Bodo Airport (BOO) Arrivals

Bodo BOO airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Bodo Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Bodo airport is 00:36 AM 2021-07-28

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SAS Arrivals at Bodo Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SK4556 08:25 (TRD) Trondheim Scheduled
SK4104 09:55 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled
SK4573 11:00 (TOS) Tromso Scheduled
SK4106 12:15 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled
SK4116 17:10 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled
SK4572 17:50 (TRD) Trondheim Scheduled
SK4581 20:25 (TOS) Tromso Scheduled
SK4124 21:15 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled



Norwegian Air Arrivals at Bodo Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DY340 10:25 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled
DY346 14:50 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled
DY350 19:00 (OSL) Oslo Gardermoen Scheduled



Wideroe Arrivals at Bodo Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
WF865 07:35 (ANX) Andenes Cancelled
WF882 07:45 (EVE) Evenes Scheduled
WF807 07:45 (LKN) Leknes Scheduled
WF827 07:45 (SVJ) Svolvaer Scheduled
WF727 09:45 (SSJ) Sandnessjoen Scheduled
WF642 09:45 (SVG) Stavanger Scheduled
WF747 09:50 (MJF) Mosjoen Kjaerstad Scheduled
WF767 09:55 (MQN) Mo I Rana Rossvoll Scheduled
WF892 10:00 (SVJ) Svolvaer Scheduled
WF707 10:00 (BNN) Bronnoysund Bronnoy Scheduled
WF847 10:00 (SKN) Stokmarknes Scheduled
WF468 11:50 (TRF) Oslo Torp Scheduled
WF809 12:05 (LKN) Leknes Scheduled
WF869 12:05 (ANX) Andenes Scheduled
WF454 12:55 (AES) Aalesund Vigra Scheduled
WF831 14:00 (SVJ) Svolvaer Scheduled
WF650 14:25 (KRS) Kristiansand Kjevik Scheduled
WF614 14:30 (BGO) Bergen Scheduled
WF775 16:15 (MQN) Mo I Rana Rossvoll Scheduled
WF813 16:15 (LKN) Leknes Scheduled
WF713 16:50 (BNN) Bronnoysund Bronnoy Scheduled
WF817 18:35 (LKN) Leknes Scheduled
WF835 18:35 (SVJ) Svolvaer Scheduled
WF855 18:35 (SKN) Stokmarknes Scheduled
WF875 18:35 (ANX) Andenes Scheduled
WF886 18:35 (EVE) Evenes Scheduled
WF776 18:35 (TOS) Tromso Scheduled
WF757 18:40 (MJF) Mosjoen Kjaerstad Scheduled
WF857 20:30 (SKN) Stokmarknes Scheduled
WF777 20:40 (MQN) Mo I Rana Rossvoll Scheduled
WF836 20:50 (RET) Rost Scheduled
WF618 21:35 (BGO) Bergen Scheduled
WF819 22:50 (LKN) Leknes Scheduled
WF839 22:50 (SVJ) Svolvaer Scheduled
WF737 23:15 (SSJ) Sandnessjoen Scheduled