Valladolid Airport

Valladolid Spain and Canary Islands

Valladolid Airport General information

Latitude: 41.70581
Longitude -4.844626
Elevation: 2789 ft
Local Code: LEVD

Last updated flights departing from VLL

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
FR 6321 Ryanair (BCN) Barcelona 17:15 18:35
VY 1585 Vueling (BCN) Barcelona 13:10 14:30
QR 3506 Qatar Airways (BCN) Barcelona 20:40 21:55
IB 5595 Iberia (BCN) Barcelona 20:40 21:55
FR 2200 Ryanair (SVQ) Sevilla 14:35 15:50
UX 7269 Air Europa (PMI) Palma Mallorca 16:40 18:05
VY 1583 Vueling (BCN) Barcelona 10:30 11:40

Last added routes from Valladolid Airport

Route Origin Destination
VLL-SVQ (VLL) Valladolid Airport (SVQ) Seville Airport Valladolid, ES (VLL) to Sevilla, ES (SVQ)
VLL-PMI (VLL) Valladolid Airport (PMI) Palma de Mallorca Airport Valladolid, ES (VLL) to Palma Mallorca, ES (PMI)
VLL-BCN (VLL) Valladolid Airport (BCN) Barcelona-El Prat Airport Valladolid, ES (VLL) to Barcelona, ES (BCN)