Juneau International Airport (JNU) Arrivals

Juneau JNU airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Juneau International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Juneau airport is 06:38 AM 2021-07-29

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Alaska Arrivals at Juneau International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AS73 06:39 (SIT) Sitka In_Gate
AS61 09:35 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS62 09:50 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS64 12:35 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS75 12:40 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS65 13:09 (PSG) Petersburg Scheduled
AS71 15:15 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS66 17:53 (YAK) Yakutat Scheduled
AS77 18:03 (GST) Gustavus Arpt Scheduled
AS79 19:50 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS67 19:58 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
AS70 20:30 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS69 20:50 (KTN) Ketchikan International Scheduled



Delta Arrivals at Juneau International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DL2579 22:34 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled



Air Excursions Arrivals at Juneau International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
X4304 06:30 (GST) Gustavus Arpt No_Takeoff_Info
X41412 06:45 (SGY) Skagway No_Takeoff_Info
X41623 06:45 (SIT) Sitka No_Takeoff_Info
X41410 06:55 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
X41202 08:20 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
X41706 09:45 (PSG) Petersburg Scheduled
X41402 09:50 (SGY) Skagway Scheduled
X4302 10:00 (GST) Gustavus Arpt Scheduled
X41608 10:00 (KLW) Klawock Scheduled
X41102 10:15 (TKE) Tenakee Springs Scheduled
X41204 11:20 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
X41802 12:00 (ELV) Elfin Cove Scheduled
X41612 12:30 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
X41602 12:45 (KAE) Kake Scheduled
X41804 12:45 (PEC) Pelican Scheduled
X41414 13:00 (SGY) Skagway Scheduled
X41404 13:25 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
X41616 14:15 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
X41206 14:50 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
X4306 15:00 (GST) Gustavus Arpt Scheduled
X41106 15:10 (TKE) Tenakee Springs Scheduled
X41406 16:55 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
X4308 17:00 (GST) Gustavus Arpt Scheduled
X41416 17:45 (SGY) Skagway Scheduled
X41806 17:45 (PEC) Pelican Scheduled
X41208 18:20 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
X41708 18:30 (PSG) Petersburg Scheduled
X41627 19:45 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
X4310 20:00 (GST) Gustavus Arpt Scheduled
X41108 20:00 (AGN) Angoon Scheduled
X41610 20:15 (KLW) Klawock Scheduled
X41408 20:25 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
X41604 20:45 (KAE) Kake Scheduled
X4304 06:30 (GST) Gustavus Arpt Scheduled



Alaska Seaplanes Arrivals at Juneau International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
J5412 06:45 (SGY) Skagway No_Takeoff_Info
J5623 06:45 (SIT) Sitka No_Takeoff_Info
J5410 06:55 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
J5202 08:20 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
J5804 09:45 (PEC) Pelican Scheduled
J5706 09:45 (PSG) Petersburg Scheduled
J5402 09:50 (SGY) Skagway Scheduled
J5102 10:15 (TKE) Tenakee Springs Scheduled
J5204 11:20 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
J5802 12:00 (ELV) Elfin Cove Scheduled
J5612 12:30 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
J5602 12:45 (KAE) Kake Scheduled
J5414 13:00 (SGY) Skagway Scheduled
J5404 13:25 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
J5615 14:15 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
J5206 14:50 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
J5106 15:10 (TKE) Tenakee Springs Scheduled
J5406 16:55 (HNS) Haines Scheduled
J5416 17:45 (SGY) Skagway Scheduled
J5806 17:45 (PEC) Pelican Scheduled
J5208 18:20 (HNH) Hoonah Scheduled
J5708 18:30 (PSG) Petersburg Scheduled
J5627 19:45 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
J5108 20:00 (AGN) Angoon Scheduled
J5610 20:15 (KLW) Klawock Scheduled
J5604 20:45 (KAE) Kake Scheduled