Itami Airport (ITM) Departures

Osaka ITM airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Itami Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Osaka airport is 21:28 PM 2021-07-25

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Japan Airlines Arrivals at Itami Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
JL134 19:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda In_Air
JL2215 19:40 (SDJ) Sendai In_Air
JL2061 20:00 (FUK) Fukuoka In_Air
JL138 20:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Out_Gate
JL102 07:05 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2341 07:05 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL2401 07:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL2051 07:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL2181 07:10 (HNA) Hanamaki Scheduled
JL2431 07:10 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL2301 07:15 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
JL104 07:20 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2383 07:20 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL2201 07:25 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
JL2171 07:45 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL3911 07:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL2151 07:55 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL2233 07:55 (GAJ) Yamagata Scheduled
JL2001 08:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL2361 08:00 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL106 08:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2081 08:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL2321 08:55 (TJH) Toyooka Scheduled
JL2465 09:10 (ASJ) Amami O Shima Scheduled
JL2203 09:15 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
JL2403 09:25 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL110 09:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2373 09:35 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL2053 09:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL2243 10:20 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
JL2101 10:40 (MMB) Memanbetsu Scheduled
JL2205 10:40 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
JL2005 11:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL2007 11:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL2451 11:20 (KUM) Yakushima Scheduled
JL114 11:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2123 12:05 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
JL116 12:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2163 13:20 (MSJ) Misawa Scheduled
JL118 13:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2331 13:30 (OKI) Oki Island Scheduled
JL2087 15:00 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
JL2409 15:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL2209 15:15 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
JL124 15:20 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2009 15:20 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL2247 15:35 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
JL2157 16:00 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
JL2411 16:15 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL2237 16:20 (GAJ) Yamagata Scheduled
JL2179 16:35 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
JL2187 16:45 (HNA) Hanamaki Scheduled
JL128 16:55 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2325 16:55 (TJH) Toyooka Scheduled
JL2213 17:00 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
JL2377 17:05 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
JL2415 17:10 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL2251 17:20 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
JL2441 17:20 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
JL2389 17:25 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
JL2367 18:00 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
JL2357 18:10 (IZO) Izumo Scheduled
JL130 18:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2019 19:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
JL2419 19:45 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
JL2061 20:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
JL138 20:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled



ANA Arrivals at Itami Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
NH529 19:40 (KMJ) Kumamoto In_Air
NH429 20:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH40 20:20 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1649 20:20 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH521 07:15 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH14 07:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH501 07:45 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3177 07:50 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH16 08:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH421 08:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH731 08:00 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
NH3171 08:05 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
NH761 08:15 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH1651 08:20 (AXT) Akita Scheduled
NH771 08:30 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH18 09:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1851 09:00 (AOJ) Aomori Scheduled
NH1635 09:20 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH1657 09:20 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
NH781 09:30 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH773 09:40 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH543 09:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH763 09:55 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH20 10:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH735 10:00 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
NH1605 10:00 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH1687 10:05 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH1625 10:25 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH3155 10:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH22 11:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH765 11:00 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH775 11:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH3179 11:20 (FKS) Fukushima Scheduled
NH1639 11:40 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH745 11:55 (HKD) Hakodate Scheduled
NH545 12:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH3151 12:50 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
NH26 13:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1607 13:10 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH505 13:20 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH1165 13:25 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH3173 13:40 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
NH28 14:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH767 14:00 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH3153 14:35 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
NH30 15:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH547 15:00 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH1143 15:00 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH425 15:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH785 15:40 (NGS) Nagasaki Scheduled
NH1643 15:45 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH777 16:10 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH1169 16:10 (OKA) Okinawa Naha Scheduled
NH527 16:40 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled
NH509 16:45 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH3181 16:50 (FKS) Fukushima Scheduled
NH34 17:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1691 17:20 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
NH3175 17:20 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH1661 17:35 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
NH1615 17:55 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH36 18:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1647 18:05 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH38 19:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH779 19:05 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
NH1619 19:10 (KCZ) Kochi Scheduled
NH429 20:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled



Solenta Aviation Mozambique Arrivals at Itami Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
FW77 07:50 (OIT) Oita Scheduled
FW71 08:05 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
FW55 10:45 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
FW79 11:20 (FKS) Fukushima Scheduled
FW51 12:50 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
FW73 13:40 (KIJ) Niigata Scheduled
FW53 14:35 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
FW81 16:50 (FKS) Fukushima Scheduled
FW75 17:20 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled



AMC Airlines Arrivals at Itami Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
MZ802 12:50 (KMJ) Kumamoto Scheduled