Tancredo Neves International Airport (CNF) Arrivals

Belo Horizonte CNF airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Tancredo Neves International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Belo Horizonte airport is 20:51 PM 2021-07-29

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Azul Arrivals at Tancredo Neves International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AD4773 18:05 (VIX) Vitoria In_Gate
AD4459 18:10 (SLZ) Sao Luiz In_Gate
AD4713 18:20 (BSB) Brasilia In_Gate
AD9056 18:30 (MCZ) Maceio In_Gate
AD4115 18:30 (VDC) Vitoria Da Conquista In_Gate
AD4125 18:40 (GVR) Governador Valadares In_Gate
AD4845 19:15 (CFB) Cabo Frio In_Air
AD4776 19:25 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos In_Air
AD2811 19:40 (CKS) Carajas In_Air
AD4419 19:55 (CGB) Cuiaba In_Air
AD4503 20:00 (REC) Recife In_Air
AD4577 20:05 (BEL) Belem In_Air
AD2602 20:10 (SDU) Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Scheduled
AD2994 20:25 (VIX) Vitoria Scheduled
AD4533 20:25 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
AD2863 20:30 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD4454 20:35 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
AD4472 20:40 (SSA) Salvador Out_Gate
AD4524 20:40 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
AD4133 21:30 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
AD9035 21:40 (BPS) Porto Seguro Scheduled
AD4322 23:05 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD4475 05:05 (SLZ) Sao Luiz Scheduled
AD4088 05:05 (MAB) Maraba Scheduled
AD4553 05:10 (SSA) Salvador Scheduled
AD4501 05:15 (BEL) Belem Scheduled
AD9060 05:20 (NAT) Natal Scheduled
AD4605 06:50 (REC) Recife Scheduled
AD4413 07:00 (VIX) Vitoria Scheduled
AD4377 07:05 (UDI) Uberlandia Scheduled
AD4421 07:05 (MOC) Montes Claros Scheduled
AD4522 07:15 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
AD2617 07:20 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
AD2986 07:20 (SDU) Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Scheduled
AD2957 07:25 (GYN) Goiania Scheduled
AD4043 07:25 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD4574 07:30 (POA) Porto Alegre Scheduled
AD4060 07:30 (CWB) Curitiba Scheduled
AD2969 07:35 (FLN) Florianopolis Scheduled
AD4689 07:35 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
AD2658 08:45 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD4720 09:10 (SDU) Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Scheduled
AD4131 09:30 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
AD4049 09:50 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD9063 10:20 (SSA) Salvador Scheduled
AD2701 11:00 (REC) Recife Scheduled
AD4615 11:00 (GVR) Governador Valadares Scheduled
AD4120 11:20 (MOC) Montes Claros Scheduled
AD4118 11:35 (SDU) Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Scheduled
AD2672 11:40 (VIX) Vitoria Scheduled
AD5020 11:40 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
AD5017 11:40 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
AD4228 11:45 (GYN) Goiania Scheduled
AD4570 11:50 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
AD4286 11:50 (UDI) Uberlandia Scheduled
AD9054 12:00 (IOS) Ilheus Scheduled
AD4572 13:10 (SSA) Salvador Scheduled
AD4609 14:00 (IOS) Ilheus Scheduled
AD4453 14:10 (TXF) Teixeira de Freitas Scheduled
AD2746 14:20 (BPS) Porto Seguro Scheduled
AD4888 14:20 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD4283 15:15 (REC) Recife Scheduled
AD4092 15:30 (MOC) Montes Claros Scheduled
AD2628 15:35 (SDU) Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Scheduled
AD2909 15:45 (UDI) Uberlandia Scheduled
AD5023 15:50 (BRA) Barreiras Scheduled
AD4305 16:00 (UBA) Uberaba Scheduled
AD4095 16:05 (VIX) Vitoria Scheduled
AD4667 16:15 (VCP) Sao Paulo Viracopos Scheduled
AD4851 16:30 (SSA) Salvador Scheduled
AD9030 17:25 (BPS) Porto Seguro Scheduled
AD4773 17:40 (VIX) Vitoria Scheduled
AD4459 18:10 (SLZ) Sao Luiz Scheduled
AD4713 18:20 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
AD4115 18:30 (VDC) Vitoria Da Conquista Scheduled
AD9056 18:30 (MCZ) Maceio Scheduled
AD4125 18:40 (GVR) Governador Valadares Scheduled



LATAM Arrivals at Tancredo Neves International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
LA3450 20:10 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
LA3350 22:45 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
LA3306 23:15 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
LA3144 00:15 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
LA3454 08:25 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
LA4625 08:40 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
LA3327 09:05 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
LA3225 13:40 (SDU) Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Scheduled
LA3447 13:45 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
LA4629 14:25 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
LA3249 16:10 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
LA4631 18:45 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled



Gol Arrivals at Tancredo Neves International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
G31820 18:40 (SSA) Salvador In_Gate
G31324 19:00 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Out_Gate
G31314 22:00 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
G31704 22:20 (BSB) Brasilia Scheduled
G31326 23:30 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
G31694 09:25 (GIG) Rio De Janeiro Internacional Scheduled
G31316 10:10 (CGH) Sao Paulo Congonhas Scheduled
G31320 10:20 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
G31817 13:30 (BPS) Porto Seguro Scheduled
G31444 14:45 (GRU) Sao Paulo Guarulhos Scheduled
G31831 17:25 (SSA) Salvador Scheduled
G31820 18:40 (SSA) Salvador Scheduled