Miho Airport

Yonago Japan

Miho Airport General information

Latitude: 35.500651
Longitude 133.244477
Elevation: 12 ft
Local Code: RJOH

Last updated flights departing from YGJ

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
NH 390 ANA (HND) Tokyo 20:40 22:00
NH 388 ANA (HND) Tokyo 16:55 18:25
NH 1088 ANA (HND) Tokyo 14:35 15:55
NH 386 ANA (HND) Tokyo 11:40 13:00
NH 384 ANA (HND) Tokyo 09:00 10:15
NH 382 ANA (HND) Tokyo 07:20 08:40
HX 661 Hong Kong Airlines (HKG) Hong Kong 17:25 20:55
OZ 9617 Asiana Airlines (ICN) Seoul 11:40 13:10
OZ 9615 Asiana Airlines (ICN) Seoul 15:00 16:40
OZ 163 Asiana Airlines (ICN) Seoul 15:00 16:40
BC 126 Skymark Airlines (UKB) Kobe 17:25 18:05
BC 251 Skymark Airlines (OKA) Okinawa 10:30 12:50
BC 120 Skymark Airlines (UKB) Kobe 15:30 16:10

Last added routes from Miho Airport

Route Origin Destination
YGJ-UKB (YGJ) Miho Airport (UKB) Kobe Airport Yonago, JP (YGJ) to Kobe, JP (UKB)
YGJ-OKA (YGJ) Miho Airport (OKA) Naha Airport Yonago, JP (YGJ) to Okinawa, JP (OKA)
YGJ-HKG (YGJ) Miho Airport (HKG) Hong Kong International Airport Yonago, JP (YGJ) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG)
YGJ-HND (YGJ) Miho Airport (HND) Haneda Airport Yonago, JP (YGJ) to Tokyo, JP (HND)
YGJ-ICN (YGJ) Miho Airport (ICN) Incheon International Airport Yonago, JP (YGJ) to Seoul, KR (ICN)