Halim Perdanakusuma Airport (HLP) Flight Departures

Jakarta HLP airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Jakarta airport is 09:17 AM 2023-06-05

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Citilink Arrivals at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport
No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Destination Status
QG170 06:00 05:59 (SUB) Surabaya Arrived
QG1101 06:10 05:53 (JOG) Yogyakarta Arrived
QG20 06:55 06:53 (DTB) Siborong-Borong In Air
QG30 06:55 (PKU) Simpang Tiga No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
QG126 07:10 07:04 (SOC) Solo City In Air
QG1105 10:00 (JOG) Yogyakarta Scheduled
QG192 10:15 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
QG46 10:50 (PDG) Ketaping Scheduled
QG88 11:15 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
QG178 11:40 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
QG164 12:25 (MLG) Malang Scheduled
QG1107 13:45 (JOG) Yogyakarta Scheduled
QG174 14:30 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
QG176 15:25 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
QG144 15:30 (SRG) Semarang Scheduled
QG22 15:55 (KNO) Deli Serdang Scheduled
QG172 16:55 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
QG84 18:40 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled



Batik Air Arrivals at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport
No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Destination Status
ID7313 05:00 04:54 (DPS) Denpasar Arrived
ID7701 05:00 04:53 (UPG) Makassar Arrived
ID7013 05:20 05:15 (KNO) Deli Serdang In Air
ID7511 05:30 05:27 (SUB) Surabaya Arrived
ID7581 07:00 06:55 (MLG) Malang In Air
ID7053 07:40 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID7508 07:40 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID7056 08:30 (YIA) Kulon Progo Scheduled
ID7533 08:30 (YIA) Kulon Progo Scheduled
ID7061 08:40 (PKU) Simpang Tiga Scheduled
ID7066 08:45 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID7127 08:45 (BKS) Bengkulu Scheduled
ID7513 08:45 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID7309 09:20 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
ID7557 09:50 (SRG) Semarang Scheduled
ID7531 11:15 (SOC) Solo City Scheduled
ID7583 11:20 (MLG) Malang Scheduled
ID7011 12:00 (KNO) Deli Serdang Scheduled
ID7312 12:00 (KNO) Deli Serdang Scheduled
ID7054 12:45 (YIA) Kulon Progo Scheduled
ID7515 12:45 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID7539 12:45 (YIA) Kulon Progo Scheduled
ID7109 12:50 (PDG) Ketaping Scheduled
ID7540 12:50 (PDG) Ketaping Scheduled
ID7501 13:30 (SUB) Surabaya Cancelled
ID7063 13:35 (PKU) Simpang Tiga Scheduled
ID7559 15:05 (SRG) Semarang Scheduled
ID7311 15:10 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
ID7059 15:40 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID7551 16:30 (YIA) Kulon Progo Scheduled
ID7315 17:20 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
ID7519 17:45 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID7055 18:00 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID7538 18:00 (PLM) Palembang Scheduled
ID7021 18:05 (KNO) Deli Serdang Scheduled
ID7308 18:05 (KNO) Deli Serdang Scheduled
ID7065 18:35 (PKU) Simpang Tiga Scheduled
ID7521 18:35 (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
ID7558 18:35 (PKU) Simpang Tiga Scheduled
ID7541 19:30 (YIA) Kulon Progo Scheduled