Turaif Airport

Turaif Saudi Arabia

Turaif Airport General information

Latitude: 31.68873
Longitude 38.733831
Elevation: 2803 ft
Local Code: OETR

Last updated flights departing from TUI

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
SV 1512 Saudia Airlines (JED) Jeddah 15:45:0 17:35:0
SV 1510 Saudia Airlines (RUH) Riyadh 09:00:0 10:45:0
SV 1514 Saudia Airlines (DMM) Dammam 13:25:0 15:15:0
NA 131 Nesma Airlines (HAS) Hail 4:55 PM 6:30 PM

Last added routes from Turaif Airport

Route Origin Destination
TUI-HAS (TUI) Turaif Airport (HAS) Hail Airport Turaif, SA (TUI) to Hail, SA (HAS)
TUI-RUH (TUI) Turaif Airport (RUH) King Khaled International Airport Turaif, SA (TUI) to Riyadh, SA (RUH)
TUI-JED (TUI) Turaif Airport (JED) King Abdulaziz International Airport Turaif, SA (TUI) to Jeddah, SA (JED)
TUI-DMM (TUI) Turaif Airport (DMM) King Fahd International Airport Turaif, SA (TUI) to Dammam, SA (DMM)