Woodbourne Airport (BHE) Arrivals

Blenheim BHE airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Woodbourne Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Blenheim airport is 16:48 PM 2021-07-28

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Air New Zealand Arrivals at Woodbourne Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NZ8733 15:55 (WLG) Wellington In_Gate
NZ8209 16:55 (AKL) Auckland International In_Gate
NZ8735 17:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8739 19:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8205 20:15 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8201 09:10 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8725 09:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8729 12:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8207 13:10 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8733 15:55 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled



Sounds Air Arrivals at Woodbourne Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
S8259 18:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
S8656 19:10 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
S8255 20:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
S8281 08:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
S8652 09:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
S8277 11:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
S8269 13:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
S8674 13:45 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
S8658 16:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled