Esenboga International Airport (ESB) Arrivals

Ankara ESB airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Esenboga International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Ankara airport is 03:11 AM 2021-07-27

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Turkish Airlines Arrivals at Esenboga International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TK2192 03:05 (IST) Istanbul In_Air
TK7869 05:25 (KBP) Kiev Borispol Scheduled
TK7199 06:50 (GZP) Gazipasa Alanya Cancelled
TK7021 07:00 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7113 07:00 (HTY) Antakya Scheduled
TK7179 07:05 (CKZ) Canakkale Scheduled
TK7059 07:05 (MLX) Malatya Scheduled
TK7001 07:10 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7121 07:10 (GZT) Gaziantep Scheduled
TK7139 07:10 (OGU) Ordu/Giresun Scheduled
TK7055 07:15 (EZS) Elazig Scheduled
TK7079 07:15 (ERC) Erzincan Scheduled
TK2122 08:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7244 08:10 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK2108 09:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7573 09:15 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
TK7151 10:05 (BJV) Bodrum Scheduled
TK7041 10:45 (BAL) Batman Scheduled
TK7129 10:55 (ADF) Adiyaman Scheduled
TK2138 11:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7242 11:00 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK7023 11:05 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7005 11:15 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7143 11:15 (DIY) Diyarbakir Scheduled
TK7061 11:15 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
TK7115 11:15 (GNY) Sanliurfa Guney Anadoulu Projesi Scheduled
TK7071 11:20 (ERZ) Erzurum Scheduled
TK7083 11:40 (VAN) Van Scheduled
TK2118 12:30 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7028 13:10 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK2146 14:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7193 14:45 (YKO) Yuksekova Scheduled
TK2154 15:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7051 15:15 (BGG) Bingòˆl Scheduled
TK7637 15:15 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7099 15:30 (IGD) Igdir Airport Scheduled
TK7047 15:30 (MQM) Mardin Scheduled
TK7089 15:40 (MSR) Mus Scheduled
TK7085 15:55 (VAN) Van Scheduled
TK7091 15:55 (KSY) Kars Scheduled
TK7097 16:00 (AJI) Agri Scheduled
TK7195 16:25 (NKT) Sirnak Scheduled
TK7250 16:40 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK2162 17:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7755 17:20 (ARN) Stockholm Arlanda Scheduled
TK7645 18:00 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7767 18:10 (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle Scheduled
TK7258 18:55 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK7997 18:55 (VKO) Moscow Vnukovo Scheduled
TK2170 19:05 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7101 19:10 (ADA) Adana Scheduled
TK7011 19:15 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7181 19:25 (VAN) Van Scheduled
TK7131 19:40 (KCM) Kahramanmaras Scheduled
TK7145 20:00 (DIY) Diyarbakir Scheduled
TK7593 20:15 (DLM) Dalaman Scheduled
TK7171 20:25 (EDO) Edremit / Korfez Scheduled
TK2178 21:05 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7256 21:25 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK7805 22:55 (VIE) Vienna Scheduled
TK2184 23:00 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
TK7125 23:10 (GZT) Gaziantep Scheduled
TK7177 23:10 (DLM) Dalaman Delayed
TK7891 23:10 (ECN) Ercan Scheduled
TK7147 23:10 (DIY) Diyarbakir Scheduled
TK7067 23:10 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
TK7015 23:10 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7035 23:10 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7024 23:25 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK7109 23:25 (ADA) Adana Scheduled
TK7155 23:30 (BJV) Bodrum Scheduled
TK7913 23:30 (MUC) Munich Scheduled



Pegasus Arrivals at Esenboga International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
PC1713 05:00 (AMM) Amman Queen Alia Scheduled
PC1723 05:00 (KBP) Kiev Borispol Scheduled
PC4114 07:00 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC2660 07:25 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC3160 07:40 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
PC2662 08:20 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC8041 08:50 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
PC2469 09:05 (BJV) Bodrum Scheduled
PC1880 09:10 (ECN) Ercan Scheduled
PC2664 10:50 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC2680 12:45 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC2668 14:30 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1725 15:10 (KBP) Kiev Borispol Scheduled
PC1711 15:15 (AMM) Amman Queen Alia Scheduled
PC3166 15:35 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
PC2666 16:15 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1737 17:25 (IKA) Imam Khomeini International Scheduled
PC2674 18:10 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1732 18:30 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Scheduled
PC8621 18:50 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
PC8261 19:15 (DIY) Diyarbakir Scheduled
PC2670 19:40 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1738 20:30 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC2672 20:40 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1706 21:55 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC2467 22:15 (BJV) Bodrum Scheduled
PC8043 22:25 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
PC3170 23:05 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
PC2684 00:25 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1688 01:00 (DUS) Dusseldorf International Scheduled
PC1682 01:30 (CGN) Cologne Scheduled



Qatar Airways Arrivals at Esenboga International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
QR313 11:50 (DOH) Hamad International Scheduled



Corendon Airlines Arrivals at Esenboga International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
XC1018 03:30 (CGN) Cologne Expected
XC5026 14:20 (BRE) Bremen Scheduled
XC4028 01:05 (DUS) Dusseldorf International Scheduled



SunExpress Arrivals at Esenboga International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
XQ795 01:50 (DUS) Dusseldorf International In_Gate
XQ789 16:50 (HAJ) Hannover Scheduled
XQ715 01:30 (MUC) Munich Scheduled
XQ795 01:50 (DUS) Dusseldorf International Scheduled
XQ791 02:05 (STR) Stuttgart Scheduled



Iraqi Airways Arrivals at Esenboga International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
IA201 19:30 (BGW) Baghdad International Scheduled