Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) Arrivals

Shanghai SHA airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Shanghai airport is 10:05 AM 2021-07-30

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Tibet Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
TV9865 12:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
TV9881 15:30 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled



China Express Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
G56562 17:00 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
G56523 17:05 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
G56791 17:55 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled



Hebei Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NS3219 10:00 (SJW) Shijiazhuang Landed



China United Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
KN2217 08:55 (TSN) Tianjin Landed
KN5737 09:25 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Landed
KN5955 17:15 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled
KN2317 17:55 (SJW) Shijiazhuang Scheduled
KN2217 08:55 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
KN5737 09:25 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled



Air China Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CA1533 09:50 (TSN) Tianjin In_Gate
CA1831 10:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Gate
CA4543 10:30 (CKG) Chongqing In_Air
CA4515 10:45 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
CA1501 11:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Air
CA1838 11:20 (CAN) Guangzhou Cancelled
CA1519 12:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1547 12:30 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1861 13:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1557 14:05 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA8169 15:35 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
CA1517 16:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA4581 16:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1521 17:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1523 17:05 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
CA1515 18:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1527 18:35 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
CA1829 18:40 (CAN) Guangzhou Cancelled
CA1549 19:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA4501 19:30 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CA1855 20:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA4541 20:05 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CA8363 21:00 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled
CA1885 21:05 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1857 21:50 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
CA1589 22:40 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled



Lucky Air Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
8L9887 12:55 (YIC) Yichun Scheduled



Spring Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
9C8930 09:10 (CAN) Guangzhou Landed
9C8956 09:30 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Air
9C6632 10:50 (LYI) Linyi In_Air
9C8822 11:15 (TAO) Qingdao In_Air
9C8816 11:40 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
9C8958 11:50 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
9C8918 12:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
9C6532 12:45 (MIG) Mian Yang Scheduled
9C8836 13:10 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
9C8636 13:40 (INC) Yinchuan Delayed
9C8898 13:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
9C8954 15:30 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
9C8888 16:15 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
9C6834 16:25 (XNN) Xining Scheduled
9C8882 16:30 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
9C8838 16:45 (XMN) Xiamen Cancelled
9C6268 18:05 (SJW) Shijiazhuang Scheduled
9C8808 18:15 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
9C8856 18:30 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
9C8910 19:30 (JJN) Jinjiang Scheduled
9C8948 20:00 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
9C8776 20:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
9C6138 21:55 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
9C8950 22:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
9C8846 22:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Delayed
9C8996 22:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
9C8886 23:25 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
9C8766 23:30 (SJW) Shijiazhuang Scheduled
9C6178 23:35 (WMT) Maotai Scheduled
9C8932 23:35 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
9C8804 23:50 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
9C8866 23:50 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
9C8962 23:55 (JIQ) Zhoubai Airport Scheduled
9C8738 23:55 (DOY) Dongying Scheduled
9C8854 23:55 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
9C6256 08:15 (SJW) Shijiazhuang Scheduled
9C8930 09:10 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
9C8956 09:30 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled



Shandong Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
SC4661 08:50 (TAO) Qingdao Landed
SC4861 09:10 (YNT) Yantai Landed
SC4949 09:25 (CKG) Chongqing Landed
SC8415 10:25 (ZUH) Zhuhai In_Air
SC8743 12:10 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC2305 13:30 (TNA) Jinan Yaoqiang Scheduled
SC4663 13:45 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC4669 15:15 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC4849 15:50 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
SC4665 16:10 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC4673 17:30 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC1167 19:05 (TNA) Jinan Yaoqiang Scheduled
SC4731 20:30 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
SC2321 21:05 (TNA) Jinan Yaoqiang Scheduled
SC4687 21:50 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC4661 08:50 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
SC4861 09:10 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
SC4949 09:25 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled



Shanghai Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
FM9460 09:55 (KWE) Guiyang In_Air
FM9206 10:55 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
FM9246 11:30 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
FM9264 11:40 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
FM9074 11:45 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
FM9304 12:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
FM9536 12:55 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
FM9396 13:10 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
FM9164 13:10 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
FM9148 13:40 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
FM9306 13:50 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
FM9340 14:05 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
FM9538 14:20 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
FM9332 14:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
FM9214 14:45 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
FM9308 14:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
FM9202 15:05 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
FM9116 15:30 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
FM9312 15:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
FM9220 15:55 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
FM9422 15:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
FM9392 15:55 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
FM9502 16:00 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
FM9252 16:25 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
FM9452 16:50 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
FM9230 17:45 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
FM9558 17:50 (WNZ) Wenzhou Scheduled
FM9458 18:40 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
FM9298 18:55 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
FM9064 19:15 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
FM9330 19:20 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
FM9150 19:20 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
FM9518 19:45 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
FM9270 20:05 (JGS) Ji An Scheduled
FM9334 20:05 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
FM9454 20:10 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
FM9400 20:10 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
FM9376 20:15 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
FM9374 20:20 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
FM9574 21:15 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
FM9210 21:40 (NNG) Nanning Scheduled
FM9362 21:45 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
FM9542 21:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
FM9128 21:50 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
FM9424 21:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
FM9262 22:00 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
FM9216 22:10 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
FM9318 22:10 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
FM9186 22:15 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
FM9204 22:30 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
FM9426 22:40 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
FM9102 22:45 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled
FM9364 23:15 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
FM9522 23:35 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
FM9228 23:40 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
FM9428 23:40 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
FM9550 23:45 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled



China Southern Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
CZ3568 08:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Landed
CZ3533 09:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Landed
CZ6583 09:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Landed
CZ3523 10:25 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
CZ3965 10:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Air
CZ8879 10:30 (PKX) Beijing Daxing In_Air
CZ3261 10:50 (NNG) Nanning In_Air
CZ3545 11:25 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
CZ3553 11:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Air
CZ3531 12:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6995 12:50 (URC) Urumqi In_Air
CZ3537 13:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ8887 14:10 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled
CZ3539 14:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3557 14:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6993 15:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ3525 15:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3561 15:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ6981 16:05 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ3831 17:05 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
CZ3571 17:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3551 18:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
CZ8885 18:20 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled
CZ3503 18:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3625 19:05 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
CZ3581 19:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3587 19:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
CZ8244 20:30 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ3575 20:55 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ3547 21:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6997 22:00 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ3595 22:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ3589 22:50 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
CZ3568 08:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
CZ3533 09:25 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6583 09:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled



Hainan Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
HU7605 10:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Air
HU7131 10:05 (CAN) Guangzhou Landed
HU7607 11:00 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Air
HU7609 17:40 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
HU7601 19:40 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
HU7319 22:55 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
HU7603 23:35 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled



Shenzhen Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
ZH9503 10:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International In_Air
ZH9507 13:50 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
ZH9509 15:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
ZH9515 18:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
ZH9521 22:05 (JDZ) Jingdezhen Scheduled



Xiamen Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
MF8501 08:50 (XMN) Xiamen In_Gate
MF8573 09:05 (FOC) Fuzhou In_Gate
MF8577 10:05 (JJN) Jinjiang Delayed
MF8511 11:00 (XMN) Xiamen Cancelled
MF8567 12:50 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8541 13:05 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8378 14:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
MF8581 14:45 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MF8521 14:50 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8858 15:05 (LZO) Luzhou Cancelled
MF8509 16:50 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8585 17:50 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8569 17:55 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
MF8505 19:00 (XMN) Xiamen Cancelled
MF8372 19:55 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MF8545 20:45 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8547 20:50 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MF8515 21:10 (JJN) Jinjiang Scheduled
MF8318 21:35 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
MF8551 21:55 (TSN) Tianjin Cancelled
MF8222 22:25 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
MF8517 22:45 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8501 08:50 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MF8573 09:05 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled



China Eastern Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
MU5422 08:40 (CKG) Chongqing In_Gate
MU2239 08:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang In_Gate
MU9694 09:00 (TYN) Taiyuan In_Gate
MU5516 09:10 (TAO) Qingdao In_Gate
MU5100 09:20 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Gate
MU5276 09:55 (INC) Yinchuan Landed
MU2501 10:05 (WUH) Wuhan In_Air
MU5102 10:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Air
MU5337 10:20 (YNT) Yantai In_Air
MU2220 10:40 (CTU) Chengdu In_Air
MU2408 10:40 (TYN) Taiyuan In_Air
MU5302 10:55 (CAN) Guangzhou In_Air
MU5801 10:55 (KMG) Kunming In_Air
MU2151 11:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang In_Air
MU5104 11:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital In_Air
MU5572 11:35 (TNA) Jinan Yaoqiang Scheduled
MU5404 11:40 (CTU) Chengdu Cancelled
MU5304 11:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Out_Gate
MU5334 11:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU9719 11:50 (LJG) Lijiang City Delayed
MU6974 11:55 (LHW) Lanzhou In_Air
MU5803 11:55 (KMG) Kunming In_Air
MU2507 12:00 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU5324 12:10 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
MU2153 12:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5106 12:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU9980 12:35 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU5406 12:35 (CTU) Chengdu Out_Gate
MU5362 12:40 (LYA) Luoyang Scheduled
MU5396 12:45 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
MU5336 12:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU5518 12:50 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU2155 13:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5108 13:20 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5338 13:40 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
MU5154 13:45 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU6334 13:55 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
MU5805 13:55 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU5110 14:10 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU2157 14:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5308 14:20 (CAN) Guangzhou Delayed
MU5408 14:20 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
MU5428 14:25 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU5692 14:30 (INC) Yinchuan Scheduled
MU6354 14:50 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
MU5600 14:50 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MU5410 14:55 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
MU5807 14:55 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU5240 14:55 (ZUH) Zhuhai Scheduled
MU2521 15:05 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU5112 15:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5666 15:40 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MU6348 15:40 (SHE) Shenyang Scheduled
MU5156 15:45 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5342 15:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU7605 15:50 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU6340 16:15 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
MU2159 16:20 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU2404 16:20 (TYN) Taiyuan Delayed
MU5114 16:20 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5560 16:30 (KHN) Nanchang Scheduled
MU5316 16:35 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU5520 16:45 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU5414 16:55 (CTU) Chengdu Cancelled
MU5158 16:55 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5344 17:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU2286 17:20 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
MU5116 17:20 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5432 17:40 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU5348 17:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU5648 17:55 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MU5460 17:55 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
MU5310 17:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Cancelled
MU2505 18:05 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU5416 18:10 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Cancelled
MU2161 18:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5118 18:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5390 18:45 (LYA) Luoyang Scheduled
MU5811 18:50 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU5272 18:50 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
MU5312 18:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU5346 18:55 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
MU5434 18:55 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU2509 19:05 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU5524 19:10 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU2406 19:10 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
MU2165 19:15 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5120 19:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5160 19:45 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5420 19:50 (CTU) Chengdu Scheduled
MU5664 19:50 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
MU5530 20:00 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU2513 20:10 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU2127 20:15 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
MU5122 20:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5526 20:20 (YNT) Yantai Scheduled
MU5350 20:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
MU9064 20:50 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
MU5162 20:55 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU9725 21:05 (DLU) Dali City Scheduled
MU2410 21:10 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
MU6336 21:10 (DLC) Dalian Scheduled
MU5124 21:15 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5590 21:20 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU5352 21:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
MU5394 21:30 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
MU2336 21:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU2216 21:45 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU5164 21:45 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5440 21:55 (TSN) Tianjin Cancelled
MU5354 22:05 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
MU2470 22:10 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
MU5126 22:30 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU6338 22:40 (HRB) Harbin Scheduled
MU5478 22:45 (CTU) Chengdu Cancelled
MU5358 22:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
MU6356 22:50 (CGQ) Changchun Scheduled
MU6352 22:50 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
MU5318 22:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU2993 22:55 (KOW) Ganzhou Scheduled
MU5580 23:05 (FOC) Fuzhou Scheduled
MU5582 23:15 (WEH) Weihai Scheduled
MU2169 23:20 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU6382 23:20 (XAI) Minggang Scheduled
MU5210 23:20 (SWA) Shantou Scheduled
MU5813 23:25 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
MU5128 23:30 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5644 23:40 (TSN) Tianjin Scheduled
MU5634 23:50 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
MU5166 23:50 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled
MU5320 23:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
MU5360 23:55 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Cancelled
MU5578 08:30 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU5422 08:40 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
MU2239 08:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
MU9694 09:00 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
MU5516 09:10 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
MU5100 09:20 (PEK) Beijing Capital Scheduled



Juneyao Airlines Arrivals at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
HO1152 09:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Landed
HO1046 09:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Landed
HO1144 10:00 (KWE) Guiyang In_Air
HO1236 10:10 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang In_Air
HO1124 11:40 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
HO1106 12:00 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
HO1132 12:30 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
HO1112 13:25 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HO1218 13:35 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
HO1078 13:40 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HO1208 13:40 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
HO1272 14:40 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
HO1120 15:10 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
HO1126 15:50 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
HO1270 16:50 (JUH) Chizhou Jiuhuashan Scheduled
HO1252 16:55 (PKX) Beijing Daxing Scheduled
HO1210 17:00 (KWE) Guiyang Scheduled
HO1098 17:25 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
HO1178 17:40 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
HO1130 19:55 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
HO1202 20:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Delayed
HO1038 20:40 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HO1216 20:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
HO1256 21:15 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
HO1064 21:45 (XFN) Xiangfan Scheduled
HO1060 22:25 (TFU) Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Scheduled
HO1156 23:00 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled
HO1122 23:05 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
HO1134 23:45 (TYN) Taiyuan Scheduled
HO1128 23:45 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
HO1086 23:50 (WMT) Maotai Scheduled
HO1194 23:50 (XIY) Xi An Xianyang Scheduled
HO1288 23:55 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HO1198 23:55 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
HO1268 08:20 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
HO1046 09:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
HO1152 09:15 (SZX) Shenzhen Bao'an International Scheduled