McCarran International Airport (LAS) Arrivals

Las Vegas LAS airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at McCarran International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Las Vegas airport is 10:00 AM 2021-07-25

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United Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
UA578 08:31 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. In_Air
UA1005 09:09 (DEN) Denver International Out_Gate
UA203 09:11 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
UA5980 09:40 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
UA2075 10:24 (EWR) New York Newark In_Air
UA732 10:40 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
UA1646 10:56 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Out_Gate
UA445 12:18 (EWR) New York Newark In_Air
UA358 12:20 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
UA373 12:30 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA2416 12:57 (IAD) Washington Dulles Out_Gate
UA789 12:59 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA368 14:20 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA1926 14:45 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
UA2679 15:01 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA4770 15:20 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
UA1252 15:45 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA299 16:31 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA772 17:35 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA2086 17:35 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA282 18:34 (EWR) New York Newark Cancelled
UA5399 18:50 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
UA1633 19:40 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA1910 19:58 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
UA1860 20:29 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
UA655 20:39 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA2631 21:09 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA2391 21:30 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA1542 21:53 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA1153 23:23 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
UA2620 23:53 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
UA2366 23:59 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled



Aeromexico Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AM484 11:15 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International In_Air
AM482 14:25 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International Scheduled



Allegiant Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
G4661 07:24 (AZA) Phoenix-Mesa Gateway In_Gate
G41320 09:21 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky In_Air
G437 09:32 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Delayed
G4248 09:38 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
G4702 10:00 (BLI) Bellingham In_Air
G4127 10:12 (SCK) Sacramento Stockton Scheduled
G4103 11:15 (RAP) Rapid City Regional Delayed
G418 13:16 (BLV) Belleville Delayed
G488 13:17 (MLI) Moline Scheduled
G414 13:29 (BIS) Bismarck Scheduled
G473 13:32 (LRD) Laredo Scheduled
G461 14:57 (GRR) Grand Rapids Scheduled
G4703 15:01 (BLI) Bellingham Scheduled
G428 15:16 (ELP) El Paso International Scheduled
G4236 15:17 (SMX) Santa Maria Scheduled
G4106 15:43 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Cancelled
G4207 16:07 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
G483 16:15 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Cancelled
G447 16:18 (GEG) Spokane International Cancelled
G480 16:57 (MFE) Mcallen Scheduled
G451 17:09 (GFK) Grand Forks Scheduled
G457 17:23 (FCA) Kalispell Scheduled
G4304 17:43 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
G4156 18:51 (SMX) Santa Maria Scheduled
G4134 20:13 (SCK) Sacramento Stockton Scheduled
G4198 20:20 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
G485 20:35 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
G423 20:43 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Scheduled
G464 21:32 (ICT) Wichita Mid-Continent Scheduled
G41209 22:24 (AVL) Asheville Scheduled
G482 23:12 (MFE) Mcallen Scheduled
G495 23:20 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
G49 23:22 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
G4239 23:31 (XNA) Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Rgn Scheduled
G426 23:34 (DSM) Des Moines Scheduled
G420 23:37 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
G477 23:41 (MEM) Memphis International Scheduled
G4113 23:42 (RFD) Chicago Rockford Cancelled
G4211 23:44 (GRI) Grand Island Scheduled
G497 23:44 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Scheduled
G41362 06:51 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
G4228 07:05 (SBN) South Bend Scheduled
G441 07:15 (FNT) Flint Scheduled
G445 07:15 (FWA) Fort Wayne Scheduled
G47 07:55 (ATW) Appleton Scheduled



WestJet Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
WS1424 11:58 (YYC) Calgary Scheduled
WS1788 12:59 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled



Southwest Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
WN1007 07:15 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Gate
WN261 07:15 (ONT) Ontario International In_Gate
WN2440 07:20 (TUS) Tucson International In_Gate
WN2945 07:20 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe In_Gate
WN4756 07:25 (IND) Indianapolis In_Gate
WN2899 07:35 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Gate
WN5600 07:35 (ABQ) Albuquerque In_Gate
WN3087 07:50 (BNA) Nashville In_Gate
WN4389 07:50 (MDW) Chicago Midway In_Gate
WN54 07:50 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield In_Gate
WN4596 07:55 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong In_Gate
WN3948 08:00 (SFO) San Francisco International In_Gate
WN2570 08:10 (LGB) Long Beach Municipal In_Gate
WN4051 08:15 (SMF) Sacramento International Landed
WN3527 08:15 (CMH) Port Columbus In_Gate
WN4319 08:15 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite In_Air
WN4352 08:20 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Landed
WN3595 08:20 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Landed
WN4361 08:20 (SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal In_Gate
WN4865 08:20 (BUR) Burbank In_Air
WN5517 08:55 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell In_Air
WN6987 08:55 (SJC) San Jose International In_Air
WN232 09:05 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak In_Air
WN6692 09:10 (MDW) Chicago Midway In_Air
WN3360 09:15 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Out_Gate
WN4453 09:20 (GEG) Spokane International In_Air
WN640 09:20 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Out_Gate
WN2010 09:20 (SAN) San Diego International Out_Gate
WN1163 09:20 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN2985 09:25 (DAL) Dallas Love Field In_Air
WN2073 09:35 (DEN) Denver International Out_Gate
WN4554 09:40 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International In_Air
WN5596 10:05 (STL) St Louis In_Air
WN1 10:15 (HOU) Houston Hobby In_Air
WN2326 10:20 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN4990 10:25 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
WN3777 10:40 (MDW) Chicago Midway In_Air
WN3827 10:45 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN979 10:50 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN6744 10:50 (BNA) Nashville In_Air
WN4378 11:05 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International In_Air
WN1132 11:10 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN4115 11:15 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN3906 11:25 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN2761 11:30 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
WN4507 11:55 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
WN3160 11:55 (TPA) Tampa International In_Air
WN5137 12:10 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
WN2453 12:15 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
WN2727 12:30 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
WN2855 12:35 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
WN2288 12:55 (BHM) Birmingham Scheduled
WN3719 13:05 (MAF) Midland Odessa Regional Scheduled
WN4716 13:05 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN1165 13:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN869 13:15 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN3667 13:15 (MDW) Chicago Midway Delayed
WN583 13:20 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
WN3394 13:30 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN2676 13:30 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN3157 13:40 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
WN1614 13:45 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN2618 13:50 (COS) Colorado Springs Peterson Field Scheduled
WN602 13:55 (LGB) Long Beach Municipal Scheduled
WN4727 13:55 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN4626 13:55 (SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal Scheduled
WN3920 14:20 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
WN4824 14:35 (SDF) Louisville Standiford Field Scheduled
WN3679 14:35 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN982 14:45 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN6976 14:45 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN461 14:55 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Scheduled
WN4048 15:05 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
WN3778 15:05 (TUL) Tulsa International Scheduled
WN4405 15:25 (AMA) Amarillo International Scheduled
WN1936 15:30 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
WN6913 15:30 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN1667 15:35 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
WN3092 15:35 (HOU) Houston Hobby Scheduled
WN5255 15:35 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN2838 15:35 (DSM) Des Moines Scheduled
WN251 15:40 (PSP) Palm Springs International Scheduled
WN3690 15:45 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
WN696 15:50 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN5042 15:50 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
WN932 15:50 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
WN2934 16:00 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
WN4128 16:05 (LBB) Lubbock International Scheduled
WN1263 16:05 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN4174 16:10 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
WN2540 16:20 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
WN1754 16:20 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Scheduled
WN3359 16:45 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
WN4104 16:50 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
WN1997 16:55 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN2710 16:55 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
WN1167 17:00 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN2764 17:00 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
WN2009 17:15 (SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal Scheduled
WN2186 17:15 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN2014 17:15 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
WN6895 17:20 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN2317 17:20 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
WN3521 17:30 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
WN4723 17:30 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
WN4315 17:45 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
WN2267 17:55 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
WN4887 18:15 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
WN6902 18:20 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
WN942 18:25 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN107 18:30 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
WN2535 18:30 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN2366 18:30 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
WN4725 18:40 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
WN975 18:50 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
WN894 18:50 (CMH) Port Columbus Delayed
WN2720 18:50 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN5037 18:55 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
WN2817 19:15 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Scheduled
WN4359 19:20 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN578 19:25 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN3180 19:25 (HOU) Houston Hobby Scheduled
WN2233 19:30 (LGB) Long Beach Municipal Scheduled
WN5361 19:50 (MDW) Chicago Midway Delayed
WN3685 19:50 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
WN4987 20:05 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN1252 20:05 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
WN3977 20:25 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN2537 20:30 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN4570 20:35 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
WN5006 20:35 (ELP) El Paso International Scheduled
WN4395 20:45 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
WN2704 20:55 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
WN3201 20:55 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
WN1630 21:00 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN3125 21:00 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
WN1953 21:05 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN3407 21:05 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN5578 21:10 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN5254 21:10 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
WN2541 21:15 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
WN4142 21:20 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN4027 21:20 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN3340 21:25 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
WN2087 21:40 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
WN4767 21:40 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
WN2506 21:40 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN4233 21:50 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN3623 21:55 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
WN2146 22:00 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN2895 22:15 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
WN2019 22:15 (LGB) Long Beach Municipal Scheduled
WN4241 22:20 (HOU) Houston Hobby Scheduled
WN3671 22:20 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
WN4624 22:25 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
WN4450 22:50 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN4922 22:55 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
WN3854 23:00 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN2544 23:00 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
WN3171 23:10 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN4464 23:20 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
WN1956 23:30 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
WN5714 23:40 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN5145 23:45 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN3930 23:55 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
WN4813 00:10 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
WN105 06:05 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
WN719 06:20 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
WN1793 06:20 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
WN1442 06:30 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN729 06:35 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN784 06:35 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
WN1326 06:40 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
WN738 06:45 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
WN223 06:45 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
WN606 06:50 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN383 06:55 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
WN1186 06:55 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
WN2311 07:00 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN977 07:10 (HOU) Houston Hobby Scheduled
WN1573 07:10 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
WN648 07:15 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN5927 07:25 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
WN2109 07:25 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
WN1940 07:35 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
WN559 07:40 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
WN2191 07:40 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN1339 08:00 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled



Spirit Airlines Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NK1238 07:01 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Gate
NK1127 08:13 (TPA) Tampa International In_Gate
NK735 08:28 (MCO) Orlando International In_Air
NK395 08:32 (PHL) Philadelphia International Landed
NK720 08:39 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
NK2907 08:57 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Out_Gate
NK940 09:47 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
NK993 09:51 (EWR) New York Newark In_Air
NK691 10:10 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International In_Air
NK1697 10:19 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
NK1234 10:44 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
NK511 11:14 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Air
NK1361 11:21 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Air
NK483 11:47 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
NK193 11:54 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
NK533 12:46 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
NK979 12:55 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
NK260 13:56 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
NK188 14:10 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
NK1653 14:27 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
NK1145 15:06 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
NK496 15:30 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
NK205 15:37 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
NK261 15:38 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
NK409 15:54 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
NK333 16:23 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Scheduled
NK1201 16:43 (SDF) Louisville Standiford Field Scheduled
NK933 17:17 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
NK711 17:44 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
NK3093 18:27 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
NK207 19:02 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
NK562 19:43 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
NK169 20:08 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
NK505 20:15 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
NK789 20:24 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
NK2806 20:32 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
NK1819 21:07 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
NK719 21:30 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
NK144 22:07 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
NK1236 22:22 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
NK1069 22:24 (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Scheduled
NK2957 22:31 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
NK1160 22:36 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
NK788 22:49 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
NK149 22:54 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
NK360 23:06 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
NK805 23:09 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
NK414 23:09 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
NK245 23:24 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
NK1199 00:04 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
NK777 00:07 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
NK416 00:41 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
NK2954 06:37 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
NK1238 07:01 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled



American Airlines Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AA2473 08:00 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International In_Gate
AA830 09:00 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas In_Air
AA2578 09:01 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
AA1611 09:36 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Delayed
AA1559 09:52 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
AA1584 09:57 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Delayed
AA1792 10:36 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan In_Air
AA1553 10:40 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas In_Air
AA2187 11:05 (MIA) Miami International In_Air
AA1550 11:40 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA2746 11:41 (PHL) Philadelphia International In_Air
AA1598 12:06 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AA2470 13:02 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA2938 13:07 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA1592 13:11 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
AA1599 13:46 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA1539 14:02 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA449 15:09 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA1523 15:39 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA1541 16:43 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AA739 17:05 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA2609 17:41 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA1177 18:39 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA1158 19:31 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA1771 19:45 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA638 19:59 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA425 20:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AA1015 20:17 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
AA613 21:15 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA2106 21:20 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AA783 21:21 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA1797 21:57 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA1763 22:27 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA1072 22:27 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA1551 22:33 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
AA2464 22:37 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA2390 23:34 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA2473 08:00 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled



