Miramare Airport

Rimini Italy

Miramare Airport General information

Latitude: 44.022952
Longitude 12.619594
Elevation: 42 ft
Local Code: LIPR

Last updated flights departing from RMI

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
U6 742 Ural Airlines (DME) Moscow 15:55 21:25
U6 7044 Ural Airlines (KRR) Krasnodar 12:00 16:20
2B 352 Ak Bars Aero (TIA) Tirana 3:00 PM 4:25 PM
BV 3352 Blue Panorama Airlines (TIA) Tirana 09:35 11:05
LG 504 Luxair (LUX) Luxembourg 15:30 17:00
R3 9962 Yakutia (KRR) Krasnodar 22:45 03:05
M4 762 Mistral Air (TIA) Tirana 11:50 13:25
LG 508 Luxair (LUX) Luxembourg 18:10 20:00
LG 444 Luxair (LUX) Luxembourg 18:30 20:20
AB 2103 Air Berlin (TXL) Berlin 19:45 21:50
AB 2101 Air Berlin (DUS) Dusseldorf 08:15 09:55
SN 1325 Brussels Airlines (BRU) Brussels 21:40 23:20

Last added routes from Miramare Airport

Route Origin Destination
RMI-TIA (RMI) Miramare Airport (TIA) Tirana International Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Tirana, AL (TIA)
RMI-KRR (RMI) Miramare Airport (KRR) Krasnodar International Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Krasnodar, RU (KRR)
RMI-LUX (RMI) Miramare Airport (LUX) Luxembourg Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Luxembourg, LU (LUX)
RMI-BRU (RMI) Miramare Airport (BRU) Brussels Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Brussels, BE (BRU)
RMI-DUS (RMI) Miramare Airport (DUS) Dusseldorf International Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Dusseldorf, DE (DUS)
RMI-TXL (RMI) Miramare Airport (TXL) Tegel Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Berlin, DE (TXL)
RMI-DME (RMI) Miramare Airport (DME) Moscow Domodedovo Airport Rimini, IT (RMI) to Moscow, RU (DME)