Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) Arrivals

Beijing PEK airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Beijing Capital International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Beijing airport is 19:51 PM 2021-07-25

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Tibet Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TV9815 13:35 (LXA) Lhasa Gonggar Scheduled
TV6071 15:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled



China Express Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
G56229 19:15 (XNN) Xining Unknown
G56119 21:00 (INC) Yinchuan No_Takeoff_Info
G56715 21:00 (INC) Yinchuan No_Takeoff_Info
G56103 21:15 (CKG) Chongqing No_Takeoff_Info
G56835 21:30 (TGO) Tongliao Scheduled
G56545 21:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
G56563 23:15 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
G56598 23:30 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
G56316 23:30 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
G56779 23:30 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
G56781 00:40 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
G56975 14:40 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
G56543 14:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
G56475 17:20 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
G56105 18:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
G56229 19:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
G56590 19:30 (ENY) Yan'an Scheduled
G56697 19:40 (LJG) Lijiang City Scheduled



Air China Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CA1558 18:55 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1696 18:55 (DQA) Daqing In_Gate
CA1668 19:00 (KMG) Kunming In_Gate
CA552 19:10 (NRT) Tokyo Narita In_Gate
CA1316 19:15 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Gate
CA1204 19:15 (XNN) Xining In_Gate
CA1892 19:15 (BHY) Beihai In_Gate
CA1488 19:15 (DAX) Daxian In_Gate
CA8901 19:15 (DLC) Dalian In_Gate
CA1438 19:15 (CKG) Chongqing In_Gate
CA1737 19:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA1314 19:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Gate
CA4105 19:15 (CTU) Chengdu In_Gate
CA1542 19:20 (NGB) Ningbo Cancelled
CA1814 19:20 (CGO) Zhengzhou In_Gate
CA1374 19:20 (CSX) Changsha In_Gate
CA1562 19:25 (NKG) Nanking / Nanjing Cancelled
CA4165 19:25 (KWE) Guiyang In_Air
CA9794 19:30 (HAK) Haikou In_Gate
CA1270 19:30 (ENY) Yan'an In_Gate
CA1202 19:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang In_Gate
CA1870 19:45 (HNY) Hengyang In_Gate
CA1340 19:55 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Gate
CA8398 20:00 (LXA) Lhasa Gonggar In_Air
CA1518 20:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1484 20:00 (LJG) Lijiang City In_Gate
CA1604 20:10 (HRB) Harbin In_Air
CA1486 20:15 (NNG) Nanning In_Air
CA1254 20:15 (URC) Urumqi In_Gate
CA1630 20:15 (CGQ) Changchun In_Gate
CA4117 20:15 (CTU) Chengdu Cancelled
CA1394 20:30 (HAK) Haikou In_Air
CA1514 20:30 (NTG) Nantong Cancelled
CA1452 20:30 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
CA1342 20:30 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
CA1715 20:30 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA8211 20:40 (WUH) Wuhan In_Air
CA1951 20:45 (WNZ) Wenzhou Cancelled
CA1228 21:00 (INC) Yinchuan In_Air
CA1868 21:00 (FUG) Fuyang In_Air
CA1522 21:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA4173 21:00 (KMG) Kunming In_Air
CA1440 21:00 (CKG) Chongqing In_Air
CA8907 21:00 (DLC) Dalian In_Air
CA1140 21:15 (YCU) Yun Cheng In_Air
CA1304 21:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Air
CA1872 21:15 (XMN) Xiamen In_Air
CA4119 21:15 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
CA1574 21:20 (WNZ) Wenzhou Cancelled
CA1739 21:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA1658 21:25 (SHE) Shenyang In_Air
CA1124 21:30 (TGO) Tongliao Scheduled
CA1364 21:30 (CSX) Changsha Delayed
CA1472 21:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang In_Air
CA1324 22:00 (ZUH) Zhuhai In_Air
CA1516 22:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1464 22:00 (KWE) Guiyang In_Air
CA1276 22:00 (URC) Urumqi In_Air
CA1262 22:00 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CA1136 22:00 (KHN) Nanchang In_Air
CA1412 22:00 (CKG) Chongqing In_Air
CA1616 22:00 (YNJ) Yanji In_Air
CA1536 22:00 (NGB) Ningbo Cancelled
CA1328 22:10 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
CA1578 22:15 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA1222 22:15 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA1878 22:15 (ZHA) Zhanjiang In_Air
CA1242 22:15 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
CA1572 22:15 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
CA1398 22:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
CA4201 22:15 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
CA1564 22:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA1826 22:30 (CZX) Changzhou Cancelled
CA1612 22:30 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CA8213 22:30 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1234 22:35 (KRY) Karamay In_Air
CA1356 22:40 (HAK) Haikou In_Air
CA1116 22:40 (HLH) Ulanhot Scheduled
CA1466 22:40 (NNG) Nanning In_Air
CA1888 22:40 (JDZ) Jingdezhen Scheduled
CA1824 22:45 (YIH) Yichang Scheduled
CA1236 22:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA1414 22:55 (KMG) Kunming In_Air
CA1490 22:55 (KOW) Ganzhou Scheduled
CA1608 22:55 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1294 23:00 (URC) Urumqi In_Air
CA1694 23:00 (JMU) Jiamusi Scheduled
CA1636 23:00 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CA1550 23:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1240 23:05 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA1410 23:05 (CKG) Chongqing Delayed
CA9684 23:05 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
CA1302 23:10 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
CA1358 23:10 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
CA4111 23:10 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1882 23:15 (BHY) Beihai Scheduled
CA8690 23:15 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
CA1713 23:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA1354 23:25 (SYX) Sanya In_Air
CA1626 23:25 (SHE) Shenyang Cancelled
CA1552 23:25 (TXN) Tunxi Scheduled
CA1496 23:25 (YBP) Yibin Scheduled
CA1360 23:25 (DYG) Dayong Scheduled
CA1250 23:30 (KRL) Korla In_Air
CA1622 23:30 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CA1264 23:30 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA1326 23:30 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CA1266 23:35 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CA1850 23:40 (NGB) Ningbo Cancelled
CA8215 23:40 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1816 23:45 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA1876 23:45 (LZH) Liuzhou Scheduled
CA1408 23:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1594 23:55 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
CA1856 23:55 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1642 00:05 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CA1460 00:05 (LJG) Lijiang City Scheduled
CA1130 00:05 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
CA1632 00:05 (JMU) Jiamusi Scheduled
CA1366 00:10 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1598 00:10 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
CA1494 00:10 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA1292 00:10 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CA1378 00:15 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CA1508 00:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA8993 00:20 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1874 00:20 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
CA1684 00:25 (DQA) Daqing Scheduled
CA1812 00:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA1226 00:40 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CA1556 00:40 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA1682 00:50 (MDG) Mudanjiang Scheduled
CA1426 00:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA682 00:53 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
CA1886 01:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1456 01:05 (MIG) Mian Yang Scheduled
CA1444 01:15 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA9704 01:25 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
CA1126 01:40 (NZH) Manzhouli Scheduled
CA626 01:48 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
CA1448 01:55 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CA1606 08:40 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1102 08:55 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
CA1701 09:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1526 09:30 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
CA1386 09:40 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1618 09:45 (CHG) Chaoyang Scheduled
CA1586 09:50 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
CA1822 09:55 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
CA4193 09:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA4161 09:55 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA1662 09:55 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CA4133 09:55 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA1858 10:10 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1703 10:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1110 10:20 (XIL) Xilinhot Scheduled
CA8201 10:25 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1640 10:35 (HRB) Harbin Cancelled
CA4129 10:35 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1230 10:40 (WDS) Wudangshan Scheduled
CA1146 10:40 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
CA8903 10:40 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1350 10:40 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CA1638 10:40 (TNH) Tonghua Scheduled
CA4171 10:45 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CA1206 10:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA1142 10:55 (DSN) Dongsheng Scheduled
CA1802 10:55 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA1660 10:55 (NDG) Qiqihar Scheduled
CA1582 10:55 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA1896 11:10 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
CA1590 11:10 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
CA1846 11:10 (HFE) Hefei Scheduled
CA1218 11:10 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA4113 11:10 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1711 11:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1148 11:20 (RLK) Bayannur Tianjitai Airport Scheduled
CA1310 11:20 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1434 11:20 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CA1570 11:25 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
CA1540 11:30 (WNZ) Wenzhou Cancelled
CA1602 11:30 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CA9732 11:30 (ENY) Yan'an Scheduled
CA1808 11:35 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
CA4137 11:35 (CKG) Chongqing Cancelled
CA1614 11:40 (YNJ) Yanji Scheduled
CA1676 11:40 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1686 11:45 (MDG) Mudanjiang Scheduled
CA1588 11:55 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
CA1692 11:55 (JMU) Jiamusi Scheduled
CA1854 11:55 (NGB) Ningbo Cancelled
CA1238 11:55 (YCU) Yun Cheng Scheduled
CA4197 11:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1132 11:55 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
CA1284 12:00 (HLH) Ulanhot Scheduled
CA1278 12:00 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA1306 12:10 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA8229 12:10 (LFQ) Linfen Qiaoli Scheduled
CA1842 12:15 (YTY) Yangzhou Taizhou Airport Scheduled
CA4131 12:15 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA1566 12:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA1880 12:25 (YIW) Yiwu Scheduled
CA8668 12:25 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CA1450 12:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA4195 12:30 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
CA1546 12:35 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
CA1610 12:35 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CA8203 12:35 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1256 12:40 (HFE) Hefei Scheduled
CA1698 12:55 (DQA) Daqing Scheduled
CA1900 12:55 (NTG) Nantong Scheduled
CA4107 12:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1344 13:10 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CA1652 13:10 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CA1232 13:10 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA1510 13:10 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1592 13:20 (YNZ) Yancheng Cancelled
CA1214 13:25 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA4126 13:25 (LXA) Lhasa Gonggar Scheduled
CA1576 13:35 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
CA1128 13:35 (HIA) Huai'an Lianshui Airport Scheduled
CA1454 13:35 (MIG) Mian Yang Scheduled
CA1852 13:35 (HYN) Taizhou Scheduled
CA4135 13:35 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1268 13:40 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CA1498 13:40 (XIC) Xichang Scheduled
CA1308 13:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA1274 13:45 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA1818 13:45 (NKG) Nanking / Nanjing Scheduled
CA1122 13:45 (BAV) Baotou Scheduled
CA1288 13:45 (DNH) Dunhuang Scheduled
CA906 13:45 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
CA1330 13:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1644 13:55 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CA1538 13:55 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA8991 13:55 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1832 13:55 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA1296 14:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CA1462 14:05 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA4115 14:10 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1596 14:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1568 14:20 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
CA8205 14:25 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1840 14:35 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
CA1280 14:40 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CA1390 14:40 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CA1806 14:40 (JGS) Ji An Scheduled
CA1506 14:45 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
CA1282 14:45 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA1290 14:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA8909 14:50 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1600 14:50 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
CA1406 14:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1492 14:55 (WMT) Maotai Scheduled
CA1458 14:55 (GYS) Guang Yuan Scheduled
CA9506 14:55 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1502 15:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA1432 15:00 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1420 15:05 (DLU) Dali City Scheduled
CA1404 15:05 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CA1208 15:15 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA908 15:15 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
CA1705 15:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1336 15:25 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CA1134 15:25 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
CA1860 15:30 (LZH) Liuzhou Scheduled
CA1804 15:35 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA1500 15:40 (DLU) Dali City Scheduled
CA1210 15:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA1352 15:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA8905 15:50 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA4128 15:50 (LZY) Lin Zhi Scheduled
CA1422 15:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1470 15:55 (LJG) Lijiang City Scheduled
CA1520 15:55 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA1430 16:05 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1150 16:10 (DSN) Dongsheng Scheduled
CA1332 16:10 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA1548 16:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA1400 16:20 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CA1717 16:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1560 16:25 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
CA4141 16:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1810 16:35 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA1376 16:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA8207 16:40 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1362 16:45 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CA1480 16:50 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
CA1322 16:50 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1476 16:55 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CA1334 17:00 (HUZ) Huizhou Scheduled
CA1108 17:00 (BAV) Baotou Scheduled
CA1370 17:00 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CA1658 17:05 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CA1286 17:10 (CIH) Changzhi Scheduled
CA1368 17:10 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA1862 17:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA4103 17:15 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1416 17:20 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1707 17:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1106 17:20 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
CA4143 17:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1348 17:45 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
CA1224 17:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA1650 17:45 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CA1544 17:55 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CA1272 18:00 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA1244 18:00 (DNH) Dunhuang Scheduled
CA1828 18:00 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1624 18:00 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CA1446 18:00 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA1898 18:00 (KHG) Kashi Scheduled
CA1512 18:00 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA1248 18:05 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA1844 18:10 (HFE) Hefei Scheduled
CA1384 18:10 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA9504 18:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1312 18:15 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CA4109 18:15 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1709 18:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1580 18:20 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
CA1957 18:20 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
CA1118 18:25 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
CA1212 18:25 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA8209 18:30 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CA1902 18:30 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CA1220 18:35 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA1884 18:35 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
CA1834 18:35 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA1558 18:55 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA1316 19:00 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CA1696 19:00 (DQA) Daqing Scheduled
CA1668 19:00 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CA1204 19:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CA1438 19:15 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA8901 19:15 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA1488 19:15 (DAX) Daxian Scheduled
CA1892 19:15 (BHY) Beihai Scheduled
CA1737 19:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA1314 19:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA4105 19:15 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1542 19:20 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
CA1374 19:20 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CA1814 19:20 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
CA1562 19:25 (NKG) Nanking / Nanjing Cancelled
CA4165 19:25 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA9794 19:30 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CA1270 19:30 (ENY) Yan'an Scheduled
CA1870 19:45 (HNY) Hengyang Scheduled
CA1202 19:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled



Grand China Air Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CN6160 17:55 (YYA) Sanhe In_Air
CN7180 22:55 (SYX) Sanya In_Air
CN7670 00:55 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CN7150 01:15 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CN7140 12:15 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CN7128 14:45 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CN6160 17:55 (YYA) Sanhe Scheduled



Colorful Guizhou Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
GY7101 17:50 (WMT) Maotai Scheduled



Cathay Pacific Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CX390 12:25 (HKG) Hong Kong Intl Scheduled



Shandong Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SC1158 19:00 (ZUH) Zhuhai Landed
SC4757 20:35 (FOC) Fuzhou In_Air
SC4993 20:45 (XMN) Xiamen In_Air
SC4855 21:15 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
SC4649 22:00 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC4657 22:10 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC8892 22:30 (ZUH) Zhuhai In_Air
SC2232 22:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
SC4881 00:05 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
SC4851 08:40 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
SC4651 08:45 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC1155 09:35 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
SC4946 12:05 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
SC1153 12:25 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
SC4853 14:30 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
SC2122 14:55 (DYG) Dayong Scheduled
SC2129 18:00 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
SC1158 19:00 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled



Hainan Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
HU7290 19:00 (KWE) Guiyang Landed
HU7296 19:00 (HZA) Heze Airport Expected
HU7622 19:15 (JMU) Jiamusi Landed
HU7192 19:30 (XMN) Xiamen In_Gate
HU7280 19:45 (SYX) Sanya Landed
HU7186 20:00 (YIH) Yichang In_Air
HU7708 20:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
HU7680 20:30 (SYX) Sanya In_Air
HU7081 21:00 (HAK) Haikou In_Air
HU7808 21:00 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
HU7338 21:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang In_Air
HU7610 21:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
HU7368 21:15 (CKG) Chongqing In_Air
HU7336 22:00 (CSX) Changsha In_Air
HU7196 22:00 (FOC) Fuzhou In_Air
HU7716 22:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
HU7106 22:15 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
HU7548 22:20 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
HU7146 22:55 (URC) Urumqi Delayed
HU7810 22:55 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
HU7178 23:00 (DOY) Dongying Cancelled
HU7778 23:00 (BAR) Bo'ao In_Air
HU7614 23:00 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Cancelled
HU7194 23:10 (YLX) Yulin Fumian Airport Scheduled
HU7381 23:15 (HAK) Haikou Delayed
HU7681 23:15 (AQG) Anqing Scheduled
HU7706 23:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HU7602 23:20 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
HU6220 00:05 (NZH) Manzhouli Scheduled
HU7678 00:05 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
HU6210 00:10 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
HU6222 00:10 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
HU7781 00:15 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
HU7168 00:15 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
HU7136 00:30 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
HU7248 00:35 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
HU7102 00:50 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
HU7170 00:55 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
HU7198 00:55 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
HU7134 01:15 (UYN) Yulin Scheduled
HU7618 01:15 (WUA) Wu Hai Scheduled
HU7448 01:15 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
HU7536 01:25 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
HU7122 01:55 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
HU7104 08:05 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
HU7130 09:40 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
HU7378 10:00 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
HU7348 10:40 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
HU7710 10:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HU7804 11:40 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HU7181 11:40 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
HU7108 11:50 (ENY) Yan'an Scheduled
HU7126 11:50 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
HU7712 12:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HU7814 12:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HU7138 12:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
HU7346 12:45 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
HU7184 12:55 (MDG) Mudanjiang Scheduled
HU7174 13:20 (SHS) Shashi Scheduled
HU7606 13:25 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
HU7636 13:40 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
HU7581 13:45 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
HU7278 13:55 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
HU7292 14:15 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
HU7608 14:30 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
HU7148 14:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
HU7188 14:55 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
HU7190 15:40 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
HU7806 15:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HU7236 16:00 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
HU7704 16:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HU7164 16:15 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
HU7212 16:40 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
HU7281 16:40 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
HU7238 16:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
HU7246 17:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
HU7080 17:55 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
HU7154 18:15 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
HU7714 18:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HU7812 18:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HU7290 19:00 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
HU7296 19:00 (HZA) Heze Airport Scheduled
HU7192 19:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
HU7280 19:45 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled



Shenzhen Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
ZH9109 19:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Gate
ZH9190 20:55 (JJN) Jinjiang In_Air
ZH9156 21:00 (WUX) Wuxi In_Air
ZH9154 22:15 (NTG) Nantong Cancelled
ZH9158 22:15 (WUX) Wuxi Cancelled
ZH9174 23:45 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
ZH9113 00:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
ZH9111 00:20 (YIC) Yichun Scheduled
ZH9164 00:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
ZH9101 10:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
ZH9167 12:35 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
ZH9152 12:55 (XFN) Xiangfan Scheduled
ZH9103 13:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
ZH9105 15:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
ZH9107 17:50 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
ZH9194 18:25 (JJN) Jinjiang Scheduled
ZH9109 19:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled



Mahan Air Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
W579 06:45 (IKA) Imam Khomeini International Scheduled



Air Macau Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NX6 11:15 (MFM) Macau Scheduled
NX2 15:10 (MFM) Macau Scheduled
NX10 18:50 (MFM) Macau Scheduled



Loong Air Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
GJ8887 21:15 (HGH) Hangzhou No_Takeoff_Info
GJ8987 00:35 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled



Sichuan Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
3U8893 19:30 (CTU) Chengdu Landed
3U8516 19:45 (CKG) Chongqing Landed
3U8895 20:30 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
3U8897 21:30 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
3U8838 22:55 (WXN) Wanxian Scheduled
3U8804 23:15 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
3U8820 00:05 (ZHY) Zhongwei Scheduled
3U3102 01:30 (XIC) Xichang Scheduled
3U8829 09:40 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
3U8881 10:25 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
3U8883 12:25 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
3U8885 14:25 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
3U8887 16:25 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
3U8833 17:20 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
3U8831 17:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
3U8889 17:30 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
3U8891 18:30 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
3U8893 19:30 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
3U8516 19:45 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled



China Eastern Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
MU5119 19:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5121 20:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5123 21:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5125 22:10 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5127 23:30 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5165 23:50 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5099 09:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5101 10:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5151 10:45 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5103 11:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5153 12:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5105 12:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5155 13:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5107 13:20 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5109 14:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5111 15:10 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5157 15:45 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5113 16:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5159 16:45 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5115 17:20 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5161 18:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Cancelled
MU5117 18:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
MU5119 19:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled



Kunming Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Capital International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
KY8269 12:15 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled