William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) Arrivals

Houston HOU airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at William P. Hobby Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Houston airport is 19:00 PM 2021-07-29

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Allegiant Arrivals at William P. Hobby Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
G4648 17:47 (AZA) Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Landed
G41536 07:58 (PGD) Punta Gorda Scheduled
G41224 09:46 (AVL) Asheville Scheduled
G41924 13:54 (VPS) Valparaiso Ft. Walton Beach Scheduled



Southwest Arrivals at William P. Hobby Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
WN780 13:55 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Gate
WN183 15:50 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield In_Gate
WN1375 16:05 (MCO) Orlando International In_Gate
WN385 16:25 (ONT) Ontario International In_Gate
WN37 16:45 (DAL) Dallas Love Field In_Gate
WN109 16:50 (PVR) Puerto Vallarta In_Gate
WN819 17:00 (MIA) Miami International In_Air
WN649 17:10 (MDW) Chicago Midway In_Gate
WN3007 17:15 (SJD) San Jose Cabo Landed
WN1885 17:20 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Landed
WN798 17:25 (CZM) Cozumel In_Gate
WN431 17:25 (LGA) New York LaGuardia In_Gate
WN444 17:35 (SMF) Sacramento International In_Air
WN5567 17:45 (TUS) Tucson International In_Air
WN1413 17:50 (LGB) Long Beach Municipal In_Air
WN996 17:55 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Air
WN176 18:00 (ABQ) Albuquerque In_Air
WN1528 18:00 (ELP) El Paso International In_Air
WN165 18:05 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Air
WN653 18:05 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN52 18:05 (CRP) Corpus Christi International Out_Gate
WN222 18:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Air
WN3275 18:10 (DEN) Denver International In_Air
WN493 18:10 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World In_Air
WN2070 18:15 (HRL) Harlingen Scheduled
WN1116 18:15 (MBJ) Montego Bay In_Air
WN2931 18:15 (TUL) Tulsa International In_Air
WN694 18:20 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne In_Air
WN1003 18:20 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN817 18:35 (LIR) Liberia In_Air
WN45 18:40 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN1901 18:40 (STL) St Louis In_Air
WN1047 19:10 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan In_Air
WN308 19:20 (CUN) Cancun In_Air
WN3170 19:25 (SAT) San Antonio International Delayed
WN901 19:50 (RSW) Fort Myers Southwest Florida Reg Scheduled
WN1911 19:55 (MAF) Midland Odessa Regional Delayed
WN1513 20:00 (ECP) Northwest Florida Beaches International Delayed
WN1095 20:20 (BNA) Nashville Delayed
WN1747 20:25 (CHS) Charleston Scheduled
WN1932 20:25 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
WN157 20:30 (JAN) Jackson-Evers International Scheduled
WN104 20:30 (SJU) San Juan Luis Munoz Marin In_Air
WN1666 20:30 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Delayed
WN2296 20:35 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
WN734 20:35 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN53 20:35 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN416 20:40 (JAX) Jacksonville International Scheduled
WN1772 20:40 (MIA) Miami International Delayed
WN3914 20:40 (SAT) San Antonio International Delayed
WN1975 20:45 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Delayed
WN980 20:45 (SRQ) Sarasota Delayed
WN1786 20:45 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
WN1340 21:00 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN2307 21:00 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN1854 21:10 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN471 21:15 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
WN545 21:30 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN59 22:05 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN898 22:30 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN1463 22:55 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
WN1889 23:15 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
WN2265 23:20 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
WN607 23:30 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN446 23:40 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN581 23:45 (MCO) Orlando International Delayed
WN5079 00:05 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Delayed
WN2535 00:15 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN138 00:25 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Cancelled
WN5589 00:45 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN2241 00:55 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN288 07:10 (HRL) Harlingen Scheduled
WN1628 07:15 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN1296 07:40 (MAF) Midland Odessa Regional Scheduled
WN1566 07:45 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN604 07:50 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
WN1367 07:50 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
WN1024 07:55 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
WN1768 07:55 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN280 08:00 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
WN622 08:00 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
WN1525 08:00 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
WN163 08:05 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
WN1090 08:05 (JAN) Jackson-Evers International Scheduled
WN12 08:05 (CRP) Corpus Christi International Scheduled
WN923 08:10 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
WN1 08:10 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN2332 08:15 (TUL) Tulsa International Scheduled
WN2439 08:15 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Scheduled
WN486 08:20 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
WN1770 08:20 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
WN1488 08:30 (MEM) Memphis International Scheduled
WN2568 08:45 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN950 08:50 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
WN252 09:25 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN3230 09:40 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN246 09:45 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
WN7 09:45 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN1547 09:50 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
WN18 09:50 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
WN626 09:50 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
WN1323 09:55 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
WN502 09:55 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
WN2434 09:55 (ELP) El Paso International Scheduled
WN1061 10:00 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
WN877 10:00 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
WN1372 10:20 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
WN1562 10:35 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN328 10:50 (CUN) Cancun Scheduled
WN1429 11:00 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN24 11:05 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN15 11:10 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN494 11:20 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN3107 11:50 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
WN773 12:00 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN1336 12:15 (PNS) Pensacola Scheduled
WN927 12:25 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN164 12:25 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Scheduled
WN1602 12:30 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN1619 12:40 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN816 12:40 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
WN1203 12:45 (SJO) San Jose Juan Santamaria Scheduled
WN30 12:50 (SAV) Savannah / Hilton Head Scheduled
WN1738 12:55 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN5707 12:55 (ECP) Northwest Florida Beaches International Scheduled
WN963 13:10 (HRL) Harlingen Scheduled
WN21 13:15 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN957 13:30 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
WN105 13:40 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN247 13:45 (MAF) Midland Odessa Regional Scheduled
WN974 13:50 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
WN780 13:55 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN1688 14:10 (GSP) Greenville-Spartanburg Scheduled
WN1012 14:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN659 14:10 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
WN199 14:15 (JAN) Jackson-Evers International Scheduled
WN1108 14:20 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
WN853 14:20 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN1829 14:25 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
WN38 14:50 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
WN517 14:50 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN881 15:00 (SJD) San Jose Cabo Scheduled
WN31 15:10 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN306 15:10 (CUN) Cancun Scheduled
WN1927 15:25 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN183 15:50 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
WN2891 15:55 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
WN1375 16:05 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
WN549 16:10 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
WN385 16:25 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
WN37 16:45 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN109 16:50 (PVR) Puerto Vallarta Scheduled
WN819 17:00 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
WN649 17:10 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled



Delta Arrivals at William P. Hobby Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DL777 17:33 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Gate
DL748 20:49 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL2464 23:10 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL737 09:11 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1607 11:32 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL779 13:05 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL771 16:06 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled



American Airlines Arrivals at William P. Hobby Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AA5926 17:57 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Out_Gate
AA5825 20:13 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Delayed
AA5952 22:13 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA5860 23:54 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA5916 09:45 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA5799 11:59 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA5731 13:52 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA5943 16:00 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled