Can Tho Airport

Can Tho Viet Nam

Can Tho Airport General information

Latitude: 10.047222
Longitude 105.766389
Elevation: 0 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from VCA

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
VJ 468 VietJet Air (HAN) Hanoi 3:45 PM 5:55 PM
VN 1204 Vietnam Airlines (HAN) Hanoi 14:15:0 16:20:0
VJ 464 VietJet Air (HAN) Hanoi 1:25 PM 3:35 PM
VN 1202 Vietnam Airlines (HAN) Hanoi 09:55:0 12:00:0
VJ 702 VietJet Air (DAD) Da Nang 9:25 AM 10:55 A
VN 1200 Vietnam Airlines (HAN) Hanoi 07:00:0 09:05:0
VJ 462 VietJet Air (HAN) Hanoi 6:00 AM 8:10 AM
VN 1440 Vietnam Airlines (DAD) Da Nang 06:50:0 08:20:0
VN 8014 Vietnam Airlines (PQC) Phu Quoc 11:45:0 12:40:0
VN 8070 Vietnam Airlines (VCS) Con Dao 14:35:0 15:30:0
VJ 704 VietJet Air (DAD) Da Nang 6:50 PM 8:20 PM
VJ 466 VietJet Air (HAN) Hanoi 5:45 PM 7:55 PM
VN 8068 Vietnam Airlines (VCS) Con Dao 11:35:0 12:25:0
VN 1014 Vietnam Airlines (PQC) Phu Quoc 14:50 15:40
VN 7014 Vietnam Airlines (PQC) Phu Quoc 13:45 15:29

Last added routes from Can Tho Airport

Route Origin Destination
VCA-PQC (VCA) Can Tho Airport (PQC) Phu Quoc International Airport Can Tho, VN (VCA) to Phu Quoc, VN (PQC)
VCA-VCS (VCA) Can Tho Airport (VCS) Co Ong Airport Can Tho, VN (VCA) to Con Dao, VN (VCS)
VCA-DAD (VCA) Can Tho Airport (DAD) Da Nang International Airport Can Tho, VN (VCA) to Da Nang, VN (DAD)
VCA-HAN (VCA) Can Tho Airport (HAN) Noi Bai International Airport Can Tho, VN (VCA) to Hanoi, VN (HAN)