Auckland Airport (AKL) Arrivals

Auckland AKL airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Auckland Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Auckland airport is 22:39 PM 2021-08-05

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Air New Zealand Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NZ456 20:50 (WLG) Wellington In_Air
NZ5026 20:50 (NPE) Napier-Hastings In_Gate
NZ678 21:00 (DUD) Dunedin In_Gate
NZ864 21:30 (SYD) Sydney In_Air
NZ574 21:35 (CHC) Christchurch In_Gate
NZ628 21:45 (ZQN) Queenstown Landed
NZ5124 21:50 (PMR) Palmerston North In_Gate
NZ78 06:00 (TPE) Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan Delayed
NZ8275 06:45 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ8217 06:50 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ5614 06:50 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ402 07:05 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5002 07:20 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8160 07:20 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ5100 07:25 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ516 07:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8064 07:25 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5030 07:30 (NPL) New Plymouth Cancelled
NZ8208 07:30 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ5126 07:50 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5062 08:05 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ406 08:05 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8006 08:05 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Cancelled
NZ522 08:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8032 08:35 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ5120 08:40 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ408 08:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5004 09:15 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ680 09:20 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ526 09:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ412 09:55 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5128 10:05 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5036 10:05 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8092 10:10 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled
NZ5060 10:10 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5104 10:15 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ8221 10:25 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ530 10:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8150 10:30 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ8267 10:40 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ8164 10:45 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ416 10:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8204 11:05 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ614 11:10 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5106 11:10 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ5008 11:20 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ580 11:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ676 11:45 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ420 11:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8166 11:50 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ1212 11:55 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5068 12:00 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8130 12:00 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5012 12:30 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ424 12:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5070 12:50 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8134 12:50 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ540 12:55 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8040 13:10 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8273 13:25 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ5110 13:40 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ616 13:55 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5042 14:20 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ430 14:20 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5016 14:30 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ546 14:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5076 14:50 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ620 14:50 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ696 14:50 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ8170 15:00 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ8212 15:05 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ8227 15:10 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ630 15:25 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ550 15:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5018 15:40 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ5114 15:40 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ8269 15:45 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ436 15:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8044 16:00 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8074 16:00 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ438 16:05 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5022 16:25 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ622 16:25 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ554 16:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ674 16:45 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ440 16:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8138 17:20 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5116 17:20 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ558 17:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5080 17:30 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ444 17:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5020 17:50 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8223 18:00 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ8172 18:15 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ5118 18:15 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ8156 18:20 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ446 18:20 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8277 18:25 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ5050 18:25 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ941 18:25 (RAR) Rarotonga Scheduled
NZ562 18:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5082 18:25 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ626 18:50 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ8214 18:55 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ448 18:55 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8096 19:00 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled
NZ8142 19:00 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5024 19:10 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ566 19:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5084 19:30 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5122 19:45 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ452 19:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ634 20:00 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ454 20:20 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ570 20:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5144 20:30 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ636 20:30 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ456 20:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5026 20:50 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ943 20:55 (RAR) Rarotonga Scheduled
NZ678 21:00 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ574 21:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ628 21:45 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled



Singapore Airlines Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SQ285 08:00 (SIN) Singapore Changi Scheduled



Emirates Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
EK448 11:20 (KUL) Kuala Lumpur International Scheduled



Jetstar Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
JQ266 22:15 (WLG) Wellington Expected
JQ226 07:50 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ250 08:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ292 12:55 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
JQ234 12:55 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ228 13:20 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ256 13:45 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ260 17:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ298 18:10 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
JQ284 18:25 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
JQ240 20:15 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled



Samoa Airways Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
OL731 11:40 (APW) Apia Faleolo Scheduled



Cathay Pacific Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CX113 11:55 (HKG) Hong Kong Intl Scheduled



Air Chathams Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
3C821 07:30 (WHK) Whakatane Scheduled
3C701 07:45 (WAG) Whanganui Scheduled
3C641 08:15 (PPQ) Paraparaumu Scheduled
3C707 11:30 (WAG) Whanganui Scheduled
3C827 11:45 (WHK) Whakatane Scheduled
3C402 16:40 (NLK) Norfolk Island Scheduled
3C829 17:30 (WHK) Whakatane Scheduled
3C649 17:35 (PPQ) Paraparaumu Scheduled
3C709 17:45 (WAG) Whanganui Scheduled



China Eastern Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
MU779 15:45 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled