Zaporozhye Airport

Zaporozhye Ukraine

Zaporozhye Airport General information

Latitude: 47.8675
Longitude 35.315833
Elevation: 373 ft
Local Code: UKDE

Last updated flights departing from OZH

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
LO 746 LOT - Polish Airlines (WAW) Warsaw 14:20 15:35
TK 1480 Turkish Airlines (IST) Istanbul 09:40 12:50
PC 433 Pegasus (SAW) Istanbul 14:15 17:35
PS 86 UIA (KBP) Kiev/Kyiv 06:35 07:45
KL 3144 KLM (KBP) Kiev/Kyiv 06:35 07:45
M9 317 Motor Sich Airlines (MSQ) Minsk 07:45 11:00
B2 317 Belavia (MSQ) Minsk 06:45 10:00
PS 086 UIA (KBP) Kiev/Kyiv 06:35 07:45
TK 1470 Turkish Airlines (IST) Istanbul 16:05 19:10
PS 088 UIA (KBP) Kiev/Kyiv 15:50 17:00
M9 203 Motor Sich Airlines (IEV) Kiev 08:30 09:50
LO 748 LOT - Polish Airlines (WAW) Warsaw 18:00 19:15
PS 5271 UIA (SSH) Sharm el Sheikh 13:55 17:35
PS 88 UIA (KBP) Kiev/Kyiv 15:50 17:00
M9 201 Motor Sich Airlines (IEV) Kiev 07:20 08:50
UH 260 Atlasjet Ukraine (IST) Istanbul 13:25 15:25
PC 431 Pegasus (SAW) Istanbul 10:30 13:10
PC 765 Pegasus (SAW) Istanbul 03:30 05:50
M9 6539 Motor Sich Airlines (BOJ) Bourgas 08:30 10:50
PS 549 UIA (BUS) Batumi 21:35 00:50

Last added routes from Zaporozhye Airport

Route Origin Destination
OZH-BOJ (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (BOJ) Bourgas Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Bourgas, BG (BOJ)
OZH-BUS (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (BUS) Batumi Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Batumi, GE (BUS)
OZH-SSH (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (SSH) Sharm El Sheikh Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Sharm el Sheikh, EG (SSH)
OZH-MSQ (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (MSQ) Minsk National Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Minsk, BY (MSQ)
OZH-IEV (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (IEV) Kyiv International Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Kiev, UA (IEV)
OZH-WAW (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (WAW) Frederic Chopin Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Warsaw, PL (WAW)
OZH-KBP (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (KBP) Boryspil International Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Kiev/Kyiv, UA (KBP)
OZH-SAW (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (SAW) Sabiha Gokcen International Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Istanbul, TR (SAW)
OZH-IST (OZH) Zaporozhye Airport (IST) Istanbul Ataturk Airport Zaporozhye, UA (OZH) to Istanbul, TR (IST)