Moss-Rygge Airport

Rygge Norway

Moss-Rygge Airport General information

Latitude: 59.375931
Longitude 10.783043
Elevation: 171 ft
Local Code: ENRY

Last updated flights departing from RYG

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
FR 9159 Ryanair (ALC) Alicante 13:45 15:45
FR 3225 Ryanair (MAN) Manchester 09:40 12:45
FR 1341 Ryanair (TLL) Tallinn 14:55 17:30
FR 9733 Ryanair (CHQ) Chania 06:35 11:40
FR 8591 Ryanair (WRO) Wroclaw 21:20 23:10
FR 6099 Ryanair (CRL) Brussels 13:50 15:45
FR 857 Ryanair (DUB) Dublin 10:45 12:05
FR 8973 Ryanair (POZ) Poznan 10:50 12:30
FR 8721 Ryanair (SZZ) Szczecin 07:00 08:25
FR 8903 Ryanair (SXF) Berlin 10:35 12:15
FR 8523 Ryanair (RIX) Riga 14:30 17:05
FR 8517 Ryanair (PMI) Palma Mallorca 15:50 19:20
FR 2884 Ryanair (VNO) Vilnius 06:35 09:25
FR 9613 Ryanair (BVA) Paris 06:30 08:45
FR 2854 Ryanair (KUN) Kaunas 13:55 16:40
D8 5327 Norwegian Air International (ALC) Alicante 20:00 23:35
DY 5245 Norwegian Air (LPA) Las Palmas 17:05 21:40
DY 5533 Norwegian Air (ALC) Alicante 20:00 23:35
FR 7821 Ryanair (EDI) Edinburgh 17:30 18:20
FR 7897 Ryanair (PUY) Pula 16:20 19:00
DY 5583 Norwegian Air (AGP) Malaga 19:35 23:35
FR 7023 Ryanair (WMI) Modlin 06:30 08:15

Last added routes from Moss-Rygge Airport

Route Origin Destination
RYG-POZ (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (POZ) Poznan Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Poznan, PL (POZ)
RYG-KUN (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (KUN) Kaunas Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Kaunas, LT (KUN)
RYG-CHQ (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (CHQ) Chania International Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Chania, GR (CHQ)
RYG-SZZ (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (SZZ) Goleniow Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Szczecin, PL (SZZ)
RYG-TLL (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (TLL) Tallinn Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Tallinn, EE (TLL)
RYG-SXF (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (SXF) Schonefeld Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Berlin, DE (SXF)
RYG-WRO (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (WRO) Wroclaw Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Wroclaw, PL (WRO)
RYG-VNO (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (VNO) Vilnius International Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Vilnius, LT (VNO)
RYG-BVA (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (BVA) Beauvais-Tille Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Paris, FR (BVA)
RYG-ALC (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (ALC) Alicante-Elche Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Alicante, ES (ALC)
RYG-LPA (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (LPA) Gran Canaria Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Las Palmas, ES (LPA)
RYG-EDI (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (EDI) Edinburgh Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Edinburgh, GB (EDI)
RYG-CRL (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (CRL) Brussels S. Charleroi Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Brussels, BE (CRL)
RYG-DUB (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (DUB) Dublin Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Dublin, IE (DUB)
RYG-PMI (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (PMI) Palma de Mallorca Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Palma Mallorca, ES (PMI)
RYG-RIX (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (RIX) Riga International Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Riga, LV (RIX)
RYG-MAN (RYG) Moss-Rygge Airport (MAN) Manchester Airport Rygge, NO (RYG) to Manchester, GB (MAN)