Belfast International Airport (BFS) Arrivals

Belfast BFS airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Belfast International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Belfast airport is 14:11 PM 2021-07-26

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Ryanair Arrivals at Belfast International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
FR1308 17:40 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
FR3026 07:30 (GDN) Gdansk Scheduled
FR1314 09:25 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled



easyJet Arrivals at Belfast International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
U2181 12:55 (LTN) London Luton In_Gate
U2290 13:10 (LBA) Leeds Bradford In_Gate
U2253 13:25 (STN) London Stansted In_Gate
U2611 13:55 (LPL) Liverpool Landed
U2183 14:15 (LTN) London Luton Out_Gate
U2532 15:05 (INV) Inverness Scheduled
U2176 16:05 (IOM) Ronaldsway Scheduled
U2139 16:10 (MAN) Manchester Scheduled
U2833 16:45 (LGW) London Gatwick Scheduled
U2488 17:00 (EDI) Edinburgh Scheduled
U2447 18:15 (BRS) Bristol Scheduled
U2196 19:20 (BHX) Birmingham Scheduled
U26702 19:25 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
U2257 19:30 (STN) London Stansted Scheduled
U2557 19:35 (NCL) Newcastle Scheduled
U2468 19:55 (GLA) Glasgow Intl Scheduled
U2837 20:00 (LGW) London Gatwick Scheduled
U2137 20:05 (MAN) Manchester Scheduled
U2607 20:25 (LPL) Liverpool Scheduled
U2490 22:10 (EDI) Edinburgh Scheduled
U2198 23:00 (BHX) Birmingham Scheduled
U26796 23:05 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
U2189 23:10 (LTN) London Luton Scheduled
U2263 23:15 (STN) London Stansted Scheduled
U2839 23:20 (LGW) London Gatwick Scheduled
U2601 07:55 (LPL) Liverpool Scheduled
U2482 07:55 (EDI) Edinburgh Scheduled
U2443 08:10 (BRS) Bristol Scheduled
U2181 08:30 (LTN) London Luton Scheduled
U2192 09:00 (BHX) Birmingham Scheduled
U2251 09:05 (STN) London Stansted Scheduled
U2460 09:10 (GLA) Glasgow Intl Scheduled
U2131 09:45 (MAN) Manchester Scheduled
U2496 11:25 (EDI) Edinburgh Scheduled
U2841 11:40 (LGW) London Gatwick Scheduled
U2474 12:00 (GLA) Glasgow Intl Scheduled
U2831 13:15 (LGW) London Gatwick Scheduled
U26652 13:35 (JER) Jersey Scheduled



Jet2 Arrivals at Belfast International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
LS362 13:45 (PMI) Palma - Majorca In_Gate
LS382 21:40 (TFS) Tenerife South Scheduled
LS322 01:35 (HER) Crete Heraklion Scheduled