Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Arrivals

Seattle SEA airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Seattle airport is 14:03 PM 2021-07-27

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United Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
UA1289 12:23 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. In_Gate
UA690 13:07 (DEN) Denver International In_Gate
UA5658 13:20 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
UA2315 13:31 (SFO) San Francisco International In_Gate
UA4607 13:57 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Air
UA530 15:09 (DEN) Denver International In_Air
UA1617 15:29 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
UA2091 15:32 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
UA1593 17:11 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. In_Air
UA1823 17:41 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA2278 18:27 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA1788 19:16 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA551 19:35 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
UA326 20:43 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
UA2336 20:55 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
UA496 21:36 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
UA2223 21:46 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA1753 22:02 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
UA262 22:19 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA1413 22:57 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Delayed
UA1757 09:52 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA1077 10:00 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
UA438 11:26 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
UA748 11:35 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
UA565 11:37 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
UA1289 12:23 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
UA690 13:07 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled



Aeromexico Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AM494 20:00 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International Scheduled



EVA Air Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
BR26 19:57 (TPE) Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan Unknown



Korean Air Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
KE19 11:05 (ICN) Seoul Incheon Int'l Scheduled



Qatar Airways Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
QR7 12:13 (DOH) Hamad International Landed
QR719 11:55 (DOH) Hamad International Scheduled



Delta Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DL1644 12:20 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Gate
DL4053 12:30 (PDX) Portland In_Gate
DL3682 12:31 (SMF) Sacramento International In_Gate
DL1157 12:31 (ANC) Anchorage International In_Gate
DL1427 12:32 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Gate
DL3954 12:40 (GEG) Spokane International In_Air
DL3708 12:44 (SFO) San Francisco International In_Gate
DL3608 12:45 (SJC) San Jose International In_Gate
DL3675 12:45 (RDM) Redmond In_Gate
DL894 13:13 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul In_Air
DL3920 13:17 (MFR) Medford In_Gate
DL3659 13:41 (ONT) Ontario International In_Air
DL3509 14:00 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne In_Air
DL3912 14:03 (EUG) Eugene In_Air
DL2197 14:07 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Air
DL701 14:09 (SAN) San Diego International In_Air
DL3756 14:10 (DEN) Denver International In_Air
DL320 14:16 (BOS) Boston Logan International In_Air
DL1388 14:16 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Air
DL382 14:18 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
DL2353 14:19 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Air
DL3730 14:19 (BOI) Boise In_Air
DL741 14:20 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Air
DL3568 14:28 (BZN) Bozeman In_Air
DL3696 14:31 (SMF) Sacramento International In_Air
DL2725 14:35 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL3655 14:44 (PSC) Pasco Out_Gate
DL2701 14:45 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL2348 15:15 (SFO) San Francisco International In_Air
DL2809 15:23 (ANC) Anchorage International In_Air
DL764 15:53 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Air
DL534 16:03 (LAX) Los Angeles International Out_Gate
DL3707 16:03 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL3649 16:12 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL3514 16:30 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL3875 16:32 (KTN) Ketchikan International Scheduled
DL1468 16:35 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3599 16:37 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL2059 16:49 (PSP) Palm Springs International Scheduled
DL1430 16:59 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
DL890 17:41 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL2896 17:54 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Delayed
DL989 18:04 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Out_Gate
DL2806 18:13 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
DL3977 18:18 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL2181 18:19 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL1413 18:19 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
DL3812 18:20 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL2514 18:20 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Delayed
DL1057 18:28 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL3585 18:32 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL3937 18:34 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
DL3553 18:40 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
DL3593 18:40 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL3685 18:40 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
DL3671 18:40 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL3620 18:45 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
DL3751 19:30 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL1308 19:31 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Delayed
DL1655 19:35 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
DL1837 19:44 (SJD) San Jose Cabo Scheduled
DL1539 19:50 (FAI) Fairbanks International Scheduled
DL394 19:58 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL3551 20:03 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL339 20:06 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3680 20:12 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
DL1358 20:22 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
DL2115 20:25 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL3650 20:30 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL604 20:32 (CUN) Cancun Scheduled
DL4129 21:23 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL3741 21:44 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
DL3691 21:50 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL846 21:56 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1005 21:57 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
DL655 22:00 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL3695 22:01 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL2170 22:06 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL492 22:13 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
DL1439 22:15 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL1556 22:15 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL3768 22:15 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL1298 22:29 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL1504 22:35 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL2498 23:05 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1149 23:23 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL2260 23:31 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL1435 23:46 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL921 00:57 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL485 05:00 (KOA) Kona Scheduled
DL1382 05:24 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
DL1354 05:29 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
DL2305 05:56 (FAI) Fairbanks International Scheduled
DL705 06:22 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
DL3688 06:22 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
DL3978 06:29 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
DL3515 06:30 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL3944 06:32 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
DL3613 06:32 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL1499 06:35 (LIH) Kauai Island Lihue Scheduled
DL3627 07:30 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL886 08:06 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
DL3632 08:11 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
DL2743 08:20 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL2808 08:24 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL2763 08:27 (JNU) Juneau Scheduled
DL3777 08:34 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
DL3676 08:38 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
DL2061 08:42 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL3566 08:46 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL2671 08:47 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL4477 08:48 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled
DL988 08:48 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
DL3503 08:48 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL861 08:55 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
DL3748 09:27 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL3829 09:30 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL1122 09:45 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL383 09:48 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL166 09:49 (HND) Tokyo Haneda Scheduled
DL976 09:56 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
DL3818 10:00 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
DL2148 10:04 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL3813 10:07 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
DL692 10:07 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL2532 10:08 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL704 10:15 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
DL2826 10:15 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL308 10:17 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL305 10:24 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL3722 10:32 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
DL726 10:33 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL653 10:37 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
DL334 10:40 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3951 10:41 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL867 10:45 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL3561 10:50 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL676 12:03 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL143 12:05 (AMS) Amsterdam Scheduled
DL2613 12:06 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL2387 12:07 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL941 12:14 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL1644 12:20 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL4053 12:30 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL3682 12:31 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL1157 12:31 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
DL1427 12:32 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3954 12:40 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL3708 12:44 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL3608 12:45 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL3675 12:45 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
DL894 13:13 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL3920 13:17 (MFR) Medford Scheduled



Sun Country Airlines Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SY285 16:51 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Out_Gate



Spirit Airlines Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NK2956 19:07 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled



American Airlines Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AA2769 12:54 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International In_Gate
AA3230 13:22 (LAX) Los Angeles International Landed
AA710 14:14 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Air
AA1992 14:39 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Out_Gate
AA1990 14:43 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
AA2783 17:17 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Out_Gate
AA3246 17:53 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA853 18:11 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA1953 19:12 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA2009 19:19 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA591 20:26 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Delayed
AA2793 20:57 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA1241 21:30 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA2586 21:47 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA2001 22:13 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
AA1681 22:40 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AA1996 22:55 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA305 23:34 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
AA2950 23:59 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA2394 00:39 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA579 09:11 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AA3180 09:54 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AA1987 10:47 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AA1314 11:16 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AA2775 11:51 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
AA1998 12:10 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
AA2769 12:54 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled



Southwest Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
WN2664 12:20 (SJC) San Jose International In_Gate
WN4722 12:30 (SMF) Sacramento International In_Gate
WN5183 13:40 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Landed
WN5287 13:55 (DEN) Denver International In_Air
WN100 14:25 (SMF) Sacramento International In_Air
WN5663 15:15 (BNA) Nashville In_Air
WN4772 16:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Out_Gate
WN5068 16:15 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN2482 17:00 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN5621 18:05 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Scheduled
WN5222 18:45 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN2155 19:15 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN3998 19:20 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN2461 19:25 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN5293 20:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN4567 20:35 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN4558 21:40 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN1906 21:40 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN4329 23:05 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN2228 23:20 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN2905 23:20 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN4518 23:35 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN2958 00:15 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN4100 08:05 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN5654 08:50 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN4923 10:05 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
WN3018 10:25 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
WN2930 10:50 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
WN2793 10:50 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
WN2923 11:15 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
WN5263 11:35 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
WN615 12:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
WN2664 12:20 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
WN4722 12:30 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled



JetBlue Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
B663 12:40 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy In_Gate
B6387 15:13 (BOS) Boston Logan International In_Air
B6263 19:57 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
B6197 20:08 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled



Alaska Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AS9805 12:20 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan In_Air
AS2329 12:34 (PSC) Pasco In_Gate
AS499 12:35 (PDX) Portland In_Gate
AS330 12:44 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Gate
AS2511 12:46 (BZN) Bozeman In_Gate
AS2442 12:48 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe In_Gate
AS2345 12:49 (SUN) Hailey In_Gate
AS579 12:50 (SAN) San Diego International In_Gate
AS925 12:50 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Gate
AS3359 12:51 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak In_Gate
AS137 12:54 (BOI) Boise In_Gate
AS2235 12:56 (GEG) Spokane International In_Gate
AS1255 12:57 (SMF) Sacramento International In_Gate
AS2307 13:07 (EUG) Eugene In_Gate
AS1460 13:10 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Gate
AS2485 13:21 (MFR) Medford In_Gate
AS88 13:29 (ANC) Anchorage International Landed
AS2529 13:41 (BLI) Bellingham In_Air
AS369 13:45 (LAX) Los Angeles International Landed
AS1121 13:51 (PDX) Portland In_Air
AS2572 13:51 (MSO) Missoula In_Air
AS1217 13:55 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Air
AS1421 13:58 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Landed
AS2259 14:04 (PSC) Pasco In_Air
AS2047 14:07 (ALW) Walla Walla In_Air
AS1477 14:10 (SFO) San Francisco International In_Air
AS2288 14:18 (BOI) Boise In_Air
AS2219 14:25 (PUW) Pullman In_Air
AS751 14:26 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong In_Air
AS789 14:29 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Air
AS539 14:30 (SAN) San Diego International In_Air
AS2169 14:33 (EAT) Wenatchee Scheduled
AS1411 14:35 (BUR) Burbank In_Air
AS3336 14:35 (JAC) Jackson Hole In_Air
AS605 14:36 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Air
AS2085 14:39 (BIL) Billings In_Air
AS2097 14:40 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
AS247 14:40 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS2153 14:43 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS2596 14:43 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe In_Air
AS3337 14:47 (SJC) San Jose International In_Air
AS623 14:50 (DEN) Denver International In_Air
AS881 14:50 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
AS3319 14:52 (SBP) San Luis Obispo County In_Air
AS947 14:55 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Air
AS2339 14:55 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
AS1467 14:55 (KTN) Ketchikan International Out_Gate
AS3426 14:55 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite In_Air
AS409 14:56 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS90 15:09 (ANC) Anchorage International In_Air
AS615 15:16 (ONT) Ontario International Delayed
AS2003 15:19 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS2553 15:30 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS3484 15:32 (SMF) Sacramento International Delayed
AS2484 15:35 (STS) Santa Rosa Scheduled
AS3379 15:35 (SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal In_Air
AS2422 15:53 (HLN) Helena Scheduled
AS2289 15:57 (FCA) Kalispell Scheduled
AS725 16:00 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International In_Air
AS474 16:05 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
AS3466 16:10 (PSP) Palm Springs International Scheduled
AS1433 16:15 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
AS759 16:33 (MCI) Kansas City International In_Air
AS3333 16:33 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Scheduled
AS457 16:34 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
AS2262 16:35 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS1498 16:35 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
AS3308 16:40 (MRY) Carmel Monterey Peninsula Scheduled
AS1405 16:40 (OKC) Oklahoma City Will Rogers World In_Air
AS862 16:42 (OGG) Maui Kahului In_Air
AS62 16:44 (KTN) Ketchikan International Scheduled
AS854 16:44 (KOA) Kona In_Air
AS942 16:50 (HNL) Honolulu International In_Air
AS242 16:52 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
AS2330 16:53 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS2030 16:55 (GTF) Great Falls International Scheduled
AS597 16:55 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
AS2455 16:57 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS2557 16:59 (ICT) Wichita Mid-Continent In_Air
AS94 16:59 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS1337 16:59 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Out_Gate
AS2233 17:00 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
AS2005 17:00 (YKM) Yakima Air Terminal Scheduled
AS2505 17:00 (BLI) Bellingham Scheduled
AS1137 17:00 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
AS177 17:00 (JNU) Juneau Scheduled
AS1157 17:00 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
AS58 17:00 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
AS3418 17:00 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS1013 17:00 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air
AS677 17:00 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
AS367 17:00 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell In_Air
AS641 17:03 (TUS) Tucson International Delayed
AS423 17:26 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
AS2400 17:29 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS2489 17:34 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS729 17:45 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
AS2069 17:49 (EAT) Wenatchee Scheduled
AS801 17:50 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
AS447 18:00 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS1349 18:04 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Delayed
AS643 18:15 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
AS2205 18:17 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS108 18:19 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS507 18:23 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
AS832 18:25 (LIH) Kauai Island Lihue In_Air
AS1135 18:30 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
AS2046 18:35 (BIL) Billings Scheduled
AS2539 18:40 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled
AS485 18:43 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
AS2117 18:46 (PUW) Pullman Scheduled
AS2312 18:47 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
AS699 18:49 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Delayed
AS461 18:50 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS1045 18:50 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
AS128 18:50 (DAL) Dallas Love Field Delayed
AS2527 18:50 (BLI) Bellingham Scheduled
AS2397 19:07 (MSO) Missoula Scheduled
