Haneda Airport (HND) Arrivals

Tokyo HND airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Haneda Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Tokyo airport is 21:34 PM 2021-07-25

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Philippine Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
PR422 13:40 (MNL) Manila Ninoy Aquino Scheduled



Japan Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
JL130 19:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami In_Gate
JL916 19:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Gate
JL218 19:40 (SHM) Shirahama In_Gate
JL522 19:45 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Gate
JL326 19:50 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Gate
JL242 20:15 (OKJ) Okayama In_Gate
JL498 20:15 (KCZ) Kochi In_Gate
JL178 20:15 (GAJ) Yamagata In_Gate
JL652 20:25 (KOJ) Kagoshima Landed
JL698 20:35 (KMI) Miyazaki In_Air
JL440 20:35 (MYJ) Matsuyama In_Air
JL134 20:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Landed
JL158 20:40 (MSJ) Misawa In_Air
JL524 20:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Air
JL296 20:40 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube In_Air
JL328 20:45 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Air
JL588 20:50 (HKD) Hakodate In_Air
JL674 20:50 (OIT) Oita In_Air
JL286 21:00 (IZO) Izumo In_Air
JL918 21:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Air
JL192 21:15 (KMQ) Komatsu In_Air
JL266 21:25 (HIJ) Hiroshima International In_Air
JL486 21:25 (TAK) Takamatsu In_Air
JL138 21:30 (ITM) Osaka Itami Out_Gate
JL638 21:35 (KMJ) Kumamoto In_Air
JL596 21:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Air
JL526 21:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Out_Gate
JL464 21:45 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL330 21:45 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Air
JL150 21:50 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL168 21:55 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL544 21:55 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
JL576 21:55 (OBO) Obihiro In_Air
JL566 22:00 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
JL616 22:00 (NGS) Nagasaki Out_Gate
JL974 22:00 (ISG) Ishigaki In_Air
JL558 22:05 (AKJ) Asahikawa Out_Gate
JL920 22:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Air
JL654 22:20 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL936 22:25 (MMY) Miyako Jima In_Air
JL228 22:25 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
JL378 22:30 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
JL528 22:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL332 22:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL530 23:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL922 23:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL34 06:10 (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Scheduled
JL102 08:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL370 08:20 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
JL452 08:25 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL490 08:35 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
JL104 08:35 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL200 08:50 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
JL48 08:55 (HEL) Helsinki Vantaa Scheduled
JL302 09:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL662 09:15 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL606 09:15 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL622 09:20 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL688 09:30 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL106 09:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL174 09:45 (GAJ) Yamagata Scheduled
JL900 09:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL304 10:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL184 10:10 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
JL212 10:25 (SHM) Shirahama Scheduled
JL254 10:25 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL502 10:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL110 10:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL278 10:45 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL432 11:05 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL142 11:10 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL152 11:10 (MSJ) Misawa Scheduled
JL234 11:15 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
JL562 11:25 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
JL292 11:25 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
JL584 11:25 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
JL504 11:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL608 11:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL308 11:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL664 11:50 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL374 11:55 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
JL690 11:55 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL552 11:55 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL570 12:00 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
JL626 12:10 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL540 12:15 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
JL506 12:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL644 12:35 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL478 12:40 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
JL494 12:40 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
JL114 12:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL902 12:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL310 12:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL456 13:05 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL434 13:25 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL280 13:25 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL904 13:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL164 13:35 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL236 13:40 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
JL116 13:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL508 13:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL312 13:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL982 13:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL46 13:55 (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle Scheduled
JL628 14:10 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL646 14:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL118 14:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL510 14:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL258 14:40 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL906 14:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL314 14:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL554 15:00 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL44 15:15 (LHR) London Heathrow Delayed
JL572 15:30 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
JL512 15:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL908 15:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL316 15:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL694 16:00 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL460 16:10 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL670 16:10 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL294 16:15 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
JL586 16:30 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
JL146 16:30 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL910 16:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL124 16:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL514 16:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL482 16:50 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
JL156 16:55 (MSJ) Misawa Scheduled
JL564 17:00 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
JL542 17:00 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
JL612 17:00 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL574 17:05 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
JL632 17:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL658 17:15 (ASJ) Amami O Shima Scheduled
JL912 17:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL320 17:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL650 18:00 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL972 18:00 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
JL914 18:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL262 18:10 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL128 18:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL376 18:25 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
JL98 18:30 (TSA) Taipei Sung Shan Scheduled
JL556 18:35 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL518 18:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL166 18:45 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL190 19:10 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
JL520 19:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL264 19:15 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL438 19:15 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL324 19:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL916 19:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL130 19:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL218 19:40 (SHM) Shirahama Scheduled
JL522 19:45 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL326 19:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL242 20:15 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
JL498 20:15 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
JL178 20:15 (GAJ) Yamagata Scheduled



Turkish Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TK198 19:20 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled



Singapore Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SQ634 21:50 (SIN) Singapore Changi In_Air



British Airways Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
BA5 10:55 (LHR) London Heathrow Scheduled



