Paris Orly Airport (ORY) Arrivals

Paris ORY airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Paris Orly Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Paris airport is 04:16 AM 2021-07-30

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Iberia Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
IB3436 12:00 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
IB3406 13:35 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
IB3442 16:25 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
IB3444 18:30 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
IB3400 22:05 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled



TUI fly Belgium Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TB7501 10:50 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
TB7531 18:55 (RBA) Rabat Scheduled
TB7511 19:00 (OUD) Oujda L. Angades Scheduled



Pegasus Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
PC1133 13:20 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1135 16:20 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled



Air Europa Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
UX1027 09:05 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
UX1297 16:50 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
UX1025 19:15 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled



TAP Portugal Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TP452 09:10 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
TP434 11:10 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TP440 13:50 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TP442 15:50 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TP456 17:25 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
TP438 20:15 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TP448 21:40 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TP446 23:00 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled



Air France Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AF853 07:00 (CAY) Cayenne In_Air
AF841 07:15 (FDF) Fort De France In_Air
AF795 07:50 (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre In_Air
AF6201 08:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7471 08:15 (PGF) Perpignan Scheduled
AF7615 08:15 (DCM) Castres Mazamet Scheduled
AF7603 08:25 (BVE) Brive Vallée de la Dordogne Scheduled
AF7599 08:25 (AUR) Aurillac Tronquiere Scheduled
AF1863 08:30 (LDE) Lourdes Scheduled
AF7543 08:40 (MPL) Montpellier Scheduled
AF6003 08:50 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
AF6203 09:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF671 09:10 (RUN) Saint-Denis In_Air
AF6109 09:25 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF6205 10:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7545 10:45 (MPL) Montpellier Scheduled
AF6207 10:55 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7455 11:00 (PUF) Pau Scheduled
AF6117 11:20 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF4245 11:25 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled
AF4267 11:45 (CLY) Calvi Scheduled
AF6009 11:55 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
AF6209 12:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF797 12:00 (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre Scheduled
AF1873 12:40 (LDE) Lourdes Scheduled
AF7465 12:50 (PGF) Perpignan Scheduled
AF847 13:15 (FDF) Fort De France Scheduled
AF6123 13:20 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF7547 13:40 (MPL) Montpellier Scheduled
AF6013 13:50 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
AF6215 14:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF4243 14:05 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled
AF7567 14:30 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
AF4261 14:50 (CLY) Calvi Scheduled
AF6129 15:20 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF7561 15:45 (FSC) Figari Sud Corse Scheduled
AF4233 15:55 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
AF6221 16:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7593 16:10 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled
AF6019 16:55 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
AF4117 17:20 (FSC) Figari Sud Corse Scheduled
AF6133 17:20 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF7551 17:40 (MPL) Montpellier Scheduled
AF6227 18:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7309 18:00 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
AF645 18:20 (RUN) Saint-Denis Scheduled
AF6231 19:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7579 19:10 (BVE) Brive Vallée de la Dordogne Scheduled
AF6141 19:20 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF9429 19:20 (BRI) Bari Scheduled
AF7605 19:30 (AUR) Aurillac Tronquiere Scheduled
AF7619 19:35 (DCM) Castres Mazamet Scheduled
AF1861 19:35 (LDE) Lourdes Scheduled
AF6025 19:50 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
AF6235 20:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF6237 21:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF6147 21:20 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
AF7469 21:25 (PGF) Perpignan Scheduled
AF6029 21:50 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
AF6239 22:00 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
AF7463 22:10 (PUF) Pau Scheduled



Alitalia Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AZ350 10:05 (LIN) Milan Linate Scheduled
AZ352 18:55 (LIN) Milan Linate Scheduled



easyJet Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
U23990 07:45 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
U24022 08:40 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
U25531 09:10 (BER) Berlin Brandenburg Scheduled
U24250 09:30 (NAP) Naples International Scheduled
U24064 10:25 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
U24278 11:40 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
U24202 11:50 (PMO) Palermo Scheduled
U24282 12:00 (CAG) Cagliari Scheduled
U24264 12:15 (BIQ) Biarritz Scheduled
U24298 14:25 (LIN) Milan Linate Scheduled
U23986 16:15 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
U24214 16:55 (PSA) Pisa Scheduled
U24244 17:15 (FCO) Rome Fiumicino Scheduled
U24290 17:30 (SPU) Split Scheduled
U21395 17:30 (GVA) Geneva Scheduled
U24294 18:05 (VCE) Venice Marco Polo Scheduled
U24030 18:05 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
U25539 19:55 (BER) Berlin Brandenburg Scheduled
U24072 20:25 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
U24226 22:15 (MPL) Montpellier Scheduled
U24220 22:25 (OLB) Olbia Scheduled
U23980 22:25 (NCE) Nice Scheduled
U24216 22:30 (PSA) Pisa Scheduled
U24258 22:30 (NAP) Naples International Scheduled



Vueling Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
VY8000 08:50 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY1502 08:50 (FLR) Florence Scheduled
VY8830 09:00 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
VY6251 09:10 (FCO) Rome Fiumicino Scheduled
VY8255 09:10 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
VY2848 09:15 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY8172 09:20 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY8004 10:50 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY2852 11:10 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY8020 11:35 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY1984 12:20 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
VY8002 13:05 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY8222 13:30 (SCQ) Santiago de Compostela Scheduled
VY6253 14:30 (FCO) Rome Fiumicino Scheduled
VY8253 14:30 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
VY8010 15:55 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY3184 16:00 (LPA) Gran Canaria Las Palmas Scheduled
VY8154 16:25 (VLC) Valencia Scheduled
VY1986 17:10 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
VY2856 17:35 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
VY8156 17:45 (VLC) Valencia Scheduled
VY2841 18:35 (CPH) Copenhagen Scheduled
VY8012 19:05 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY6254 20:05 (FCO) Rome Fiumicino Scheduled
VY8828 20:05 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
VY8174 20:25 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
VY8251 20:45 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
VY1504 21:35 (FLR) Florence Scheduled
VY2845 21:40 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
VY8016 22:10 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
VY9435 22:15 (MXP) Milan Malpensa Scheduled
VY8204 22:35 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
VY1982 22:35 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled



Wizz Air Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
W62367 15:30 (BUD) Budapest Scheduled
W61353 18:15 (WAW) Warsaw Chopin Scheduled



Chalair Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CE293 12:10 (UIP) Quimper Scheduled
CE124 19:20 (LIG) Limoges Scheduled



Air Malta Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
KM466 17:55 (MLA) Luqa Malta International Scheduled



Royal Air Maroc Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AT1658 10:55 (OUD) Oujda L. Angades Scheduled
AT666 11:35 (TNG) Tangier Boukhalef Scheduled
AT1752 11:40 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
AT650 11:50 (OUD) Oujda L. Angades Scheduled
AT760 12:00 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
AT780 12:10 (RBA) Rabat Scheduled
AT654 14:40 (OUD) Oujda L. Angades Scheduled
AT764 16:15 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
AT770 18:05 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
AT652 19:25 (FEZ) Fes-Saïss Scheduled
AT740 20:20 (RAK) Marrakech Menara Scheduled
AT750 20:20 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
AT1762 20:30 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
AT664 20:55 (AGA) Agadir Scheduled
AT782 22:10 (RBA) Rabat Scheduled
AT776 22:25 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled



Air Corsica Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
XK778 07:40 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
XK780 07:40 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled
XK770 08:35 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
XK752 12:15 (FSC) Figari Sud Corse Scheduled
XK772 12:25 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
XK782 12:25 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled
XK760 17:10 (CLY) Calvi Scheduled
XK774 17:20 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
XK784 17:20 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled
XK776 20:45 (AJA) Ajaccio Scheduled
XK786 20:50 (BIA) Bastia - Corsica Scheduled



Air Caraibes Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TX517 06:30 (FDF) Fort De France Unknown
TX541 06:45 (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre Expected
TX511 07:40 (FDF) Fort De France Expected
TX545 08:35 (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre Expected
TX571 08:50 (CAY) Cayenne Expected
TX543 09:50 (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre Unknown
TX515 10:45 (FDF) Fort De France Unknown



Corsair Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SS773 07:25 (RUN) Saint-Denis Expected
SS985 08:30 (ABJ) Abidjan Expected
SS927 09:20 (PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre Unknown
SS925 10:10 (FDF) Fort De France Unknown
SS949 12:55 (FDF) Fort De France Scheduled
SS905 19:10 (RUN) Saint-Denis Scheduled



Shaheen Air Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NL1226 15:15 (RDZ) Rodez Scheduled
NL1228 19:30 (RDZ) Rodez Scheduled



Tunisair Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TU634 10:45 (DJE) Djerba Scheduled
TU718 11:10 (TUN) Tunis Carthage Scheduled
TU722 19:10 (TUN) Tunis Carthage Scheduled
TU734 19:25 (DJE) Djerba Scheduled
TU724 20:45 (TUN) Tunis Carthage Scheduled



French Bee Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
BF701 07:30 (RUN) Saint-Denis Expected
BF721 12:20 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
BF719 15:20 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled
BF703 17:20 (RUN) Saint-Denis Scheduled



Transavia France Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TO4445 08:15 (TLN) Toulon-Hyères Scheduled
TO3421 09:10 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
TO3301 09:15 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
TO3691 09:35 (JTR) Santorini (Thira) Scheduled
TO3441 09:40 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TO3661 10:25 (ATH) Athens International Scheduled
TO3671 10:40 (HER) Crete Heraklion Scheduled
TO3261 11:05 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
TO3481 11:05 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
TO4443 11:15 (TLN) Toulon-Hyères Scheduled
TO3265 11:30 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
TO3245 12:00 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
TO3021 12:25 (OUD) Oujda L. Angades Scheduled
TO4111 12:35 (TUN) Tunis Carthage Scheduled
TO3431 13:10 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TO3541 13:10 (CFU) Corfu Scheduled
TO4795 13:20 (MIR) Monastir Scheduled
TO3861 13:30 (BDS) Brindisi Scheduled
TO3073 13:40 (TNG) Tangier Boukhalef Scheduled
TO3521 14:05 (ATH) Athens International Scheduled
TO3513 14:20 (JMK) Mykonos Scheduled
TO3015 14:50 (RAK) Marrakech Menara Scheduled
TO3401 14:55 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
TO3575 15:00 (KGS) Kos Scheduled
TO3551 15:10 (JTR) Santorini (Thira) Scheduled
TO3201 15:10 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
TO4251 15:10 (DJE) Djerba Scheduled
TO3511 15:20 (JMK) Mykonos Scheduled
TO3585 15:30 (SKG) Thessaloniki Scheduled
TO4431 15:30 (BIQ) Biarritz Scheduled
TO4213 15:45 (SPU) Split Scheduled
TO3503 16:05 (HER) Crete Heraklion Scheduled
TO4459 16:05 (TLN) Toulon-Hyères Scheduled
TO3331 16:50 (BEY) Beirut Scheduled
TO3435 17:05 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TO3255 17:05 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
TO3175 17:25 (VLC) Valencia Scheduled
TO3367 17:40 (DJE) Djerba Scheduled
TO3475 18:05 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
TO4447 18:15 (TLN) Toulon-Hyères Scheduled
TO3217 18:40 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
TO3931 19:00 (TLV) Ben Gurion Intl Scheduled
TO4449 19:35 (TLN) Toulon-Hyères Scheduled
TO4437 19:55 (BIQ) Biarritz Scheduled
TO3167 20:10 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
TO3479 20:30 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
TO3291 20:35 (FUE) Fuerteventura Scheduled
TO3219 20:45 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
TO3817 20:50 (PMO) Palermo Scheduled
TO3407 20:55 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
TO4471 21:15 (BES) Brest Scheduled
TO3529 21:25 (ATH) Athens International Scheduled
TO3439 21:30 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
TO3009 21:35 (AGA) Agadir Scheduled
TO3069 21:40 (CMN) Casablanca Mohamed V. Scheduled
TO3539 21:55 (CHQ) Crete Chania Scheduled
TO3011 22:00 (RAK) Marrakech Menara Scheduled
TO4119 22:05 (TUN) Tunis Carthage Scheduled
TO3809 22:15 (CTA) Catania Fontanarossa Scheduled
TO3509 22:25 (HER) Crete Heraklion Scheduled
TO3169 22:25 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
TO3815 22:30 (PMO) Palermo Scheduled
TO3859 22:35 (OLB) Olbia Scheduled
TO3559 22:35 (JTR) Santorini (Thira) Scheduled
TO4439 22:40 (BIQ) Biarritz Scheduled
TO3409 22:40 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
TO3259 22:40 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
TO3239 22:40 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
TO3829 22:45 (NAP) Naples International Scheduled
TO3459 22:50 (OPO) Porto Scheduled