AS3493 19:07 (SBP) San Luis Obispo County Scheduled
AS98 19:18 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS415 19:18 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
AS144 19:24 (SIT) Sitka Scheduled
AS2301 19:27 (FCA) Kalispell Scheduled
AS693 19:45 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AS2286 19:45 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS2156 19:46 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
AS215 19:52 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS1177 19:55 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
AS124 20:06 (FAI) Fairbanks International Scheduled
AS745 20:08 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
AS1223 20:14 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
AS3389 20:14 (STS) Santa Rosa Scheduled
AS2470 20:14 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS860 20:14 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
AS896 20:20 (HNL) Honolulu International Delayed
AS2053 20:21 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS2528 20:23 (ELP) El Paso International Delayed
AS2363 20:25 (BLI) Bellingham Scheduled
AS39 20:25 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AS477 20:25 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
AS735 20:25 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
AS2109 20:27 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
AS64 20:28 (KTN) Ketchikan International Scheduled
AS765 20:29 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
AS1481 20:29 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
AS3378 20:30 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
AS3482 20:30 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
AS523 20:30 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
AS2498 20:30 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
AS3 20:30 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
AS1055 20:35 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS1085 20:37 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
AS501 20:38 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
AS417 20:40 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Scheduled
AS31 20:40 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
AS509 20:40 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
AS2223 20:50 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS280 20:55 (SJD) San Jose Cabo Scheduled
AS2099 20:58 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS647 21:00 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
AS1454 21:05 (PSP) Palm Springs International Scheduled
AS15 21:05 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
AS2479 21:05 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
AS2193 21:15 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS221 21:15 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
AS941 21:25 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
AS2218 21:36 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
AS2334 21:38 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS988 21:40 (KOA) Kona Scheduled
AS1199 21:46 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
AS2352 21:49 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS2141 21:55 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS3331 21:55 (SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal Scheduled
AS21 21:55 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AS717 21:55 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AS2593 21:56 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
AS1401 21:58 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
AS3307 21:58 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Scheduled
AS505 21:58 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
AS1461 22:00 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS619 22:00 (ONT) Ontario International Scheduled
AS19 22:00 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
AS1021 22:00 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
AS104 22:00 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS66 22:00 (JNU) Juneau Scheduled
AS1107 22:00 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
AS2457 22:31 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS705 22:35 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS541 23:10 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
AS675 23:11 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
AS1323 23:18 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS112 23:40 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS1363 23:44 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS957 23:46 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
AS178 23:50 (JNU) Juneau Scheduled
AS931 23:55 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AS110 05:00 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS234 05:20 (FAI) Fairbanks International Scheduled
AS2006 06:19 (YKM) Yakima Air Terminal Scheduled
AS91 06:40 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS2494 06:58 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS795 07:01 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS2087 07:04 (ALW) Walla Walla Scheduled
AS2275 07:04 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS2101 07:04 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
AS246 07:07 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
AS114 07:10 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS2452 07:12 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
AS2488 07:13 (EAT) Wenatchee Scheduled
AS880 07:14 (KOA) Kona Scheduled
AS952 07:15 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
AS816 07:15 (LIH) Kauai Island Lihue Scheduled
AS786 07:15 (FAI) Fairbanks International Scheduled
AS2067 07:15 (PUW) Pullman Scheduled
AS2280 07:15 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
AS2551 07:26 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS467 07:55 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
AS1444 08:10 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
AS2341 08:10 (MSO) Missoula Scheduled
AS602 08:10 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS2165 08:11 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS1189 08:15 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS540 08:16 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS899 08:20 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
AS1446 08:30 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS891 08:37 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
AS3339 08:40 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
AS2445 08:42 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS1171 08:45 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
AS176 08:50 (JNU) Juneau Scheduled
AS683 08:50 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
AS1017 08:50 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
AS459 08:54 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
AS3347 08:58 (FCA) Kalispell Scheduled
AS2326 08:59 (BLI) Bellingham Scheduled
AS3469 08:59 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
AS2319 09:00 (GTF) Great Falls International Scheduled
AS344 09:00 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS281 09:01 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
AS2207 09:03 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
AS2091 09:06 (MFR) Medford Scheduled
AS3468 09:08 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
AS3432 09:10 (PSP) Palm Springs International Scheduled
AS277 09:10 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS2010 09:10 (IDA) Idaho Falls Scheduled
AS157 09:10 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS2431 09:20 (RDD) Redding Scheduled
AS181 09:22 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
AS961 09:40 (BUR) Burbank Scheduled
AS1275 09:40 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
AS1011 09:45 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AS2226 09:56 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS697 09:59 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
AS199 10:00 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
AS209 10:10 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
AS3420 10:10 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
AS3480 10:12 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Scheduled
AS713 10:12 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AS2423 10:13 (MSO) Missoula Scheduled
AS503 10:14 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS635 10:14 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
AS1193 10:14 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
AS1331 10:20 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
AS2125 10:20 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
AS473 10:20 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
AS443 10:25 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
AS1003 10:25 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
AS2296 10:27 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
AS7 10:28 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
AS1415 10:29 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
AS82 10:29 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS2515 10:29 (BIL) Billings Scheduled
AS1032 10:33 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
AS594 10:35 (FAI) Fairbanks International Scheduled
AS1242 10:36 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS2403 10:38 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS2512 10:38 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS3358 10:38 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
AS2344 10:38 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
AS25 10:40 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
AS2391 10:40 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS1 10:48 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
AS1173 11:00 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
AS2227 11:16 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS2509 11:23 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
AS2414 11:28 (RDM) Redmond Scheduled
AS86 11:29 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS9 11:33 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
AS2533 11:35 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS927 11:37 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AS2095 11:47 (FCA) Kalispell Scheduled
AS527 11:48 (SNA) Santa Ana John Wayne Scheduled
AS787 11:50 (CHS) Charleston Scheduled
AS2379 11:51 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS60 11:54 (KTN) Ketchikan International Scheduled
AS329 11:59 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
AS715 12:05 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
AS756 12:10 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
AS84 12:19 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
AS2329 12:34 (PSC) Pasco Scheduled
AS499 12:35 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
AS330 12:44 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
AS2511 12:46 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
AS2442 12:48 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
AS2345 12:49 (SUN) Hailey Scheduled
AS925 12:50 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
AS579 12:50 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
AS3359 12:51 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
AS137 12:54 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
AS2235 12:56 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
AS1255 12:57 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
AS2307 13:07 (EUG) Eugene Scheduled
AS1460 13:10 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
AS2485 13:21 (MFR) Medford Scheduled



Volaris Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
Y4896 19:55 (GDL) Guadalajara Scheduled



Air Canada Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
AC8093 14:15 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled
AC8089 09:40 (YVR) Vancouver International Scheduled



Frontier Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
F92169 17:53 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled



Asiana Airlines Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
OZ272 12:55 (ICN) Seoul Incheon Int'l Scheduled



Lufthansa Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
LH490 12:30 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main In_Gate



ANA Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NH8532 14:31 (NRT) Tokyo Narita In_Air



Hawaiian Airlines Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
HA22 22:20 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
HA30 23:05 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled



Condor Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
DE2032 16:05 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Unknown



China Airlines Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CI5235 13:59 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Air



Icelandair Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
FI681 17:55 (KEF) Reykjavik Keflavik In_Air



Andes Lineas Aereas Arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
OY7925 22:02 (CHS) Charleston Scheduled