Nome Airport

Nome United States

Nome Airport General information

Latitude: 64.510601
Longitude -165.431055
Elevation: 37 ft
Local Code: PAOM

Last updated flights departing from OME

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
AS 152 Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 08:40 10:05
7H 3252 Ravn Alaska (WMO) White Mountain 09:30 09:55
8E 805 Easy Fly Express (OTZ) Kotzebue 08:20 09:35
7S 1440 Ryan Air (DIO) Diomede Island 13:00
8E 810 Easy Fly Express (KKA) Koyuk 09:25 09:45
NC 721 Cobham Airline Services (ANC) Anchorage 9:35 AM 10:50 A
7S 1420 Ryan Air (SVA) Savoonga 09:00 10:00
AS 7012 Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 21:30 22:55
7S 1410 Ryan Air (SHH) Shishmaref 13:00 13:45
7S 40 Ryan Air (SVA) Savoonga 19:06
AS 153 Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 20:15 21:40
8E 885 Easy Fly Express (SHH) Shishmaref 13:30 14:15
8E 895 Easy Fly Express (TLA) Teller 12:15 12:45
8E 815 Easy Fly Express (KKA) Koyuk 14:45 15:30
8E 852 Easy Fly Express (SVA) Savoonga 13:30 14:15
7H 6200 Ravn Alaska (SHH) Shishmaref 11:20
8E 825 Easy Fly Express (WMO) White Mountain 14:45 15:15
7H 6232 Ravn Alaska (WMO) White Mountain 08:45
AS 7019 Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 18:55 20:20
5V 880 Everts Air Cargo (OME) Nome 17:49
AS 7009 Alaska (OTZ) Kotzebue 19:35
NC 725 Cobham Airline Services (ANC) Anchorage 10:05 11:20
AS 197 Alaska (ANC) Anchorage 14:15 15:15
8E 3850 Easy Fly Express (SVA) Savoonga 15:00 16:13
7H 3258 Ravn Alaska (OME) Nome 15:25 15:35

Last added routes from Nome Airport

Route Origin Destination
OME-TLA (OME) Nome Airport (TLA) Teller Airport Nome, US (OME) to Teller, US (TLA)
OME-WMO (OME) Nome Airport (WMO) White Mountain Airport Nome, US (OME) to White Mountain, US (WMO)
OME-SHH (OME) Nome Airport (SHH) Shishmaref Airport Nome, US (OME) to Shishmaref, US (SHH)
OME-DIO (OME) Nome Airport (DIO) Diomede Heliport Nome, US (OME) to Diomede Island, US (DIO)
OME-SVA (OME) Nome Airport (SVA) Savoonga Airport Nome, US (OME) to Savoonga, US (SVA)
OME-KKA (OME) Nome Airport (KKA) Koyuk Airport Nome, US (OME) to Koyuk, US (KKA)
OME-OTZ (OME) Nome Airport (OTZ) Ralph Wien Memorial Airport Nome, US (OME) to Kotzebue, US (OTZ)
OME-OME (OME) Nome Airport (OME) Nome Airport Nome, US (OME) to Nome, US (OME)
OME-ANC (OME) Nome Airport (ANC) Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Nome, US (OME) to Anchorage, US (ANC)