Lufthansa Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
LH716 12:15 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Scheduled



ANA Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NH724 19:30 (ONJ) Odate Noshiro In_Gate
NH570 19:30 (KCZ) Kochi In_Gate
NH1430 19:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Gate
NH4732 19:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Gate
NH264 19:40 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Gate
NH728 19:45 (IWJ) Iwami In_Gate
NH758 19:45 (KMQ) Komatsu In_Gate
NH800 19:50 (OIT) Oita In_Gate
NH3828 19:55 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International In_Gate
NH870 20:00 (MNL) Manila Ninoy Aquino In_Gate
NH1452 20:00 (ISG) Ishigaki In_Gate
NH300 20:05 (TTJ) Tottori In_Gate
NH684 20:05 (HIJ) Hiroshima International In_Gate
NH76 20:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Gate
NH1454 20:10 (MMY) Miyako Jima In_Gate
NH266 20:15 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Gate
NH2464 20:15 (KMI) Miyazaki In_Gate
NH38 20:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami In_Gate
NH4774 20:25 (KUH) Kushiro In_Gate
NH286 20:30 (TKS) Tokushima Landed
NH474 20:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Air
NH458 20:40 (HSG) Saga In_Air
NH2420 20:40 (KMJ) Kumamoto Expected
NH3852 20:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Expected
NH4768 20:55 (OBO) Obihiro Expected
NH670 20:55 (NGS) Nagasaki In_Air
NH4780 20:55 (MMB) Memanbetsu Expected
NH322 21:00 (TOY) Toyama In_Air
NH540 21:00 (TAK) Takamatsu In_Air
NH598 21:00 (MYJ) Matsuyama In_Air
NH558 21:05 (HKD) Hakodate In_Air
NH268 21:05 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Air
NH78 21:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Air
NH630 21:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima In_Air
NH109 21:15 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy In_Air
NH3890 21:15 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Expected
NH410 21:15 (AXT) Akita In_Air
NH4788 21:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Out_Gate
NH640 21:20 (IWK) Iwakuni In_Air
NH2498 21:20 (OIT) Oita Expected
NH270 21:30 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Air
NH660 21:30 (OKJ) Okayama In_Air
NH40 21:35 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH476 21:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Air
NH3816 21:45 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH686 21:45 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH82 22:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2480 22:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH4736 22:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH650 22:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH390 22:20 (YGJ) Yonago Scheduled
NH272 22:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH100 22:30 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH416 22:30 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
NH1096 22:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Air
NH2430 22:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH4738 22:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Delayed
NH3854 22:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2438 22:50 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH1408 22:55 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH274 23:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH1098 23:00 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH988 23:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH4744 23:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH478 23:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH105 05:00 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
NH880 05:30 (SYD) Sydney In_Air
NH850 05:55 (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Scheduled
NH844 06:30 (SIN) Singapore Changi Scheduled
NH892 06:55 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh City Scheduled
NH3820 07:50 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH204 08:05 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Scheduled
NH412 08:15 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
NH312 08:15 (TOY) Toyama Scheduled
NH3872 08:25 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH240 08:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH3840 08:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH86 08:40 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NH14 08:45 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH96 08:50 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH582 08:55 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH2472 08:55 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH50 09:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2452 09:10 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH16 09:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH2412 09:20 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH3874 09:35 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4712 09:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH1892 09:55 (HAC) Hachijo Jima Scheduled
NH2492 10:10 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH18 10:10 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH460 10:25 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH674 10:25 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH3876 10:35 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4714 10:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH4782 10:40 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
NH404 10:40 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
NH4758 10:40 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH634 10:40 (IWK) Iwakuni Scheduled
NH654 10:45 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
NH244 10:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH3842 10:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH534 11:05 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
NH54 11:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH4776 11:10 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
NH2432 11:15 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH20 11:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH2414 11:20 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH754 11:20 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
NH564 11:25 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH3812 11:25 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH748 11:35 (NTQ) Wajima Scheduled
NH3878 11:35 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH794 11:40 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH2474 11:40 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH4772 11:40 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
NH316 11:40 (TOY) Toyama Scheduled
NH726 11:50 (IWJ) Iwami Scheduled
NH246 11:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH4716 12:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH282 12:05 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
NH56 12:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH22 12:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH3822 12:20 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH296 12:25 (TTJ) Tottori Scheduled
NH720 12:25 (ONJ) Odate Noshiro Scheduled
NH994 12:25 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH664 12:35 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH2426 12:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH608 12:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH248 12:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH90 12:55 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH386 13:00 (YGJ) Yonago Scheduled
NH4718 13:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH624 13:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH58 13:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3880 13:10 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH590 13:15 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH250 13:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH462 13:25 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH554 13:25 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH2456 13:30 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3844 13:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2434 13:55 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH4720 14:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH982 14:00 (HSG) Saga Scheduled
NH2494 14:05 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH646 14:05 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH398 14:05 (SYO) Shonai Scheduled
NH252 14:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH62 14:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH678 14:15 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH26 14:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH1080 14:20 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH696 14:30 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH3846 14:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2458 14:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH464 14:45 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH2416 14:50 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH212 14:50 (LHR) London Heathrow Scheduled
NH536 14:55 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
NH566 14:55 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH1894 14:55 (HAC) Hachijo Jima Scheduled
NH376 15:00 (MBE) Monbetsu Scheduled
NH4784 15:10 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
NH3882 15:10 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH64 15:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH572 15:15 (WKJ) Wakkanai Scheduled
NH28 15:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH742 15:30 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
NH3824 15:35 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH4778 15:35 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
NH996 15:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH4724 15:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2460 15:55 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH592 16:00 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH256 16:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH66 16:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH4766 16:10 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
NH30 16:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH872 16:25 (CGK) Soekarno-Hatta Scheduled
NH2418 16:35 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH4726 16:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH992 16:45 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH556 16:50 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH3814 16:55 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH680 17:00 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH468 17:00 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH258 17:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH68 17:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2428 17:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH2478 17:30 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH4728 17:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH614 17:45 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3850 17:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH388 17:45 (YGJ) Yonago Scheduled
NH260 18:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2436 18:05 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH92 18:10 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH4760 18:10 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH70 18:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3886 18:10 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH470 18:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH34 18:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH88 18:25 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH2462 18:35 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH2496 18:35 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH72 18:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH400 18:50 (SYO) Shonai Scheduled
NH3826 18:50 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH262 18:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH74 19:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH648 19:10 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH472 19:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH36 19:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH570 19:30 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH4732 19:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH758 19:45 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
NH800 19:50 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH3828 19:55 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH870 20:00 (MNL) Manila Ninoy Aquino Scheduled
NH1452 20:00 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH684 20:05 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH300 20:05 (TTJ) Tottori Scheduled
NH76 20:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH1454 20:10 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH266 20:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2464 20:15 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH38 20:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled



