Haneda Airport (HND) Departures

Tokyo HND airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Haneda Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Tokyo airport is 22:57 PM 2021-07-25

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Philippine Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
PR421 15:05 (MNL) Manila Ninoy Aquino Scheduled



Aeroflot Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
SU261 08:05 (SVO) Moscow Sheremetyevo Scheduled



Japan Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
JL501 06:25 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL901 06:25 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL101 06:30 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL981 06:45 (UEO) Kumejima Scheduled
JL931 06:55 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
JL253 07:00 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL565 07:05 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
JL175 07:10 (GAJ) Yamagata Scheduled
JL221 07:10 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
JL277 07:10 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL305 07:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL183 07:20 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
JL103 07:25 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL213 07:25 (SHM) Shirahama Scheduled
JL431 07:30 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL503 07:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL605 07:30 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL903 07:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL153 07:45 (MSJ) Misawa Scheduled
JL291 07:45 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
JL551 07:45 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL141 07:50 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL585 07:50 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
JL231 08:00 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
JL573 08:00 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
JL625 08:00 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL687 08:00 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL373 08:05 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
JL541 08:05 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
JL661 08:05 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL307 08:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL643 08:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL505 08:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL905 08:20 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL255 08:30 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL97 08:50 (TSA) Taipei Sung Shan Scheduled
JL907 08:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL507 09:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL309 09:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL493 09:15 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
JL311 09:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL971 09:20 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
JL477 09:25 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
JL111 09:30 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL509 09:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL455 09:45 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL433 09:50 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL279 10:00 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL627 10:00 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL645 10:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL313 10:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL909 10:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL233 10:25 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
JL113 10:30 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL511 10:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL163 10:35 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL553 10:40 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL315 10:55 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL913 10:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL6 11:00 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
JL259 11:10 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL31 11:15 (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Scheduled
JL43 11:20 (LHR) London Heathrow Scheduled
JL115 11:30 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL513 11:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL575 11:30 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
JL691 11:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL915 11:45 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL659 12:00 (ASJ) Amami O Shima Scheduled
JL293 12:05 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
JL665 12:20 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL515 12:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL609 12:30 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL459 12:45 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL543 12:45 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
JL567 12:45 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
JL631 12:55 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL319 13:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL587 13:00 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
JL577 13:05 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
JL145 13:15 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL119 13:25 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL649 13:30 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL481 13:35 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
JL917 13:45 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL555 14:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL375 14:25 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
JL973 14:25 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
JL263 14:35 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL519 14:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL919 14:50 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL125 15:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL157 15:10 (MSJ) Misawa Scheduled
JL323 15:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL437 15:35 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL165 15:40 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL521 15:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL921 15:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL325 16:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL189 16:15 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
JL127 16:30 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL219 16:30 (SHM) Shirahama Scheduled
JL523 16:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL695 16:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL295 16:45 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
JL497 16:50 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
JL239 16:55 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
JL285 16:55 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL439 16:55 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL669 16:55 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL923 17:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL637 17:30 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL525 17:35 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL179 17:40 (GAJ) Yamagata Scheduled
JL613 17:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL557 17:45 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
JL265 17:55 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
JL653 17:55 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL133 18:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL329 18:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL191 18:10 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
JL485 18:15 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
JL149 18:25 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL463 18:25 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
JL331 18:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL209 19:00 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
JL639 19:10 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL139 19:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL335 19:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL529 19:45 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL925 19:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled



Turkish Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
TK199 22:50 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled



Singapore Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
SQ635 22:55 (SIN) Singapore Changi Scheduled



Lufthansa Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
LH717 14:05 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Scheduled



ANA Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
NH106 22:55 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
NH108 22:55 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
NH871 23:30 (CGK) Soekarno-Hatta Scheduled
NH203 00:10 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Scheduled
NH89 06:20 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH2491 06:25 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH993 06:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH2451 06:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3841 06:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH4781 06:45 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
NH631 06:50 (IWK) Iwakuni Scheduled
NH2431 06:55 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH4711 06:55 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH13 07:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH51 07:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH671 07:00 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH4775 07:00 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
NH93 07:05 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH2425 07:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH2411 07:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH4757 07:15 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH3811 07:20 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH463 07:25 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH651 07:25 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
NH2471 07:25 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH241 07:30 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH1891 07:30 (HAC) Hachijo Jima Scheduled
NH531 07:40 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
NH3873 07:40 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4771 07:40 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
NH401 07:45 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
NH1079 07:45 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH791 07:50 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH561 07:55 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH15 08:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH53 08:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH725 08:10 (IWJ) Iwami Scheduled
NH661 08:15 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH4715 08:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH243 08:30 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH467 08:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH751 08:30 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
NH603 08:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3821 08:45 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH281 08:55 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
NH315 08:55 (TOY) Toyama Scheduled
NH621 08:55 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH747 08:55 (NTQ) Wajima Scheduled
NH17 09:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH55 09:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH245 09:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH3875 09:05 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH293 09:10 (TTJ) Tottori Scheduled
NH3843 09:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH675 09:20 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH719 09:20 (ONJ) Odate Noshiro Scheduled
NH383 09:25 (YGJ) Yonago Scheduled
NH981 09:25 (HSG) Saga Scheduled
NH57 09:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH585 09:30 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH995 09:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH247 09:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2433 09:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH2455 09:45 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH643 09:50 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH553 09:55 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH59 10:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3845 10:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH4719 10:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH110 10:20 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
NH693 10:25 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH2493 10:25 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH571 10:35 (WKJ) Wakkanai Scheduled
NH677 10:40 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH375 10:45 (MBE) Monbetsu Scheduled
NH469 10:45 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH837 10:45 (DEL) New Delhi Scheduled
NH847 10:50 (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Scheduled
NH2413 10:50 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH21 11:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH61 11:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH395 11:00 (SYO) Shonai Scheduled
NH3877 11:15 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4777 11:15 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
NH4783 11:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
NH91 11:25 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH471 11:25 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH535 11:25 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
NH563 11:25 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH741 11:25 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
NH211 11:35 (LHR) London Heathrow Scheduled
NH251 11:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH87 11:50 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH4721 11:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH23 12:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH63 12:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2457 12:00 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3823 12:05 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH589 12:10 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH3847 12:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH1893 12:15 (HAC) Hachijo Jima Scheduled
NH2415 12:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH4765 12:15 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
NH253 12:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH4723 12:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3813 12:55 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH25 13:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH65 13:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2435 13:00 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH473 13:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH991 13:10 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH3849 13:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH555 13:20 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH2475 13:20 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH679 13:25 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH255 13:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH609 13:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH4725 13:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH67 14:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH2427 14:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH3881 14:05 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH385 14:15 (YGJ) Yonago Scheduled
NH257 14:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH475 14:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH2459 14:35 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH4759 14:40 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH2495 14:45 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH645 14:55 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH31 15:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH69 15:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3825 15:15 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH2461 15:25 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH2477 15:25 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH3883 15:25 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH477 15:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH261 15:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH4729 15:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH797 15:55 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH33 16:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH71 16:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH567 16:00 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH397 16:05 (SYO) Shonai Scheduled
NH1095 16:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH4773 16:15 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
NH455 16:20 (HSG) Saga Scheduled
NH667 16:25 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH3827 16:25 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH2417 16:30 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH297 16:40 (TTJ) Tottori Scheduled
NH4779 16:45 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
NH627 16:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH755 16:50 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
NH4767 16:55 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
NH35 17:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH73 17:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH265 17:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH1097 17:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH285 17:10 (TKS) Tokushima Scheduled
NH595 17:15 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH3885 17:15 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4787 17:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
NH637 17:25 (IWK) Iwakuni Scheduled
NH2497 17:25 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH557 17:35 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH537 17:40 (TAK) Takamatsu Scheduled
NH3815 17:40 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
NH4731 17:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH683 17:55 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH37 18:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH75 18:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH85 18:00 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NH267 18:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH95 18:05 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH2479 18:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH407 18:10 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
NH657 18:10 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
NH2429 18:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH319 18:15 (TOY) Toyama Scheduled
NH3853 18:30 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2437 18:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH3887 18:50 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4735 18:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH39 19:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH269 19:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2419 19:10 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH41 19:15 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH2465 19:15 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH599 19:30 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH273 19:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH79 20:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH479 20:00 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH3855 20:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH4737 20:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH415 20:20 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
NH97 20:30 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH3889 20:30 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH4739 21:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3829 21:30 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH116 21:55 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled
NH186 21:55 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled



SAS Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
SK984 11:50 (CPH) Copenhagen Scheduled



Delta Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
DL296 16:20 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL166 16:30 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled



Air France Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
AF293 22:55 (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle Scheduled



British Airways Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
BA6 13:15 (LHR) London Heathrow Scheduled



Solaseed Air Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
6J91 06:25 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J51 06:40 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J31 06:55 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J25 07:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
6J11 07:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J71 07:25 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J33 09:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J55 09:45 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J93 10:25 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J13 10:50 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J57 12:00 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J15 12:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J35 13:00 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J75 13:20 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J27 14:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
6J59 14:35 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J95 14:45 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J61 15:25 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J77 15:25 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J17 16:30 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J97 17:25 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
6J79 18:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J29 18:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
6J37 18:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
6J19 19:10 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
6J65 19:15 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled



Global Jet Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
7G41 06:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G11 07:20 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
7G73 07:40 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G21 08:45 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G75 09:05 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G43 09:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G45 10:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G77 11:15 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G23 12:05 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G47 12:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G13 12:55 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
7G49 13:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G81 14:05 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G25 15:15 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G83 15:25 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G27 16:25 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
7G85 17:15 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G15 17:40 (UBJ) Yamaguchi Ube Scheduled
7G53 18:30 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G87 18:50 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G55 20:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
7G89 20:30 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
7G29 21:30 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled



Skymark Airlines Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
BC1 06:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC301 06:30 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC511 06:30 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC703 06:45 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC101 07:20 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC401 07:20 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
BC3 07:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC303 07:45 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC705 08:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC513 08:40 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC103 09:05 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC7 09:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC711 11:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC613 11:05 (SHI) Shimojishima Scheduled
BC9 11:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC11 11:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC713 12:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC13 12:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC517 12:50 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC105 13:00 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC407 13:00 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
BC15 13:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC717 14:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC107 14:35 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC17 15:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC307 15:30 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC109 15:35 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC519 15:35 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC19 16:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC723 16:55 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC521 17:05 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC21 17:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC113 17:55 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC413 17:55 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
BC523 18:20 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
BC727 18:25 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
BC25 18:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC309 18:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
BC27 20:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC117 20:05 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC729 20:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled



Air Do Arrivals at Haneda Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
HD81 06:45 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
HD61 06:50 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
HD11 06:55 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD75 07:00 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
HD57 07:15 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
HD71 07:40 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
HD15 08:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD19 10:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD77 11:15 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
HD83 11:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
HD21 11:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD65 12:15 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
HD23 12:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD25 13:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD59 14:40 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
HD29 15:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD73 16:15 (KUH) Kushiro Scheduled
HD79 16:45 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
HD67 16:55 (OBO) Obihiro Scheduled
HD87 17:15 (AKJ) Asahikawa Scheduled
HD31 17:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD35 18:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD37 20:15 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD39 21:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
HD43 21:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled