Parma Airport

Parma Italy

Parma Airport General information

Latitude: 44.822222
Longitude 10.295278
Elevation: 144 ft
Local Code: LIMP

Last updated flights departing from PMF

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
FR 8111 Ryanair (CAG) Cagliari 12:20 13:45
5F 216 Fly One (KIV) Chisinau 6:10 PM 9:30 PM
FR 8155 Ryanair (TPS) Trapani 12:40 14:15
M4 712 Mistral Air (OLB) Olbia 20:50 22:25

Last added routes from Parma Airport

Route Origin Destination
PMF-OLB (PMF) Parma Airport (OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Parma, IT (PMF) to Olbia, IT (OLB)
PMF-TPS (PMF) Parma Airport (TPS) Trapani-Birgi Airport Parma, IT (PMF) to Trapani, IT (TPS)
PMF-KIV (PMF) Parma Airport (KIV) Chisinau International Airport Parma, IT (PMF) to Chisinau, MD (KIV)
PMF-CAG (PMF) Parma Airport (CAG) Cagliari Elmas Airport Parma, IT (PMF) to Cagliari, IT (CAG)