Christchurch International Airport (CHC) Arrivals

Christchurch CHC airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Christchurch International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Christchurch airport is 13:00 PM 2021-07-30

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Air New Zealand Arrivals at Christchurch International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NZ8845 10:50 (NSN) Nelson In_Gate
NZ644 10:55 (ZQN) Queenstown In_Gate
NZ5746 11:10 (DUD) Dunedin In_Gate
NZ5345 11:10 (WLG) Wellington In_Gate
NZ5181 11:40 (PMR) Palmerston North In_Gate
NZ5706 11:55 (IVC) Invercargill In_Gate
NZ5349 12:10 (WLG) Wellington In_Air
NZ535 12:25 (AKL) Auckland International In_Air
NZ8765 12:30 (NPL) New Plymouth In_Air
NZ5177 12:45 (PMR) Palmerston North In_Air
NZ5625 12:45 (HLZ) Hamilton In_Air
NZ5847 13:00 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5803 13:00 (TRG) Tauranga In_Air
NZ5708 13:20 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ5773 13:25 (NPE) Napier-Hastings In_Air
NZ5327 13:40 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5785 13:55 (ROT) Rotorua Cancelled
NZ5767 14:25 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ543 14:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5438 14:35 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ8801 15:10 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ8865 15:20 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5185 15:20 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ547 15:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5627 15:25 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ6151 15:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5363 15:40 (WLG) Wellington Cancelled
NZ5805 16:05 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5752 16:25 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ551 16:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5367 16:35 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5369 17:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5187 17:20 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ5654 17:25 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ555 17:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5777 17:30 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ5511 17:30 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ5714 17:40 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ5787 17:40 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ202 17:50 (BNE) Brisbane Scheduled
NZ8809 18:05 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5373 18:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8837 18:15 (HKK) Hokitika Scheduled
NZ5754 18:25 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ559 18:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8853 18:30 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5375 18:40 (WLG) Wellington Cancelled
NZ214 18:40 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine Scheduled
NZ5617 18:45 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ651 19:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ563 19:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5716 19:30 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ5748 19:35 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ5381 20:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ567 20:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5744 20:35 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ5383 20:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8859 21:15 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ571 21:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5387 21:40 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5779 21:45 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ573 21:55 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5700 07:25 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ517 07:55 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ642 07:55 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ8761 08:00 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8807 08:00 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5189 08:05 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ5333 08:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ519 08:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5335 08:50 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8843 09:05 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5337 09:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5742 09:15 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ5615 09:25 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ523 09:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5339 09:35 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ5704 09:40 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ5341 10:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ527 10:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5746 11:10 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ5345 11:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ531 11:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8833 11:30 (HKK) Hokitika Scheduled
NZ5181 11:40 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ5706 11:55 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled



Singapore Airlines Arrivals at Christchurch International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SQ297 13:10 (SIN) Singapore Changi In_Air



Jetstar Arrivals at Christchurch International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
JQ227 14:55 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ291 18:10 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ173 20:15 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine Cancelled
JQ241 22:25 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ229 08:00 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ287 11:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled



Qantas Arrivals at Christchurch International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
QF133 14:45 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine Out_Gate
QF135 14:55 (BNE) Brisbane Out_Gate



Sounds Air Arrivals at Christchurch International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
S8718 11:30 (WKA) Wanaka No_Takeoff_Info
S8673 12:35 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8657 15:15 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8655 18:00 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8651 07:55 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8710 08:50 (WKA) Wanaka Scheduled