Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) Departures

Beijing PKX airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Beijing Daxing International Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Beijing airport is 23:10 PM 2021-07-29

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Donghai Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
DZ6204 06:40 (YIH) Yichang Scheduled
DZ6202 12:15 (NTG) Nantong Scheduled



Air China Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
CA8686 20:15 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Delayed
CA8371 20:20 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Cancelled
CA8672 20:30 (CTU) Chengdu Cancelled
CA8676 21:20 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CA8682 21:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA8684 22:50 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CA8661 07:00 (JDZ) Jingdezhen Scheduled
CA8389 07:15 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
CA8391 07:30 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
CA8651 07:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA8627 07:35 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
CA8665 07:35 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CA8639 07:45 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
CA8649 08:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CA8631 08:10 (MIG) Mian Yang Scheduled
CA8635 08:15 (YBP) Yibin Scheduled
CA8623 09:00 (HFE) Hefei Scheduled
CA8393 09:15 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CA8370 10:35 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CA8387 10:55 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
CA8365 11:40 (TAO) Qingdao Cancelled
CA8670 11:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA8680 12:25 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
CA8621 12:40 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CA8663 12:40 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CA9723 12:45 (NDG) Qiqihar Scheduled
CA8619 13:10 (HYN) Taizhou Scheduled
CA8641 13:10 (DDG) Dandong Scheduled
CA8603 13:40 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA8607 13:50 (WUA) Wu Hai Scheduled
CA8655 14:05 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CA8381 15:10 (JGS) Ji An Scheduled
CA8617 15:45 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
CA8653 15:55 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CA8613 16:30 (YNZ) Yancheng Cancelled
CA8647 16:30 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CA8657 17:00 (SHE) Shenyang Cancelled
CA8605 17:15 (BZX) Enyang Scheduled
CA8373 17:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CA8379 17:30 (KHN) Nanchang Cancelled
CA9717 17:45 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CA9719 18:00 (XIL) Xilinhot Scheduled
CA8363 18:45 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CA8688 18:55 (DLC) Dalian Cancelled
CA8375 19:00 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CA8674 19:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA8625 19:50 (XIL) Xilinhot Scheduled
CA8368 20:00 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CA8643 20:15 (YTY) Yangzhou Taizhou Airport Cancelled
CA8686 20:15 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
CA8371 20:20 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CA8672 20:30 (CTU) Chengdu Cancelled



Capital Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
JD5555 21:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
JD5357 23:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
JD5181 06:40 (LJG) Lijiang City Scheduled
JD5835 06:50 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
JD5107 06:55 (JHG) Xishuangbanna Gasa Scheduled
JD5509 06:55 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
JD5577 06:55 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
JD5219 07:50 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
JD5315 08:50 (JXA) Jixi Khanka Lake Scheduled
JD5559 12:15 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
JD5595 15:35 (MXZ) Meixian Scheduled
JD5217 15:45 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
JD5251 18:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
JD5351 19:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
JD5211 21:05 (ERL) Erenhot Scheduled



China United Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
KN5301 20:55 (DSN) Dongsheng Scheduled
KN2279 07:00 (YIE) Arxan Airport Scheduled
KN5215 07:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
KN5901 07:00 (JUH) Chizhou Jiuhuashan Scheduled
KN5911 07:10 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
KN5737 07:15 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
KN5529 07:20 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
KN5507 07:25 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
KN5519 07:25 (LDS) Yichun Lindu Scheduled
KN5929 07:25 (JUZ) Juzhou Scheduled
KN5667 08:00 (UYN) Yulin Scheduled
KN5209 08:15 (BFJ) Bijie Feixiong Scheduled
KN5517 08:15 (DBC) Chang'an Scheduled
KN5775 08:15 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
KN2917 08:30 (TGO) Tongliao Scheduled
KN5717 08:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
KN5515 08:45 (NBS) Changbaishan Scheduled
KN5675 08:45 (YZY) Zhangye Ganzhou Airport Scheduled
KN5921 08:45 (LYI) Linyi Scheduled
KN5917 08:50 (LCX) Longyan Scheduled
KN5831 09:00 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
KN5967 09:00 (JJN) Jinjiang Scheduled
KN5899 09:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
KN5731 09:30 (WUZ) Wuzhou Scheduled
KN2289 09:50 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
KN5185 09:55 (DOY) Dongying Scheduled
KN5817 09:55 (TEN) Tongren Scheduled
KN5207 10:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
KN5701 10:00 (HNY) Hengyang Scheduled
KN5867 10:00 (RIZ) Shanzihe Scheduled
KN5870 10:40 (WHA) WHA Scheduled
KN5129 11:40 (LLV) Lvliang Airport Scheduled
KN5991 11:40 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
KN5527 11:55 (YSQ) Chaganhu Scheduled
KN5881 11:55 (XAI) Minggang Scheduled
KN5897 11:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
KN5605 12:45 (IQN) Qingyang Scheduled
KN5821 12:45 (HJJ) Huai Hua Scheduled
KN5819 13:35 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
KN5217 13:40 (DSN) Dongsheng Scheduled
KN5661 13:45 (UYN) Yulin Scheduled
KN5255 13:55 (ACX) Xingyi Scheduled
KN5931 14:15 (JUZ) Juzhou Scheduled
KN5537 14:25 (LDS) Yichun Lindu Scheduled
KN5829 14:40 (WDS) Wudangshan Scheduled
KN2957 14:50 (HLH) Ulanhot Scheduled
KN2267 14:55 (NDG) Qiqihar Scheduled
KN5927 14:55 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
KN5955 15:05 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
KN5805 16:20 (YYA) Sanhe Scheduled
KN2331 16:25 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
KN5811 16:25 (XFN) Xiangfan Scheduled
KN5305 16:40 (DSN) Dongsheng Scheduled
KN2225 17:10 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
KN5679 17:15 (AKA) Ankang Scheduled
KN5807 17:15 (LLF) LingLing Scheduled
KN2921 17:20 (CIF) Chifeng Scheduled
KN5505 18:00 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
KN2927 18:15 (CIH) Changzhi Scheduled
KN5227 18:15 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
KN5619 18:15 (HZG) Hanzhong Scheduled
KN5907 18:20 (YIW) Yiwu Scheduled
KN5835 18:40 (NNY) Nanyang Scheduled
KN5977 19:00 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
KN5865 19:10 (FUO) Fuoshan Scheduled
KN2965 19:15 (XIL) Xilinhot Scheduled
KN2967 19:15 (RLK) Bayannur Tianjitai Airport Scheduled
KN5730 19:30 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
KN5665 19:55 (UYN) Yulin Scheduled
KN5301 20:55 (DSN) Dongsheng Scheduled



Hebei Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
NS8015 07:40 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
NS8075 07:45 (HLD) Hailar Scheduled
NS8021 08:00 (ZYI) Zunyi Scheduled
NS8027 08:15 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
NS8019 08:30 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
NS8077 08:50 (LNL) Cheng Xian Scheduled
NS8073 09:00 (SQD) Sanqingshan Scheduled
NS8023 09:15 (NZL) Chengjisihan Scheduled
NS8035 14:05 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
NS8011 14:55 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
NS8061 15:05 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
NS8031 15:25 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
NS8037 16:00 (JIC) Jinchuan Scheduled
NS8005 16:20 (NTG) Nantong Scheduled
NS8025 16:20 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled



China Express Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
G56167 06:40 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
G56348 07:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
G56470 07:35 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
G56909 08:00 (ZYI) Zunyi Scheduled
G56431 08:30 (XNN) Xining Scheduled



Juneyao Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
HO1254 06:50 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
HO1252 14:40 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled



Shanghai Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
FM9102 20:30 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao In_Air
FM9158 06:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
FM9406 10:50 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
FM9152 13:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
FM9102 20:30 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled



Xiamen Airlines Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
MF8120 20:30 (FOC) Fuzhou In_Air
MF8327 21:05 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
MF8455 21:10 (CKG) Chongqing Out_Gate
MF8170 21:15 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8311 06:55 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
MF8349 06:55 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MF8393 06:55 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
MF8475 06:55 (LZO) Luzhou Scheduled
MF8395 08:00 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MF8469 09:00 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
MF8110 09:15 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8687 10:00 (RQA) Loulan Scheduled
MF8118 11:05 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8116 12:05 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8130 12:55 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
MF8128 13:10 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8114 13:15 (JJN) Jinjiang Scheduled
MF8166 13:55 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8561 14:55 (WUS) Wuyishan Scheduled
MF8605 15:25 (JGN) Jiayuguan Scheduled
MF8108 15:55 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8102 16:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8555 16:40 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
MF8595 17:40 (HSN) Zhoushan Scheduled
MF8172 17:55 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8201 17:55 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
MF8106 18:55 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8141 18:55 (HUO) Huolinhe Scheduled
MF8120 20:30 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8327 21:05 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
MF8455 21:10 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MF8170 21:15 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled



China Eastern Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
MU6846 12:25 (XNN) Xining In_Air
MU2120 21:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Out_Gate
MU5710 21:00 (KMG) Kunming In_Air
MU6669 21:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
MU5714 21:05 (JHG) Xishuangbanna Gasa Out_Gate
MU2456 21:15 (WUH) Wuhan Delayed
MU5172 21:20 (HFE) Hefei Scheduled
MU5273 21:30 (CTU) Chengdu Delayed
MU6311 21:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU2852 22:15 (NKG) Nanking / Nanjing Cancelled
MU2124 22:25 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
MU2454 22:35 (WUH) Wuhan Cancelled
MU2418 22:40 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
MU6488 22:40 (NGB) Ningbo Cancelled
MU5300 23:00 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
MU5176 23:10 (KHN) Nanchang Delayed
MU5716 23:20 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU9724 06:40 (DLU) Dali City Scheduled
MU5149 06:55 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
MU5197 06:55 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
MU6681 06:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU6965 07:00 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU2129 07:05 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
MU6787 07:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
MU5193 07:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
MU5183 07:35 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
MU2102 07:55 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU6959 07:55 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
MU6641 08:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
MU6683 08:00 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU2460 08:15 (ENH) Enshi Scheduled
MU5693 08:15 (LYA) Luoyang Scheduled
MU5712 08:15 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU6303 08:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU2104 08:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU2121 09:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5391 09:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU6643 09:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
MU5720 09:15 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU5138 09:55 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
MU6961 09:55 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
MU5174 10:30 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
MU5178 10:40 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
MU2106 10:55 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU2732 10:55 (WUX) Wuxi Scheduled
MU5132 10:55 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
MU9710 10:55 (LZO) Luzhou Scheduled
MU2412 11:15 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
MU2452 11:30 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU2762 11:30 (CZX) Changzhou Scheduled
MU9698 11:40 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
MU2428 11:55 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
MU5294 11:55 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
MU6846 12:25 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
MU2108 12:30 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5702 12:30 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU5147 12:35 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
MU5188 13:10 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
MU5387 13:55 (LYA) Luoyang Scheduled
MU2110 14:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU9740 14:15 (SYM) Simao Scheduled
MU6305 14:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU5167 14:55 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
MU6663 15:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU2112 15:30 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU6685 15:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU6315 16:15 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
MU5706 16:30 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU6645 16:45 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
MU2822 16:50 (WUX) Wuxi Scheduled
MU5170 16:55 (HFE) Hefei Scheduled
MU2114 17:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU6667 17:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU9704 17:00 (JNG) Jining Scheduled
MU6687 18:00 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU2832 18:05 (NKG) Nanking / Nanjing Cancelled
MU5458 18:30 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
MU7872 18:40 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU2116 19:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5180 19:00 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
MU9668 19:00 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
MU2416 19:05 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
MU2444 19:05 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
MU9708 19:15 (ZAT) Zhaotong Scheduled
MU5233 19:30 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
MU5704 19:30 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU6309 19:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU6986 19:35 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
MU2950 19:40 (WUX) Wuxi Scheduled
MU2118 20:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU2842 20:00 (NKG) Nanking / Nanjing Cancelled
MU6689 20:00 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU6941 20:15 (LYG) Lianyungang Scheduled
MU5714 20:55 (JHG) Xishuangbanna Gasa Scheduled
MU2120 21:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5710 21:00 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU6669 21:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU2456 21:15 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled



China Southern Arrivals at Beijing Daxing International Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
CZ3736 20:25 (ZUH) Zhuhai In_Air
CZ3114 20:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Expected
CZ6906 20:30 (URC) Urumqi In_Air
CZ3862 21:00 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
CZ6119 21:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6284 21:00 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CZ8853 21:00 (HGH) Hangzhou Cancelled
CZ8923 21:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CZ8825 21:30 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CZ3726 22:05 (YIW) Yiwu Scheduled
CZ6202 22:30 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ3166 06:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6606 06:40 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ8829 06:40 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CZ3740 06:55 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
CZ6448 06:55 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ6720 06:55 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CZ8817 06:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ6132 07:10 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ6137 07:30 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ6657 07:30 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ6922 07:30 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ6124 07:40 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ8905 07:40 (CGD) Changde Scheduled
CZ3286 07:55 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CZ6180 07:55 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CZ6475 07:55 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CZ8917 07:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ3194 08:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6161 08:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ8846 08:00 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ6366 08:15 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CZ8855 08:15 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ3148 08:20 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ3108 08:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6204 08:30 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ6718 08:30 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ8879 08:30 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CZ8957 08:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CZ8960 08:30 (YIW) Yiwu Scheduled
CZ8991 08:30 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CZ6114 08:45 (AOG) Anshan Scheduled
CZ8971 08:45 (KOW) Ganzhou Scheduled
CZ3901 08:55 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ3156 09:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ3682 09:00 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ6904 09:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ8847 09:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ8975 09:00 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
CZ3738 09:15 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
CZ6144 09:15 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CZ6600 09:15 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ3000 09:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ8805 09:30 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ6111 09:55 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ8857 09:55 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ8911 09:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ3192 10:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ8429 10:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6126 10:20 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ3186 10:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6214 10:40 (DQA) Daqing Scheduled
CZ6102 10:50 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CZ3168 11:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6267 11:00 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ8811 11:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ3118 11:20 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ6150 11:20 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CZ8881 11:25 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
CZ3124 11:50 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ3176 12:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6183 12:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6220 12:00 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ6908 12:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ8887 12:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CZ3688 12:05 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ8841 12:15 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ3282 12:25 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CZ3102 12:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3278 12:30 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CZ8931 12:30 (HUZ) Huizhou Scheduled
CZ6130 12:35 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ8803 12:35 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ6572 12:45 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
CZ3152 13:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6912 13:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ8815 13:00 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ8823 13:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CZ6146 13:10 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CZ3120 13:15 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CZ6712 13:15 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ3106 13:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ8941 13:30 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ3150 14:00 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3158 14:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ3718 14:00 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ6714 14:25 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ3162 14:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ8810 14:40 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CZ8953 14:50 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
CZ3259 14:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ8894 14:55 (KRL) Korla Scheduled
CZ3903 15:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6902 15:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ8892 15:00 (KHG) Kashi Scheduled
CZ3138 15:10 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ6188 15:15 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ6159 15:25 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ3104 15:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6208 15:30 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CZ6218 15:30 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ8875 15:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CZ6106 15:50 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
CZ3128 15:55 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ3172 16:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ3734 16:00 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
CZ6122 16:00 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ8851 16:00 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ8885 16:00 (SHA) Shanghai Hongqiao Scheduled
CZ3916 16:20 (ZYI) Zunyi Scheduled
CZ6946 16:20 (NAO) Nanchong Scheduled
CZ8670 16:20 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ3180 16:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3936 16:50 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ6194 16:55 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CZ8873 16:55 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
CZ8921 16:55 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
CZ3188 17:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6135 17:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ8864 17:20 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ6134 17:25 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ3122 17:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6916 17:30 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ6186 17:45 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ6948 17:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CZ8859 17:45 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ3154 18:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ8913 18:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ3164 18:05 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ6158 18:05 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
CZ6117 18:15 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
CZ3100 18:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6152 18:50 (YNJ) Yanji Scheduled
CZ6616 18:50 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
CZ8933 18:55 (HUZ) Huizhou Scheduled
CZ3174 19:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6716 19:10 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ3654 19:15 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
CZ3140 19:20 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ6128 19:20 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
CZ3110 19:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6910 19:30 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ8877 19:30 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CZ3288 19:40 (KWL) Guilin Scheduled
CZ3997 19:45 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ8883 19:45 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
CZ3190 20:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ8821 20:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
CZ8849 20:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6168 20:10 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
CZ3736 20:25 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
CZ3114 20:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6906 20:30 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ6119 21:00 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6284 21:00 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
CZ8853 21:00 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ8923 21:15 (XNN) Xining Scheduled