JetBlue Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
B62577 09:45 (BOS) Boston Logan International In_Air
B61611 10:27 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy In_Air
B6607 10:38 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International In_Air
B61803 12:00 (RIC) Richmond In_Air
B657 12:15 (EWR) New York Newark Delayed
B6777 20:36 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
B61080 21:03 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
B67 21:33 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
B6711 21:44 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
B6957 22:29 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
B62081 23:06 (BDL) Hartford Bradley International Scheduled
B61757 00:20 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
B6177 00:36 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled



Alaska Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AS1426 09:20 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International In_Air
AS3381 10:35 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS612 11:05 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS2136 11:25 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS1236 12:40 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS1366 13:20 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS1430 14:37 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS2201 16:00 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS2050 18:00 (PAE) Everett Scheduled
AS688 18:11 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS1286 18:40 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS3322 20:15 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS2118 20:40 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS1116 22:27 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
AS707 06:00 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled



Volaris Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
Y4966 12:27 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International Scheduled
Y4960 14:05 (GDL) Guadalajara Scheduled
Y45960 14:50 (GDL) Guadalajara Scheduled



Frontier Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
F92131 09:25 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Air
F9773 10:16 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
F92126 10:20 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
F92089 11:11 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
F91151 11:27 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
F92059 12:16 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
F92007 12:31 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
F92153 12:49 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
F92075 12:50 (SAT) San Antonio International Delayed
F92084 12:59 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
F92135 13:36 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
F9775 14:02 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
F92019 14:19 (COS) Colorado Springs Peterson Field Scheduled
F92139 14:41 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
F92128 14:51 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
F92090 16:17 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
F92124 16:43 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
F961 19:19 (PVR) Puerto Vallarta Scheduled
F92159 19:25 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
F92095 19:50 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
F92039 20:07 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
F92149 20:20 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
F92023 20:47 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
F92196 20:48 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
F92172 20:54 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
F92168 21:15 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
F92176 21:33 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
F92080 21:59 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
F92147 21:59 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
F92155 22:07 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
F91419 22:10 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
F91982 22:10 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
F91999 22:19 (LIT) Little Rock Scheduled
F92011 22:31 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
F91105 22:33 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
F92067 23:20 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
F92015 23:41 (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Scheduled
F9771 23:50 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
F92001 00:21 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
F92099 00:32 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
F92143 00:33 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled



Delta Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DL1043 08:13 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Gate
DL3519 08:19 (LAX) Los Angeles International Landed
DL1180 08:25 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky In_Air
DL1610 08:44 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Air
DL1262 08:50 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul In_Air
DL1046 09:18 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham In_Air
DL460 09:23 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Air
DL804 09:52 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Air
DL2138 10:20 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International In_Air
DL2639 10:21 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1341 10:23 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul In_Air
DL752 10:30 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy In_Air
DL836 11:37 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Out_Gate
DL695 11:38 (BOS) Boston Logan International In_Air
DL1681 12:06 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3637 12:40 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1334 13:14 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL1032 13:38 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL834 13:41 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Delayed
DL3785 14:23 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1187 14:35 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL2696 15:37 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL563 16:39 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1741 17:20 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL942 17:50 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL2502 18:01 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL2555 18:03 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1191 18:32 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL3805 18:40 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL347 19:27 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL1316 19:45 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL686 20:36 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL362 21:15 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1197 22:15 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL2674 22:28 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1053 22:28 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL357 22:34 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL2204 22:39 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL1438 22:57 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL1675 23:02 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL1182 00:19 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled



Sun Country Airlines Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SY101 07:49 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul In_Gate
SY121 16:05 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
SY105 17:40 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
SY109 22:50 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled



Viva Aerobus Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
VB602 11:50 (MTY) Monterrey Gen Mariano Escobedo Scheduled
VB112 12:25 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International Scheduled



Hawaiian Airlines Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
HA8 07:30 (HNL) Honolulu International In_Gate
HA6 16:35 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
HA32 19:20 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
HA18 23:45 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
HA8 07:30 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled



Boutique Air Arrivals at McCarran International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
4B322 14:55 (MCE) Merced Municipal Arpt Scheduled