Delta Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DL167 14:10 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL295 14:20 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled



Air France Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AF274 18:30 (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle Scheduled



Alitalia Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AZ792 12:35 (FCO) Rome Fiumicino Scheduled



Skymark Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
BC520 19:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha In_Gate
BC20 19:20 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Gate
BC308 19:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima In_Gate
BC116 20:20 (UKB) Kobe In_Gate
BC22 20:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Landed
BC726 20:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Expected
BC24 21:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC618 21:55 (SHI) Shimojishima Expected
BC730 22:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC522 22:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC26 22:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC102 08:30 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC2 08:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC300 08:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC510 09:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC706 09:55 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC104 10:25 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC440 10:25 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
BC4 10:30 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC302 11:00 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC512 11:20 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC8 11:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC106 12:10 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC710 12:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC514 12:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC304 13:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC712 13:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC10 13:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC108 14:15 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC442 14:15 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
BC714 14:55 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC12 15:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC518 15:50 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC716 16:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC14 16:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC110 16:50 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC16 16:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC112 17:35 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC720 17:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC18 17:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC520 19:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC20 19:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC308 19:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC116 20:20 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC22 20:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled



Global Jet Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
7G28 19:55 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International In_Gate
7G52 20:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Out_Gate
7G90 21:15 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Out_Gate
7G16 21:45 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Out_Gate
7G54 22:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G20 07:50 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G72 08:25 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G40 08:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G74 09:35 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G76 10:35 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G42 10:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G12 11:25 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
7G78 11:35 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G22 12:20 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G80 13:10 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G44 13:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G46 14:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G82 15:10 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G24 15:35 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G14 16:55 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
7G50 17:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G86 18:10 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G26 18:50 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G28 19:55 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled



Solaseed Air Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
6J64 20:15 (KMI) Miyazaki In_Gate
6J20 20:40 (KMJ) Kumamoto Expected
6J98 21:20 (OIT) Oita Expected
6J80 22:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J30 22:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
6J38 22:50 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J72 08:55 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J52 09:10 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J12 09:20 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J92 10:10 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J32 11:15 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J14 11:20 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J74 11:40 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J26 12:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
6J56 13:30 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J34 13:55 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J94 14:05 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J58 14:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J16 14:50 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J60 15:55 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J18 16:35 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J28 17:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
6J78 17:30 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J36 18:05 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J62 18:35 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J96 18:35 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J64 20:15 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled



Air Do Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
HD32 19:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose In_Gate
HD74 20:25 (KUH) Kushiro In_Gate
HD68 20:55 (OBO) Obihiro Expected
HD80 20:55 (MMB) Memanbetsu Out_Gate
HD88 21:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Out_Gate
HD36 22:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD38 22:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD44 23:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD12 09:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD14 10:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD62 10:40 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
HD82 10:40 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
HD58 10:40 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
HD76 11:10 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
HD72 11:40 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
HD16 12:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD18 13:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD20 14:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD84 15:10 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
HD78 15:35 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
HD24 15:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD66 16:10 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
HD26 16:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD28 17:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD60 18:10 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
HD32 19:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled