Yibin Caiba Airport

Yibin China

Yibin Caiba Airport General information

Latitude: 28.801665
Longitude 104.551835
Elevation: 965 ft
Local Code: ZUYB

Last updated flights departing from YBP

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
ZH 9450 Shenzhen Airlines (CAN) Guangzhou 22:20 00:20
MU 5268 China Eastern Airlines (PVG) Shanghai 19:55:0 22:50:0
CZ 9618 China Southern Airlines (PVG) Shanghai 19:55 22:50
ZH 9958 Shenzhen Airlines (SZX) Shenzhen 21:55 00:10
GY 7148 Colorful Guizhou Airlines (KWE) Guiyang 18:35 21:30
CA 1460 Air China (PEK) Beijing 19:25 22:10
MU 2820 China Eastern Airlines (NKG) Nanjing 16:30:0 19:05:0
CA 3750 Air China (CAN) Guangzhou 22:20 00:20
MU 2781 China Eastern Airlines (NNG) Nanning 11:15:0 12:55:0
GY 7158 Colorful Guizhou Airlines (KWE) Guiyang 19:55 21:40
MU 9740 China Eastern Airlines (KMG) Kunming 17:50:0 20:10:0
MU 5874 China Eastern Airlines (KMG) Kunming 13:50:0 17:10:0
CA 3886 Air China (SZX) Shenzhen 21:55 00:10
ZH 1460 Shenzhen Airlines (PEK) Beijing 19:25 22:20
3U 8512 Sichuan Airlines (XIY) Xian 15:25 16:55
3U 8537 Sichuan Airlines (LJG) Lijiang 10:35 11:50
ZH 8850 Shenzhen Airlines (SZX) Shenzhen 17:15 19:15
MU 5890 China Eastern Airlines (KMG) Kunming 23:55:0 01:05:0
ZH 8880 Shenzhen Airlines (SZX) Shenzhen 11:10 13:20
CA 9624 Air China (PEK) Beijing 14:50 17:35
ZH 9762 Shenzhen Airlines (CAN) Guangzhou 08:55 10:50
ZH 9466 Shenzhen Airlines (SZX) Shenzhen 17:50 21:00
ZH 9680 Shenzhen Airlines (CAN) Guangzhou 13:50 15:00
PN 6901 West Air (China) (HET) Hohhot 19:05 20:30
MU 5888 China Eastern Airlines (KMG) Kunming 22:00 23:10
KY 9958 Kunming Airlines (SZX) Shenzhen 21:55 00:10

Last added routes from Yibin Caiba Airport

Route Origin Destination
YBP-LJG (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (LJG) Lijiang Sanyi Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Lijiang, CN (LJG)
YBP-KWE (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (KWE) Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Guiyang, CN (KWE)
YBP-NKG (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (NKG) Nanjing Lukou International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Nanjing, CN (NKG)
YBP-NNG (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (NNG) Nanning Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Nanning, CN (NNG)
YBP-PEK (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (PEK) Beijing Capital International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Beijing, CN (PEK)
YBP-KMG (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (KMG) Kunming Changshui International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Kunming, CN (KMG)
YBP-CAN (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
YBP-SZX (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Shenzhen, CN (SZX)
YBP-PVG (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (PVG) Shanghai Pudong International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)
YBP-XIY (YBP) Yibin Caiba Airport (XIY) Xianyang International Airport Yibin, CN (YBP) to Xian, CN (XIY)