Ana, US (SNA)
MMH-BUR (MMH) Mammoth Lakes Airport (BUR) Bob Hope Airport Mammoth Lakes, US (MMH) to Burbank, US (BUR)
MMH-DEN (MMH) Mammoth Lakes Airport (DEN) Denver International Airport Mammoth Lakes, US (MMH) to Denver, US (DEN)
MMH-LAX (MMH) Mammoth Lakes Airport (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport Mammoth Lakes, US (MMH) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)