Smithers Airport

Smithers Canada

Smithers Airport General information

Latitude: 54.825556
Longitude -127.180278
Elevation: 1712 ft
Local Code: CYYD

Last updated flights departing from YYD

IATA Airlines Schedule Departure Schedule Arrival Destination
AC 8561 Air Canada (YVR) Vancouver 10:15 12:02
AC 8565 Air Canada (YVR) Vancouver 19:40 21:27
9M 704 Massy Airlines (YXS) Prince George 14:55 15:45

Last added routes from Smithers Airport

Route Origin Destination
YYD-YXS (YYD) Smithers Airport (YXS) Prince George Airport Smithers, CA (YYD) to Prince George, CA (YXS)
YYD-YVR (YYD) Smithers Airport (YVR) Vancouver International Airport Smithers, CA (YYD) to Vancouver, CA (YVR)