Naha Airport (OKA) Departures

Okinawa OKA airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Naha Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Okinawa airport is 22:28 PM 2021-07-25

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Japan Airlines Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
JL900 07:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL902 10:10 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL904 11:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL982 11:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2084 12:05 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL906 12:10 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL908 13:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL910 13:55 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL3715 14:15 (OKE) Okino Erabu Scheduled
JL912 14:50 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL914 15:35 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL916 17:10 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL2088 18:00 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
JL918 18:35 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL920 19:40 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
JL922 20:40 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled



ANA Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
NH1200 07:20 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH460 08:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH2484 08:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH2502 09:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH1721 09:35 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH1763 09:45 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH994 09:55 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1168 10:05 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH2426 10:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1204 10:35 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH462 10:55 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH2526 11:05 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
NH762 11:10 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH304 11:35 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NH2441 11:35 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH1723 12:00 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH2520 12:05 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NH464 12:10 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1767 12:30 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH764 12:40 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH1206 13:00 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH996 13:05 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1884 13:10 (MYJ) Matsuyama Scheduled
NH3896 13:30 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled
NH1864 14:00 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
NH766 14:05 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH468 14:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1208 14:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH1727 14:35 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH2528 14:40 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
NH2428 14:50 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH470 15:35 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1862 15:55 (HIJ) Hiroshima International Scheduled
NH1777 16:15 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH2468 16:30 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
NH472 16:35 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH768 16:55 (ITM) Osaka Itami Scheduled
NH1128 17:05 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NH2443 17:15 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH1738 17:25 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NH1729 17:35 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NH1212 17:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH308 17:55 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NH2449 18:00 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH474 18:05 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH476 19:10 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1781 19:35 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NH1216 19:50 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NH2486 19:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
NH1096 20:00 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH2530 20:00 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
NH2430 20:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1098 20:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
NH1740 20:35 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled



Skymark Airlines Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
BC590 06:35 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC510 07:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
BC512 08:50 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
BC541 10:15 (SHI) Shimojishima Scheduled
BC514 10:25 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
BC552 11:00 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
BC592 11:30 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC594 12:45 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC518 13:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
BC504 14:40 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC554 15:35 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
BC596 15:50 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC506 16:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC520 16:55 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
BC547 17:25 (SHI) Shimojishima Scheduled
BC508 19:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
BC598 20:00 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
BC558 20:15 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
BC522 20:30 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled



Global Jet Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
7G96 13:30 (KKJ) Kita Kyushu Scheduled



Japan Transocean Air Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
NU50 07:05 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NU601 07:20 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NU551 07:30 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NU605 09:25 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NU557 10:25 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NU36 10:45 (KMQ) Komatsu Scheduled
NU559 11:10 (MMY) Miyako Jima Cancelled
NU4 11:45 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NU211 12:10 (UEO) Kumejima Scheduled
NU609 12:30 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NU42 12:40 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NU54 13:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NU563 14:05 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NU617 14:15 (ISG) Ishigaki Cancelled
NU567 15:30 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NU44 16:00 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
NU571 16:40 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NU621 17:10 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NU8 17:35 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
NU573 18:10 (MMY) Miyako Jima Scheduled
NU625 18:20 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
NU60 18:30 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
NU16 18:35 (OKJ) Okayama Scheduled
NU46 19:40 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled



Solaseed Air Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
6J84 08:05 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J102 09:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
6J26 10:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
6J126 11:05 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
6J41 11:35 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
6J120 12:05 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
6J128 14:40 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
6J28 14:50 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
6J68 16:30 (KMI) Miyazaki Scheduled
6J43 17:15 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
6J49 18:00 (ISG) Ishigaki Scheduled
6J86 19:50 (KOJ) Kagoshima Scheduled
6J130 20:00 (UKB) Kobe Scheduled
6J30 20:15 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled



Jetstar Japan Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
GK350 11:45 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
GK304 12:10 (NRT) Tokyo Narita Scheduled
GK306 17:45 (NRT) Tokyo Narita Scheduled
GK310 19:15 (NRT) Tokyo Narita Scheduled
GK384 19:40 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled



Peach Arrivals at Naha Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
MM284 10:10 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
MM210 11:00 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
MM502 11:25 (NRT) Tokyo Narita Scheduled
MM482 11:35 (NGO) Nagoya Chubu Centrair Scheduled
MM212 11:50 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
MM422 12:55 (SDJ) Sendai Scheduled
MM286 13:15 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
MM216 14:55 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled
MM272 15:50 (CTS) Sapporo Chitose Scheduled
MM506 17:40 (NRT) Tokyo Narita Scheduled
MM288 18:25 (FUK) Fukuoka Scheduled
MM508 18:30 (NRT) Tokyo Narita Scheduled
MM220 20:15 (KIX) Osaka Kansai International Scheduled